Mercy Shine~ Q&A

1.    Hello Mercy Shine, can you guys tell me a little bit about yourselves before you became a country duo?

Jason grew up in a little town called Ivor,VA & Matt grew up in a little town called Dendron,VA  in the tidewater area of VA. Jason and Matt were introduced at age 17 by a mutual friend which at the time was the drummer for the rock band they were in along with another childhood friend who was the guitarist for the band. Jason & Matt spent years in the rock arena, playing with some of the biggest names in the industry such as; KISS, GodSmack, Fuel, Saliva, & Deep Purple to name a few.

2.    How you guys become a country music group and how did you come up with the name of your group “Mercy Shine?”

Jason called Matt one day & ask if he would be interested in recording some country-rock songs as a duo. 

A friend of Matt’s came up with the name Mercy Shine years ago. Matt reached out to him and ask if we could use the name & he said sure.

3.    Who are some of your musical icons?

Keith Whitley, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, Elvis Presley, Robert Plant, & Paul Stanley 

4.    What is the background story behind your latest single “Curves?”

We sent out emails to songwriters & publishing companies saying that we were looking for songs to cut for a EP. We received 62 songs and Curves was one of the 5 that we recorded. We decided to release it as a our single because it is a very catchy, was able to sing along to and a song that you can dance to. The song was written by: Jason Matthews, Joel Shewmake, and Country music artist William Michael Morgan. It was Produced by: Kimo Forrest Guitarist for the group Alabama

5.    Is there anything else new coming up with your music in 2019?

We are working on recording 5 more songs for a full length album. Our booking agent is also working on putting a tour together.

6.    Where are a few of your guys’ favorite venues or events to play at? 

They are all our favorite. We are humbled, blessed, and honored to be able to do what we do. We enjoy every opportunity we get to perform; getting to see people happy and having a good time.

7.    If you had to describe your music in 3 to 5 words, which words would you choose?

It leaves you wanting more

8.    What was the first conercts you guys ever attended? 

Jason was Ozzy Osbourne.

Matt was Skinny Puppy.

9.    What is a few of your guys favorite quotes a good time?

Having fun and being yourself is more than ok. 

10. Is there anything else you two would like to share?

We wanna thank everyone for the love and support.

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Mercy Shine~ “Artist Spotlight”

Country duo Mercy Shine is an award winning Nashville Entertainment Weekly Records recording artist. Contained of Jason Clark and Matt Barfield, Mercy Shine is unrepentantly truthful and honest individuals. They were born and raised in the tidewater part of Virginia. Clark and Barfield have spent many years in the rock arena, performing shows with some of the biggest bands in the music business such as, KISS, Godsmack, Fuel, Saliva and Deep Purple.

            They are happy to bring their country/rock alteration to many different audiences in the country music world. In August 2019, they released their single “Curves,” along with their self-titled EP, which, was produced by Kimo Forrest (guitarist for the group Alabama).

            Mercy Shine has been nominated this year at the Josie Music Awards. The Josie Music Awards is a brand of The Josie Network, LCC and is the biggest independent artists awards show in the world. The nominations were for Duo of the Year and Fan Choice of the Year (Winning the Duo of the Year Award). They was also nominated for two KICMA Awards for Duo of the Year and Single of the Year. They also won the SB Productions Rising Star of the Year Awards. 

            If you would like to find out more about Mercy Shine then check out their website at

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Amanda Jordan’s~ “Nanny’s Peanut Butter Squares”!!!

Nanny’s Peanut Butter Squares (Recipe)

1.5 cup of peanut butter
3/4 cup of butter
1 package of butterscotch chips
2 cups of marshmallows

Melt peanut butter, butter, on very low heat and as it cools stir in chips. When cool, stir in marshmallows. If too hot, the marshmallows melt. Then pour into a greased 8-inch square pan. It can be a smaller pan if you want thicker squares.

Amanda Jordan~ “Q&A”

Photo Credit: Rob Waymen

Hi Amanda, can you tell me a little bit about yourself before you became a country musician?

I’ve always loved country music and have been performing apparently since I was in the crib! At 18 months old, my caregiver told my mom she heard me singing “Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen” by Patsy Cline and later that day, she realized it was on one of my nursery rhyme tapes. 

In elementary school, I had a band with my friends, which was a lot of fun. I later auditioned for and was accepted into Canterbury High School, an arts school in Ottawa. This meant that I was travelling for about 4 hours a day but it was fun to do what I love. From there, I joined the music/singer songwriter stream at Carleton University, but was drawn to Nashville and moved there earlier this year. Since moving to Nashville, I’ve been working on my music career, but I also completed the last semester of my degree program online and graduated in June. 

What was the first country album you bought?

Growing up, I was more likely to listen to individual songs more than any particular album. I grew up listening to Taylor Swift when she was getting started in country music and I remember listening to songs like “Teardrops on My Guitar” over and over when my twin brother and I were driving to music lessons in Ottawa on Saturdays. 

What made you decide to become a country musician?

The country genre seemed to fit the stories and songs that I wanted to write best. You could also say that it runs in the family, so to speak. My parents and grandma always listened to Shania Twain, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, so country was a natural fit for me.

What is the background story behind your latest single “Driving in the Dark?”

The story comes from the first time I went to Nashville for songwriting. I was driving down with my twin brother, Thomas. He started talking about how he loved to drive on the open highway at night and into the sunrise. The song started from there. While writing it with Jason Matthews and Phil Barton, they helped turn it into a song about the excitement you feel when you start a new relationship. The demo tape then went to Jason Barry from Barrytone Studios back in Canada and he worked his magic to make it into the song it is today.

Is there anything else new coming up with your music in 2019?

“Driving in the Dark” was released to Canadian radio on September 30th. I was also part of the Wild West Songwriters Festival a few weeks ago in South Dakota, which was an incredible time. 

Right now, I’m touring back in Canada before returning to Nashville. I’m really excited! 

Where are some of your favorite venues or events to play at?

One of my favorite spots to play is back in Canada at a restaurant and bar near the Rideau Lakes in Ontario called CCs On The Rideau. It’s a cute little spot and I usually play outside on the patio as the boats go up and down the Rideau Canal. The crowd is always really welcoming. In September, I also played a Diamonds in the Rough showcase during Canadian Country Music Week in Calgary, which was also a blast. 

In Nashville, I’ve played at The Bluebird Café, which I loved, and I also enjoy playing on the SongBird Tour Bus. 

What is your recording process like when creating new music?

Jason Barry – my producer on “Driving in the Dark” – is one of my favorite people! He makes the recording process an positive experience and gets the best song out of me. He has a really good heart and always makes me feel comfortable and we have a lot of laughs. In the recording booth, I can undo any buckles or buttons to get the best sound. Jason always asks what I’m hearing already for the song and what instruments should be included. He takes it from there and when I get a song back from him, it feels like Christmas morning!

What is one of your favorite quotes?

One of my favorite quotes is “Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping them up.” Sometimes we need a reminder (myself included) that when we judge others, it’s because of our own insecurities and setbacks. If you’re going to look down on somebody, you better be helping them up. Life is short. We’re all struggling in our own way and we’re all getting older together and nobody deserves negative energy in their life. You’re not doing yourself any favors by bringing people down.

Amanda Jordan~ Artist Spotlight

Photo Credit: Rob Waymen

Country singer Amanda Jordan is from Smith Falls, Canada which is just outside of Ottawa. Jordan was first discovered singing Pasty Cline’s “Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen,” when she was about 18 months ago by her caregiver. By 5 years old, she was performing at events around Ottawa.

            While chasing a degree in the Singer/Songwriter Program at Carleton University, she played for a national auidence as a performer in the 2015 Teen Canada pageant before creating a series of songwriting achievements through back to back top 10 finishes in 2016 and 2018 ole Red Dot on the Spot Songwriting Competitions, and also was a part of the finals for the 2018 Canadian Songwriting Competition.

            On stage she was one of the winners of the Kick It with Kissel contest. By winning this contest Jordan was an opening act for Brett Kissel in 2018 in Sudbury, Ontario and was one of the eight wild cards to compete for the last spot in Boots and Hearts Emerging Artist Showcase.

            While her career continues, Jordan remains stays loyal to a number of social causes. She has written many songs for different organizations close to her heart, such as “Carry You” for Boots 4 Pups, which trains service dogs for soldiers fighting Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

            Outside of country music, she is also a growing actress, having had two of her own songs used in 2014 Lifetime movies, “Killing Daddy (Aka: “My Father Music Die”), which she also appeared in.

            Jordan divides her time between Nashville. In Nashville she has been writing with Phil Barton, Jason Matthews, Daniel Ross and Abram Dean. While living in Canada, she has been recording music with award-winning producer Jason Barry.

            On August 20, 2019 Jordan put out her newest single “Driving in the Dark.” The song is available to listen on Canadian radio since September 30, 2019 and there is also a music video for this song that is available to watch on YouTube at (

            If you would like find out more about Amanda Jordan then check out her website at (

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Photo Credit: Rob Waymen

Amanda Page Cornett~ Q&A!!!

1.    Hi Amanda, can you tell me a little bit about you before you became a country musician?I have been writing songs since I was nine years old, but I was making them up long before that! Music was always the end goal, but I have always been fascinated with how the body works, so in college, I majored in Exercise and Sport Sciences: athletic training. I have always been “cursed and blessed” with well-roundness, so music and athletics have both been a big part of my life.
2.    What was one of the first country album you ever bought?I’m not 100% sure, but the first few albums I remember really impacting me, that I wore out, would be:- Tanya Tucker’s “Greatest Country Hits”,- The Judds “Greatest Hits”- Travis Tritt “Country Club”- Charlie Daniels & Hank Williams Jr. albums
3.    What is the background story behind your brand new single “Throw A Lil’ Gas?”My co-writer, Steve Goodie, and I got together to write, and I had just gotten my first electric guitar, my Elvis pink Squire. Typically, we write comedy songs, but when Steve started playing “Rosie”, “Throw A Lil Gas” just came pouring out as a cool, passionate song.
4.    Is there anything else coming up with your music in 2019?In addition to new videos and gigs, I’m working to build up my fan site on Patreon, where fans can access exclusive material and feel they are really on this journey with me.
5.    How would you describe your music in 3 to 5 words? Southern Rock n Soul
6.    What are some of your favorite venues or events to play at? Anywhere my band and I get to play is amazing. The Almost Angels band, a sibling trio, and I have been playing together for over 8 years. When we are playing, whether in a club or festival or house party, it’s almost impossible for everyone in the room to not have a blast!
7.    What do you hope your listeners and fans take away from your new song?I hope “Throw A Lil Gas” sparks passion in folks, whether in their careers or love lives. If we all dig deep to enjoy and experience life, this would be a happier world!
8.    What is one of your favorite quotes?“If only each day were like a Bible bath; hot, sensual, fully exposed, and at the end, all the dirt were washed away.” ~me
9.    Is there anything else you would like to share? I would love to share the advice that life is too short to not follow your dreams and go after what makes you feel alive!

Amanda Page Cornett~ Artist Spotlight!!!

            Amanda Page Cornett found a love for singing, writing, and performing before she turned 9 years old. Cornett was born in Spartanburg, South Carolina, a mid-size town responsible for musicians, like The Marshall Tucker Band and Pinky Anderson. She played with many churches, school, and community groups as a child. After playing her first original song at the age of 13, Cornett knew that she found her true calling.

            Upon graduating from the University of Flordia, Cornett moved to Nashville, TN. By working on her skills as an entertainer, vocalist, and songwriter, Cornett developed her different “southern rock n’ soul” sound, which combined country, rock, blues, and soul.

            She was featured in the 2009 movie, “Junkyard Dog,” and also has acted in many films, music videos, and commercials. Also, she got the chance to work with Kristi Manna’s Songwriter Girl Camp. Cornett has also written with many known writers including Mark Narmore, Spooner Oldham, Rich Fagan, Will Rambeaux, Greg Lawson (pop), and Kristi Manna.

            Cornett also volunteered with many different types of organizations such as the Salkehatchie Summer Service and participates in different fundraisers for conditions like the Cystic Fibrosis and ALS. Her band Almost Angels, features the sibling trio Sherry Peterson-Tenille, Shawn Peterson, and Randall Scott Peterson. Together they have had the honor to play with musicians including bassist Tim Lawter (Marshall Tucker Band) as well as Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame drummer Artimus Pyle (Lynyrd Skynyrd).

            Cornett’s album “Front Porch Rebel,” was released in 2018 and was recorded at NuttHouse Studio in Sheffield, AL and features songs written at Muscle Shoals’ famous Fame Studios (Aretha Franklin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers, and Etta James).

            On October 11, 2019, Cornett new single “Throw a Lil Gas,” came out. If you would like to find out more about Amanda Page Cornett then check out her website at (

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