Top 5 Favorite Songs~ May 1, 2017!!!

  1. Kasey Tyndall~ “Everything is Texas”: “Everything is Texas” is a song about a break up and how everything reminds you of that guy or girl that you were once in a relationship with.
  2. Jenny Gill~ “Look Where Loving You Landed Me”: “Look Where Loving You Landed Me”, was inspired by something Gill’s husband Josh told her on their honeymoon. Jenny took the saying and made it into a song.
  3. Jessica Rose~ “One of the Boys”: “One of the Boys” was inspired by the large amount of male country artists vs. the lower amount of female artists in the country music industry.
  4. Jo Smith~ “Old School Groove”~ “Old School Groove,” desires for the 1960s when love ruled and a lover’s heart could spin like a “vinyl record.”
  5. Skylar Shupe~ “This is War”: “This is War,” is for all the girls who in the world for when things don’t go their way, to not give up and keep moving forward and to never get up.


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