Boots on Stage~ May Showcase!!!

Nikki, Caleche and Me


On May 3rd, Boots on Stage had a showcase at The Hotel Café featuring up and coming country artists. The lineup for this show included Chaley Rose, Chris Bandi and Caleche Ryder. The Hotel Café has featured famous musicians such as John Mayer, Adele, Sara Barellies and Katy Perry.

The night started around 9 p.m. with Chaley Rose. Rose was born and raised in Columbus, Indiana. After high school she graduated from Indiana University and then spent some time studying acting in New York. She is best known for her role as Zoey in the drama series Nashville. Rose is truly making a name for herself in the television and music world. She has been playing many local LA and Las Vegas showcases for Boots on Stage in 2016 and 2017. I have enjoyed seeing Rose at the different concerts. Each time I have seen her play she truly shows her talent and how she grateful she is for all the accomplishments she has achieved so far in her career. I do not think this will be the last time LA or any other popular city will be graced with Rose and her wonderful music. If you want to find out more about Chaley Rose then check out her Instagram (chaleyrose).

Following Chaley Rose was country male artist Chris Bandi. Bandi grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. After graduating from Ole Miss and spending a couple of summers traveling back and forth from Oxford to Nashville, Bandi decided it was time to move to Nashville. After a few months living in Nashville, Bandi began writing with different songwriters like Shane Minor (Cole Swindell “Chilin It” and Monty Criswell (Eric Church “Like Jesus Does”). Working with these songwriters led Bandi to be introduced to Grammy winning producer and engineer Julian King who had work with Tim McGraw and Tyler Farr. Monty and Julian became supporters in Bandi’s work ethic and new country sound. Not long after meeting and working with both of them the three of them started to promote and help Bandi make a name for himself in the country music world. Bandi has got the chance to be an opener for The Marshall Tucker Band, Cannan Smith and LoCash. When I went to Nashville for my first time in November 2015, I was able to see Chris Bandi opened up for Smith at the well-known country venue Exit/In. I loved his vocal skills and I also like how when he sings he doesn’t try to be anyone else but himself. I was super excited to see Bandi on the line up for this event, because I feel like I have been a fan of his music for the last two years and was excited to see him perform in my hometown finally. My favorite part of his set is when he sang Ed Sheeran’s song “Thinking Out Loud” and also when he sang his latest single “Man Enough Now.”

After the showcase I went up to introduce myself to Bandi and told him how he was my first concert in Nashville and how I been a fan of his since I saw him in 2015. He was happy to hear that I enjoy his music and was sharing how he was enjoying his first time in LA. I am hoping that he will be back in Southern California again really soon. If you would like to find out more about Chris Bandi then check out his Instagram (chrisbandi).

The last performer of the night was one of my favorite country musicians, Caleche Ryder. Caleche grew up riding horses in San Diego County, California. She then moved to Reno, Nevada where she became Miss Nevada in 2007. She is now living in Los Angeles with her husband Eric and recording music. My favorite part of her performance was when she did a cover of Miranda Lambert song “Gun Powder and Lead” with local country act Curt Chambers and country duo Golden West. Caleche also shared a new song that she was working on called “Bar Fight.” I was also happy when she sang “West Coast Cowgirl.” “West Coast Cowgirl” is an anthem Caleche wrote for all SoCal girls who love and are proud of everything country. It was also nice to catch up with Caleche after her set. You could tell she was happy that her loyal fans came out to see her. If you would like to find out more about Caleche Ryder then check out her Instagram (calecherydermusic).

Golden West, Caley Rose, Caleche Ryder, my sister (Nikki) and me

This night was a really enjoyable night by seeing new and old faces that have been part of my blog in past posts. I love how these Boots on Stage events are low key and small and how you can listen to good music and also connect to the artists on a personal level as well. I am so lucky to be part of the Country Cali Crew.

Lastly, this showcase was so much fun to watch. It was a real treat to see three up and coming country artists sing some great original and cover songs. I hope Boots on Stage and Ricky Abramson do many more showcases and concerts in the near future.

Chris Bandi and me


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