Top 5 Favorite Songs of the Week: May 21, 2018!!

  1. Harper Grae “Good In Your Goodbye”: In country singer/songwriter Harper Grae new single “Good In Your Goodbye,” it tells the story how eventually you will get over a breakup and realize that it was not the end of your world.
  2. Tyler Farr “Love By The Moon”: Tyler Farr new song “Love By The Moon,” is a tribute to the working class, love and living a life in the country.
  3. Tenille Townes “Somebody’s Daughter”: Tenille Townes song “Somebody’s Daughter”, tells the story about a homeless woman asking for some money at a freeway intersection and thinking about her past life was like.
  4. Brandon Scott “Noise”: Brandon Scott has officially started his solo career with his new single “Noise.” This song is a great summer jam that is best listened on a bright sunny day.
  5. Maggie Rose “Change The Whole Thing”: Maggie Rose new song “Change the Whole Thing,” want to encourages people to make sure that they play their own little part in the world to try to make it a better place to live in.

Top 5 Favorite Songs of the Week: May 14, 2018!!!

  1. Cole Swindell “The Ones Who Got Me Here”: Cole Swindell’s sentimental new song is devoted to the individuals who helped get the country musician to where he now. “The Ones Who Me Here,” contains of influential lyrics, which is a thank you to his country music family and elsewhere.
  2. Drake White “Grandpa’s Farm”: “Grandpa’s Farm” was a song that musician David Nail recorded first. Drake White guitar playing and his outstanding vocal skills make it is own. This is not White’s outstanding vocal skill. I think it is great to see how White can a cover song and truly make it is own.
  3. Madeline Merlo “Neon Love”: Madeline Merlo new song “Neon Love” is about a night out either at a bar or club. If you are not into going out at night, this song can be also enjoyed outside in a background or around a fire.
  4. Lori McKenna “People Get Old”. Lori McKenna’s new song “People Get Old,” was enthused by McKenna’s hardworking father, who took care of six kids all by himself after McKenna’s mother passed.
  5. Jo Dee Messina “Bigger Than Us”: has shared a brand new single, “Bigger Than This,” and it was inspired by her battle with cancer.

Top 5 Favorite Songs of the Week: May 7th, 2018!!!

  1. Jordan Davis “Take It From Me”: In Davis’ new song “Take It From Me,” tells a story about a guy wanting to ditch a party and he is hoping his girl will want to do the same.He just wants to have sometime with just her.
  2. Randall King “Tuggin’ on My Heartstrings”: “Tuggin’ at My Heartstrings,” is King’s new song. This song pays tribute to 90’s country music and sounds similar to artists like Brooks & Dunn, Alan Jackson and George Strait.
  3. Casee Allen “I Want My Number Back”: Allen’s new single “I Want My Number Back,” tells the story about a single guy who is wishing he had not gave his phone number out to a certain girl because he knew from the beginning they were not work out.
  4. Keith Urban/Shy Carter “My Wave”: In Urban’s song “My Wave,” features musician Shy Carter. This song takes the listener to the Caribbean with Urban’s laidback vocals and Carter’s recurring raps.
  5. Dustin Lynch “Good Girl”: Dustin Lynch just put out his new single “Good Girl,” at midnight on May 5th. The next day he officially debuted the song live at the 2018 iHeartCountry Festival in Austin, Texas.

Top 5 Favorite Songs of the Week~ April 16, 2018!!!

  1. Sykamore “We Were Alright”: Skyamore’s new song “We Were Alright” tells the story about how someone is thinking about feelings they had about a relationship that ended and how they are trying to forget that person and focus on the future.
  2. Catherine McGrath “Wild”: In Catherine McGrath’s new song “Wild,” tells the story about the emotions of unanswered love.
  3. Maren Morris “Mona Lisa’s & Mad Hatters”: In a new tribute to Elton John’s musical legacy, this two-disc album “Revamp and Restoration,” Morris got to cover her favorite song of Elton John. Morris’ favorite song is “Mona Lisa’s and Mad Hatters.”
  4. Holly Tucker “Strawberry Wine”: Holly Tucker’s does a beautiful cover of the hit song “Strawberry Wine” by Deana Carter.
  5. Brothers Osborne “Weed, Whiskey And Willie:”: Country duo new bluesy song “Weed, Whiskey And Willie,” shares a perfect formula for dealing with heartbreak.

Favorite New Songs of the Week~ April 9, 2018!!!

  1. American Aquarium “Tough Folks”: Lead singer BJ Barham of the country band American Aquarium, tells the story about his family’s agricultural upbringing in the band’s new song “Tough Folks.”
  2. Cassadee Pope “Take You Home”: Cassadee Pope’s new song “Take You Home,” tells the story about a new relationship that reaches the time of bringing that new person in your life to meet your family, showing them where you grew up and things that are important to you.
  3. Wild Feathers “Big Sky”: The country band Wild Feathers new song “Big Sky,” pays respect to many well known 1970s and early 1980s musicians/bands who music was a crossover of rock & roll and country music.
  4. Brothers Osborne “Pushing Up Daisies (Love Alive)”: In Brothers Osborne’s new song “Pushing Up Daisies (Love Alive), tells the story about a never-ending love and a continuing romance.
  5. Miranda Lambert “My Father’s Gun”: Miranda Lambert’s does a cover of Elton John’s song “My Father’s Gun.” This song tells the story of a son of a Confederate soldier during the Civil War, who buries his father and will take his gun and go off and join the cause in battle.

Top 5 Favorite Songs~ April 2, 2018!!!

  1. Cassadee Pope “Take You Home”: In Pope’s new single “Take You Home,” it tells a story about a new relationship between a girl and the guy she is seeing. The girl wants to bring her new lover back to the city where she grew up at and introduce him to all her family and friends.
  2. Ashley McBryde “El Dorado”: McBryde’s song “El Dorado,” tells the story about driving to the next show you are going perform at. Each show is in a new town or city.
  3. Ross Cooper “I Rode The Wild Horses”: Cooper’s tune “I Rode The Wild Horses,” gives us an insight of living the rodeo life. This song also shares about packing up the trailer the night before and to hanging on a fast bucking horse.
  4. Rob Pennington “Brooks & Dunn”: In Pennington’s new song “Brooks & Dunn,” it is a clever idea on well-known Brooks & Dunn tunes, and using them to define about a girl who left your life.
  5. Austin Jenckes “Ride Away”: In Jenckes new song “Ride Away,” it tells the story about a small city dreamer who is longing to be somewhere else, preferably with the local heartbreaker.

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Top 5 Songs of March 19, 2018:

  1. Shelby Lee Lowe “Lock It Down”: Lowe new single “Lock It Down,” is a song about love that many people can connect to. This song puts a new turn on not truly caring on what you have with someone until it is really gone.
  2. Tana Matz “Lipstick Looks Good on You”: Matz latest single “Lipstick Looks Good You,” has lively lyrics and a little bit of a pop sound to it. This song also has a catchy chorus to it and this song is just great to sing and dance along to.
  3. Blackberry Smoke (feat. Amanda Shires) “Let Me Down Easy”: Country group Blackberry Smoke’s new song “Let Me Down Easy”, featuring The Shires (Amanda Shires), is acoustic love ballad with some unsteady hardships thrown in different parts of the songs.
  4. Chris Stapleton “I Want Love”: Stapleton has put out his new cover of Sir Elton John’s song “I Want Love,” as part of John’s tribute records “Rewamp and Restoration,” which will come out on April 6, 2018.
  5. Macy Martin “Take It Now”: In Martin’s new single “Take It Now,” is about taking the next step in a relationship. This song is a upbeat country song and this song also have a heavy banjo sound too.
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