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Top 5 Songs of March 19, 2018:

  1. Shelby Lee Lowe “Lock It Down”: Lowe new single “Lock It Down,” is a song about love that many people can connect to. This song puts a new turn on not truly caring on what you have with someone until it is really gone.
  2. Tana Matz “Lipstick Looks Good on You”: Matz latest single “Lipstick Looks Good You,” has lively lyrics and a little bit of a pop sound to it. This song also has a catchy chorus to it and this song is just great to sing and dance along to.
  3. Blackberry Smoke (feat. Amanda Shires) “Let Me Down Easy”: Country group Blackberry Smoke’s new song “Let Me Down Easy”, featuring The Shires (Amanda Shires), is acoustic love ballad with some unsteady hardships thrown in different parts of the songs.
  4. Chris Stapleton “I Want Love”: Stapleton has put out his new cover of Sir Elton John’s song “I Want Love,” as part of John’s tribute records “Rewamp and Restoration,” which will come out on April 6, 2018.
  5. Macy Martin “Take It Now”: In Martin’s new single “Take It Now,” is about taking the next step in a relationship. This song is a upbeat country song and this song also have a heavy banjo sound too.
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Top 5 Favorite Songs of the Week: March 12, 2018!!!

  1. Shotgun Rider “Steady As She Goes”: “Study As She Goes,” is an irresistible country love song that is made for dancing around to on a country-dance floor. The song is great intro for this duo who grew up listening to a lot of 90’s country and country southern rock.
  2. Grayson Rogers “#MissingYou”: Grayson Rogers’ new tune #”MissingYou,” gives an insight of how hard it is to miss a person because of all the social media outlets. At just the touch of a finger, memories can reappears in your head and feelings come back.
  3. Eric Paslay “Young Forever”: “Young Forever” is a song that rejoices what it felt to be a young child again. This song focused on the simplest things in life and not feeling the weights of adulthood.
  4. Adam Doleac “Bigger Than Us”: “Bigger Than Us,” is a stimulus when you are feeling down and low. It is believing in fate and in what is meant to be. It is also about finding someone you want to do life with, and letting them know that, no matter what is thrown your way, you guys can work it out together.
  5. Ashley McBryde “American Scandal”: The song “American Scandal,” tells the story about a touching love song. It gives a direct message and powerful in its feeling.


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Top 5 Favorite Country Songs of the Week: March 5, 2018!!

  1. Cash Campbell “Little Things”: Campbell found inspiration for his new song “Little Things” within his own life and using lyrics to explains the healing from the trouble thoughts of a girl he used to love. Campbell thought that many others could relate to this song.
  2. Lindsay Ell “Criminal”: Ell’s new tune “Criminal” tells the story about the singer lasting torment of a new romance. She has lost control of herself and does everything to be with her man once again.
  3. Jake Owen “I Was Jack (You Were Diane): In Owen’s new song “I Was Jack (You Were Diane), it tells the story about a summer-romance, set to one of the most known songs around the world (John Mellencamp- “Jack & Diane.”
  4. Tiera “Wake Up Call”: Tiera’s new song “Wake Up Call,” tells the story about feeling inspiring to stand up for yourself and putting someone who is controlling in their place.
  5. Courtney Marie Andrews “May Your Kindness Remain”: “May Your Kindness Remain,” is a ironic tune about knowing abuse, and allowing your own mental variability to get the best of you.

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Top 5 Favorite Songs of the Week: Feb 26,2018!!!

  1. Cole Swindell “Break Up in the End”: Swindell’s new ballad, tells the story about a girl he was dating and how she ended things. Swindell also shares how he would go through this moment all over again, even though they keep breaking up each time.
  2. Chase Rice “Amen”: “Amen” is a song about Rice’s father. His father passed away when the singer was only 22. This song shares about Rice’s beliefs and his way of his life.
  3. Swon Brothers “What Ever Happened”: “What Ever Happened,” was a conclusion of the Swon Brothers thoughts about the world and how much thing has changed since they were children.
  4. Kacey Musgraves “Butterflies”: Musgraves inspiring country-pop sound on her song “Butterflies,” her vocals speak about the freedom one gets when finding their life partner.
  5. Shawn Austin “Get Me There”: Austin sings this wonderful ballad “Get Me There”, as if he is telling his new love interest all the things he is going to do as her new boyfriend.

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Top 5 Favorite Songs of the Week: Feb 19, 2018!!!

  1. Josh Abbot Band “Deep in the Heart of Texas”: The Josh Abbot Band and Bud Light have announced a brand new campaign about going huge in Texas in 2018 with a multi-faceted programming throughout the state. In festivity of the comeback to its Texan roots, the brand joined the help of Josh Abbott Band to cover the famous Texan song, “Deep in the Heart of Texas.”
  2. Mary Sarah “Just Go With It”: Mary Sarah new single “Just Go With It,” it is a catchy mid-tempo country song, about creating the most of a great moment with somebody special in your life.
  3. Josh Gallagher “How Bout You”: Country singer Josh Gallagher new single “How Bout You,” tells the story about a breakup that many people has gone through in their lives with someone. This song explains how you on a fake face during a breakup where you act like you are fine, but on the inside you are a total mess.
  4. Jon Langston “When It Come to Loving You”: Jon Langston is turning up romance and love with his newest hit song “When It Comes to Loving You.” If his ladies fans did not already love him, this sexy love ballad will make them love him even more.
  5. Brown & Gray “Top Down”: “Top Down,” is collaboration from Kaci Brown and Sam Gray (Brown & Gray). This song is an ageless anthem, describing driving down a highway with maybe a convertible with the top down and just living in the moment and worried about anything else.


Top 5 Favorite Songs of the Week: Feb 12, 2018!!!

  1. Jake Ward “Not Too Far to Reach”: “Not Far to Reach,” is a song about a girl who puts the stars close to Ward’s reach. Ward paints a picture that many of his listeners can see in their minds.
  2. Jenny Leigh “Let it Just Happen”: “Let it Just Happen,” tells the story about how we do not need to have life all planned out and to just lived life day by day.
  3. Filmore “Slower”: The song “Slower,” tells the story about how Filmore is excited to the make the most of each moment he spends with his girl and he is hoping the day does not end.
  4. Sandra Lynn “Somebody Kissed Me at a Bar”: “Somebody Kissed Me at a Bar,” explains when someone think they are over their former lover but when someone else entered their life, they find out that they are not truly over their ex.
  5. Kalie Shorr “Damn Sky”: “Damn Sky,” describes a time of declining to let others run your life and you tells them how you will make your own decisions about your life.


Top 5 Favorite Songs of the Week: (Feb 5, 2018)!!!

  1. Blake Shelton “I Lived It”: In Shelton’s tune “I Lived It,” it tells the story about a easy-going childhood on the countryside that is very vivid. Some details of this song is about a child memories of driving around his grandpa’s car and spending the summer moving lawns for money.
  2. Jimmie Allen “Best Shot”: In Allen’s new song “Best Shot” tells the story about the advice Allen got from his grandma on how to treat women and how they just want to be care about.
  3. Walker McGuire “18 Forever”: McGuire’s song “18 forever,” is a faster tune, which takes a look back at being a child.
  4. LANCO “So Long (I Do): In LANCO’s song “So Long (I Do),” tells the story of what happens when a first date does not go so good and you do not win the girl over.
  5. Kalie Shorr “Awake”: Shorr’s new song “Awake,” tells the true story of Shorr’s ex. In the song Shorr explains how she called her ex in the middle night to discuss his problems and why they broke up.

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