Southbound~ Q&A!!!


DD: 1.Hi Jack, Katie and Jacob can you guys tell me a little bit about yourselves before you became a country music group.

Jacob: Jack & I were next door neighbors for 9 years, and we have known each other since we were 5.

Jack: Yeah, Jacob & I go way back. Katie we’ve known for about 5 years now. Before we started the band we were all big music fans. I learned to play guitar in middle school and Jacob had a banjo that got passed down from his Papa.

Katie: When I was a kid I was always singing. I used to sing in the choir and I went to an arts school for middle and high school. So it makes sense that I ended up in a band.

DD: 2.   How did you guys form your music group and how did you come up with your group name “Southbound 17?”

Jack: It actually took us a really long time to settle on a name for the band. For a while we kind of made it a game where we would just come up with potential band names. Most of them were awful rhymes or stupid puns. Then we finally settled on “Southbound 17” because when we all live off of Highway 17, and when we drive out to Jacob’s house to practice, we drive southbound. It ended up being a really good fit because it gives us that connection with Charleston.

DD: 3.   What are your guys’ favorite songs off your latest EP “Southbound 17?”

Jack: My favorite is “Earthquake”. It was the last song I wrote and the last song we recorded for the EP. We only had like 2 days to get it all worked out and finalize all of our parts before we went into the studio, but we were able to get it all done in time.

Jacob: My favorite song is “Earthquake”, but I think “Crazy Mamas” is the most fun to play live.

Katie: I like “Wanted Sign” because it showcases our instruments in a really fun, upbeat way. It’s my favorite to perform live because it’s so high energy and tells such a fun story. Who wouldn’t want to quit their job and live life on the run?

4.   Is there anything new coming up with your music for the rest of 2017?

Katie: Right now we are spending a lot of time working on writing new music for a full length album.

DD: 5.   Who are some of your guys’ musical icons?

Jack: Growing up my mom always played Gary Allan and Tim McGraw so they have a big influence on my taste in music. I also really love the lyrics and energy that The Band Perry has on their records and especially their live shows.

Jacob: My favorite band right now is The Avett Brothers. Then I also like Johnny cash & Marty Robbins because they are such good storytellers.

Katie: My musical influences stem from what I heard listening to the radio when I was little. My Dad was always into country so I can remember belting the Dixie Chicks at the top of my lungs in the car, but my Mom was very into classic rock and oldies, so bands like Fleetwood Mac and The Beatles have a strong influence on my music too.

DD: 6.   Have you guys learned anything from the artists you opened up for in the past?

Jack: One funny thing that I remember is that Brandy Clark’s assistant told us that if you wear black clothes on stage, people won’t remember your outfit as much and you can wear the same thing more than once. But as far as musically, we learned so much from just watching Brandy perform live. She just has such a great voice and she is one of my favorite songwriters.

Katie: Meeting Mickey Guyton and watching her interact with the crowd at our show was a really cool experience. She does a great job of engaging the audience and is such a genuine person.

DD: 7.   Where do you guys see yourselves in the next 5 to 10 years with your music careers?

Jack: As long as we get to keep writing and playing music, I am excited to see where this goes.

Jacob: Hopefully we will get to travel some more and play around in some different cities that we’ve never been to.

Katie: The dream would be being able to sustain ourselves by just playing music.

DD: 8.   What are a few of your favorite quotes?

Jack: The other day my mom said “Shoot for the stars, and take what you get” and I really liked that sentiment. It’s like a reminder to dream big, but be thankful for what you get in life.

Katie: One of my favorite quotes is by Jim Carrey when he said “You can fail at something you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance doing what you love.”

Jacob: “The day will come, the sun will rise, & we’ll be fine” by Scott Avett

DD: 9.   Is there anything else you guys would like to share? 

Jack: Our EP “Southbound 17” is available on iTunes, Spotify, and pretty much anywhere you consume your music. Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us!  

Southbound 17~ Artist Spotlight!!!


Southbound 17 is a country trio from Charleston, South Carolina. The trio started in August 2014, after they played an open mic night at a local bar. The members of Southbound 17 are Jack Austen, Katie Bailey and Jack Simmons. In each song this trio performs they showcase their songwriting skills and the acoustic instruments (banjo, guitar and the mandolin) that they can play. They have also got the chance to opened up for Nashville recording artists such as Brandy Clark, Mickey Guyton & Walker McGuire.

The group’s self-titled debut EP is out now and is available on iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify. When they are playing shows around Charleston or Nashville, Southbound 17 showcases modern country music with an Americana edge to it. If you would like to find out more about this wonderful trio then check out their website:


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Top 5 Favorite Country Songs of the Week: December 11, 2017!!!

  1. Taylor Ray Holbrook (Colt Ford & Charlie Farley) “Times We Had”: In Holbrook’s new single “Time We Had,” was made to help, motivate and inspire listeners who have lost someone important to them. Holbrook main message in this song is for people to be thankful for times that they got to spend with their love ones before they left them.
  2. Luke Bryan “Hooked On it”: Bryan’s new song “Hooked On It,” is a celebration of the summer season in the South. Some of the popular things to do in the South is fishing, finding a special lover, long necks and just driving around.
  3. Thomas Rhett “Castle on the Hill”: Thomas Rhett did his own cover of Ed Sheeran’s popular song “Castle on the Hill,” that is available on Spotify now. This song is off Ed Sheeran’s latest album “Divide.”
  4. Walker Hayes “Craig”: The song “Craig” is off Hayes’ new album “Boom.” In this song it tells the story about a man that Hayes knows from church. At this time in Hayes life his family was going through some tough times. Hayes shares how lost his record deal and his car. Craig was like a guardian angel to his family and he even gave Hayes and his family a new car.
  5. Chris Young “She’s Got A Way”: In Young’s new song “She’s Got a Way”, he tells the story of how his all night bar-hopping days are over now and that he met someone new.

Kentucky Rails~ Artist Spotlight!!!


Kentucky Rails is a symbol for a second best kind of story. Many people is familiar with the Kentucky Derby, but what individuals don’t know is that the horses are up against the “rails” in the 1st and 20th lanes and they are at difficulty stance in the race. The band members of Kentucky Rails have been working hard all their lives for a chance to showcase their own music in this crazy world and they think that the meaning of their band name is representative of the hard times that all artists/groups go through in order to make their dreams come true.


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Tim Pickett~ Artist Spotlight



Artist Spotlight:

Timothy Earl Pickett II was born in Farmington, Missouri. His birthday is February 21, 1992 and he is 25 years old. He now lives in Belgrade, Missouri. Pickett knows how to play the guitar, the drums and the saxophone. Also Pickett was an all-state tenor sax player in high school. Baseball is his favorite sport and he went all district as a catcher. Some of Pickett’s favorite sport teams are the St. Louis Cardinals, Nashville Preds and St. Louis Blues. Lastly Pickett is an up and coming country singer, who is hoping to make a name for himself in the country music world.


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Hunter Brothers~ Artist Spotlight


Luke, J.J., Ty, Brock and Dusty aka the Hunter Brothers are a Canadian country music band from Shaunavon, Saskatchewan. The real-life brothers grew up singing gospel with their family across Canada and the U.S. Since pre-kindergarten each brother had learned to play an instrument. Their music talent brought them together and also helped them to form their country music band.

The Hunter Brothers’ first song, “El Dorado,” was shaped with the amazing production abilities of Brad Rempel (High Valley), Grammy award-winning producer Seth Mosley and Michael “X” O’Connor. Their second single “Long Way to Love You,” is an upbeat song about a long distance love and it was a Top-40 radio hit.

The brothers have been performing live acoustic sets on different radio stations and television spots. The boys also become popular for their ability to create their own song parody videos, with their most new attempt, “The Tractor Got Stuck.” This video gained more than 1.5 million views on Facebook.

Their recent single and video “Born & Raised” is available now from their debut album “Getaway.” If you would like to find out more about the Hunter Brothers then check out their website


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Jake Rose~ “Artist Spotlight”!!!


Jake Scherer “Rose” grew up on a farm just west of the Twin Cities in Hamel, Minnesota. Rose ‘s dad Steve and his uncle Bob, farmed together with Rose’s grandfather, Hunk Scherer. Bob and Steve had a southern rock band called “Stampede.” Rose’s loved for music started at a young age, while watching his dad and uncle play old country classics like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Charlie Daniels, the Allman Brothers, Bob Seger and many more. “Rose,” comes from his little sister Jocelyn Rose who sadly passed away. Rose decided to his use her middle name for his stage name to honor her and her legacy.

Previously, Rose started the rock band New Medicine who charted a top 15 Billboard Hit with the song “Race You To The Bottom.” While being apart of a band Rose played over 400 shows in the United States and Canada. He has also been living in Nashville since 2012 and writing songs for other artists such as Meatloaf, Colt Ford and Keith Urban. In 2016 Rose started to work on his own solo project. He teamed up with collaborator and producer Kevin Kadish and singer Taylor Swift producer Nathan Chapman at their new company: Starts With Music.

Rose’s latest single “Sleeves” came out on October 26, 2017 and is available on Spotify and iTunes. If you would like to find out more about Jake Rose then go check out his website

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