Alex Masters~ Roasted Lemon Chicken with Potatoes and Rosemary (Recipe from Laughing Spatula)!!!

Recipe Website:

Prep Time

15 mins

Cook Time

1 hr

Total Time

1 hr 15 mins

A simple marinade tossed with chicken and potatoes, then baked up in the oven.  A delicious one pan meal your whole family will love!

Course: Dinner, Main Course

Cuisine: American

Servings: 5

: 192 kcal



8-10 pieces of your favorite cut of chicken – skin on bone in

1 lb . baby red potatoes

1/2 in onion – cut large pieces

2 lemons 1 sliced and 1 juiced

1/3 cup olive oil

2 cloves garlic minced

1 Tablespoon fresh rosemary plus sprigs for garnish or 2 teaspoons dry

1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes

1 1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon fresh ground pepper


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.
  2. Spray a glass 13-in. x 9-in. baking dish with cooking spray. Arrange chicken pieces (skin side up), potatoes, sliced onion and lemon slices evenly in pan.
  3. In a small bowl, whisk together lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, rosemary, crushed red pepper flakes, salt and pepper.
  4. Pour mixture over chicken, making sure all the chicken is covered. Toss a bit if necessary.
  5. Sprinkle generously with additional salt and pepper.
  6. Bake uncovered for about 1 hour, or until chicken and potatoes are fully cooked.

*When making this Alex likes to use a chicken breast and add asparagus with it.

FWD Clothing Co. ~ Background (Bio):

Owner/Founder:Joey Graham

Mission Statement:“Inspire others to do more. Do more for yourself. Do more to help others. Do more to live life now.”


Step 1: They found a cool 1968 Mobile VW Bus to sell their apparel out of it. The bus was something classical and something groovy, but most importantly, it was paradoxically symbol to the bumpy ride we all experience in life. It also represented the idea of overcoming life’s problems, pushing FWD and Doing More to live a wonderful life. 

Step 2: FWD describes their founder’s story and desire for life to DO MORE and chose that creating a lifestyle around the FWD clothing brand was the best way to encourage people to live their lives to the fullest. 

Step 3: They found local non-profits to associate with and sold cool and relaxed attire to support their mission of giving back and inspiring their FWD society to DO MORE. 

 Once you shop with them, you are more than a shopper; you are an expansion of the FWD family. You can help them to continue to make great gear, make a different in their communities and live life in FWD clothes.



Hashtag: #liveFWD

Tiera~ “Love You for That” (Brand New Song Q&A)!!!


Tiera is only 20 years old and she is already conquering the country music world with a rich, young and fiery voice. Filling in the void for African Americans within country music, Tiera has made an natural honest fan-base and mixed social media attendance of 30k followers, over 2k subscribers on YouTube and over 250 views on YouTube videos.

While performance in crowds with over 3k people, media markets such as “The Daily Country Review,” and “Queens of Country” named her one of the Top 10 Country Singers to Watch in 2018. Her style and voice have started to have a great impact on the country music scene.

On November 2, 2018, Tiera debut her brand new song “Love You for That.” The song is available on Spotify and iTunes. If you would like to know more about Tiera then check out at


1.    Hi Tiera, how have you grown as country musician in the past year?
Since moving to Nashville, I’ve written with a lot of different writers and have learned so much from them. Everyone’s style is so different, so it’s awesome getting to learn from them.
2.    How did you come up with the name “Love You For That” for your new single?
This title seemed to perfectly sum up what we wanted the song to be about. We actually went through a couple different variations for the title. I think one of them was “Love You For Loving That” haha but eventually we ended up on “Love You For That”.
3.    What is the background story behind your new song?
I wrote “Love You For That” with Hannah May Allison and John Miller. I think we all get a little annoyed by our significant other sometimes but we still love them! That’s what this song is about. I know I annoy my boyfriend so much haha, but he still loves me anyway.
4.    Is there something you wish your fans would take away from this tune?
I’ve gotten a lot of messages about how “Love You For That” describes their relationship with their significant other so I hope this song can be the theme song to a lot of my fans relationships.
5.    Was there any other artists/producers that helped to create this song?
I wrote this song with Hannah May Allison and John Miller who are both staff writers at Dan Hodges Music. Grady Saxman produced this song for me and he perfectly captured what I wanted for this song.
6.    Is there anything else coming up with your music in 2018?
I have more music that is going to be released in 2019 that I’m very excited about. I’ve really started to hone into who I am as an artist and I’m so excited to share that with everyone.
7. Is there anything else you would like to share?
On November 13th I’ll be on the new music show, Real Country, on USA Network premiering at 10/9c! I was invited to the show by Shania Twain and I got to work with some other amazing artists on the show as well!

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Hengistbury Country Music Duo~ Brand New Music (Q&A)

Hengistbury Logo.pngBackground: On October 19, 2018, country duo Hengistbury put out their brand new single “Shooter on the Mound” and debut album “Add Another Minute.” Jessie and Pete, recorded in their small studio on the Dorset coast and they investigated deep into the collection of different instruments that was available to them to make a sound that is truly their own. They became a duo in November 2017, and their first single “What Folks Don’t Know,” came out in 2018. “Shooter on the Mound and their new full length album “Add Another Minute,” is available worldwide from all big digital music platforms and physical copies can also be purchased from their website.

Album Cover.jpg

Graffiti Promo Image.jpg


1.    Hi Jessie and Pete how have you grown as country music duo in 2018?
It’s been a really big year for us. In January, we’d written a couple of songs and started the recording process but hadn’t really ventured out as a duo to play live and now as the year draws to a close, we’ve launched two singles and an album and really come into our own live.
The biggest thing for us has been finding our identity and really landing on who we are which has in turn defined the character of not only our album but also everything else we’ve done so we’re at a really exciting point in our career.
2.    How did you come up with the name of your guys’ new album “Add Another Minute?”
We wanted to name the album after one of the lines from one of the songs. We tend to write about things that have happened to us or things we have witnessed first hand and so it felt appropriate to name the album after one of those lines.
We zeroed in on ‘Add Another Minute’ because we felt that it reflected the manner in which the album was created. Technology has had such an impact on music consumption over the past few years that there’s a growing trend of music experienced via playlists and even the emergence of listening habits that involve listening only to the first half of a song before skipping to the next on a playlist. Perhaps counter-intuitively, we built this record as a full album and we hope our listeners will take a little extra time to experience the full arc of the record as well as just the singles and so ‘Add Another Minute’ felt like a good summary of that ethos.
3.    What is the background story behind your latest single “Shooter on the Mound?”
Shooter on the Mound focusses on the unspoken part of relationships. People are complex and deep and while you can have 100% clarity of your own feelings, it’s the unmapped enchanted forest that is another person’s feelings that can be so exciting, confusing, stressful, or upsetting and it’s that gap that we wanted to address in the song.
4.    Is there something you wish your fans would take away from your new album?
The album is primarily there to be enjoyed. We’ve tried to take things that have happened in our own world and break them down into themes that we hope will resonate and if that strikes a deeper chord with some people then that’s great!
5.    Was there any other artists or producers that helped on your guys’ new album?
No! We did this record completely on our own in a tiny room in Pete’s flat that we converted into a studio. Pete’s dog kept interrupting the sessions looking for attention so it’s possible that she’s on the final cut somewhere!
For our debut, we really wanted the record to reflect us and so we decided to take complete control of it. It was a steep learning curve to understand the recording process in such detail but we got there in the end and we’re happy with the feel of the record.
6.    Is there anything else coming up with your music for the rest of 2018?
2018 is now all about promoting the album and playing live as much as possible! We’ve got some really great gigs coming up with some amazing artists, so check our website for details!
7.    Is there anything else you would like to share?
Well, firstly, thanks so much for having us on the blog again! It’s such a cool website and we really enjoy being a part of it!
Lake Promo Image
Our album can be streamed here:



Kimberly Kelly~ Q&A (New Music)!!!




Kimberly Kelly is a country musician and she was born in Lorena, Texas.  Lorena, Texas is a small town right outside of Waco. Her grandfather Sterling Kelly started a band named Sterling Kelly and the Hearts and was a fixture in the Texas music division. Kelly’s father was a mechanic who played anything from Steve Nicks to Lynyrd Skynyrd in his truck as they drove into town. Her mother is a hairdresser, and she introduced both Kelly and singer/songwriter sister to Patty Loveless and Gary Stewart, as the three of them would racked up many miles in their old Honda hatchback. Also, there are not many memories from Kelly’s childhood that did not involve music.

Kelly’s song “There’s Daddy’s 8 Track,” is sentimental reflection on her dad’s musical taste and inspiration from her formative years. And “Put Some Lipstick On It,” is a powering retaliation anthem for the heartbroken. There also Kelly’s love songs, like “Don’t Blame It On Me,” which is a romantic ballad.

If you would like find out more Kimberly Kelly then check out her website Her latest EP and all the rest of songs are available to listen on Spotify and ITunes.



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1.    Hi Kimberly, how have you grown as country singer/songwriter in the past year?
My confidence in my style and brand of country has grown. I went back “home” so to speak, and realized people still want to hear the more traditional sounding country I make, enough to help me fund a campaign for a project.
2.    How did you come up with the name “Some Things Have A Name” for your new single?
I chose “Some Things Have a Name” to come out first before the rest of my ep “Don’t Blame It on Me,” because the song just hits you in the face honestly. It’d been so long since I’d heard something that country I knew people would feel the same as I did when they heard it the first time. I wanted the song to have it’s moment, and it felt like the perfect introduction to what else would be following a couple weeks later.
3.    What is the background story behind your new song?
I didn’t write “Some Things Have a Name” it was pitched to me, but when I heard it I fell in love with the melody and story of the song. I’ve been in that situation before, and it felt like something I would’ve written myself and how I would’ve delivered the message to “the cheater.” I loved the sass.
4.    Is there something you wish your fans would take away from this song?
Stand up for yourself maybe? You can tell somebody how it is and still have some class while doing it. I mainly just wanted to give people something they could dance to! : )
5.    Was there any other artists or producers that helped to create this song?
The song was written by Bob DiPiero and Troy Johnson. Brett Tyler produced my entire project, and he did a great job of encouraging me to push for the best songs I could find (whether I wrote them or found them). The musicians in the studio I think also had an impact on how the recordings came out. There was a lot of joy and freedom for creativity in the room, and I think it translated in their playing. For this song in particular, when the keys player had the idea to add a “string” section the song really came alive!
6.    Is there anything coming up with your music for the rest of 2018?
I’m going to continue pushing the ep, have plans to record another video for one of the songs, and I am panning on doing a Christmas house concert tour with my friend and fellow artist Erin Enderlin.
7.    Is there anything else you would like to share?
Just want to say thanks to people listening and sharing the music- it means a lot and helps a ton! I also have a video in the running for the CMT 12 pack if they want to vote for it! “Don’t Blame It on Me” haha


Soul Revival Boutique~ “Bio”!!!


Brooke Carmean is the founder and owner of Soul Revival Boutique. Carmean is a southern girl and was born and raised in Athens, Georgia. She lived in Georgia until she was 25 years old. She move to Oklahoma City and after living there for a whole year, her life was changed in a very good way. She started dating her now husband and he relocated her to Ohio. Carmean started a career as a Registered Nurse, which then led her to a new adventure.

After attending a medical missions trip to Nicaragua with Church of the Nations in 2014, she saw how so many people live in poverty. Carmean was heartbroken over this experience and wanted to make a better impact and try to help these people. When she started brainstorming Soul Revival, she chose to give back a fraction of the proceeds to many missions.

Here is a short summary of how Carmean feels about giving back to people who are in need: “For me it was a done deal. God has given us so much and the least I could do was make a way to honor, share, and glorify His name. Also without y’all, our gorgeous customers, we wouldn’t be able to do that. With every single order, I pray over those who have placed a sale with us. That the Lord can do amazing things in your life and to never take anything for granted. All the glory goes to God and I’m just so thankful we get to give back and make a positive impact in others lives. That is what He longs for us to do – LOVE others and SERVE. Tell the world, y’all. (Mark 16:15). (BC’s own words)

 Revival: Means to bring life and also an awakening.

Soul:Is the spirit within us.

 Soul Revival: Is what our world so badly needs and we try to make a good impact on others less fortunate than us

Carmean was raised in church and not until she was in her early 20’s, did she really start to understand the love that our Father has for us. She always had a relationship with Christ, since she was a child, but did not really knew the concept of what it meant to be loved by God.

She enjoys bringing her fun and different mix of fashion sense to everyone who visits her boutique. Growing up around horses, rodeo and the western/country lifestyle, and being a offspring of Cherokee Indian heritage, she wanted to offer rare one of kind clothing with a southern chic feel and western flair that you could not find at other stores. If you would like to find out more about Brooke Carmean and Soul Revival Boutique then check out this website


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“Born Southern” ~ (Clothing Line)

WVRM2193_2000x Background:

The “Born Southern 74” is a clothing brand that is made up by three different morals. These morals are God, family and friends. Eric Smith is the owner, founder and is from North Carolina. Smith feel blessed by being rasied with such strong values.

“Southern 74,” is a tribute to Smith parents who got married in 1974. During the last 40 years, his parents encouraged these values in Smith and his three siblings and are now passing their Southern legacy to their grandchildren.



1.    Hello can you tell me a little bit of background about your apparel line?  Born Southern was founded in June of 2017.  The name, “Born Southern 74”, is a tribute to my parents who were married in 1974 and have raised our family with southern values and a “God, family, friends” example since birth.  I wanted to develop a line that would appeal to those who hold the southern way of life as part of their core values.

2.    How did you decide on the name “Born Southern,” and was there any other names you were going to choose instead?  I knew I wanted “southern” in the name from the start.  One other option was “Southern Raised”; however, this was not available.  “Born Southern” appeals to those who were raised with our core values.  Born Southern doesn’t mean you have to be born in the south; you just have to ascribe to the southern way of life.

3.    Where do you see “Born Southern,” in the next 5 to 10 years?  I see Born Southern growing into a household name/brand.  Anyone wearing a BoSo or Born Southern hat or shirt will be recognized as someone who holds dear the same Southern way of life.

4.    Have any famous celebs worn any of your items before?  Yes, Jacob Young (star on the Bold and Beautiful and the Young and the Restless and is also a up-and-coming country artist) and Morgan Ashley (up-and-coming singer/songwriter out of Texas), and Steve Freeman (multi-platinum album producer in TN).

5.    Is there anything new coming up with the company for the rest of 2018?  Yes, will launch our new fall apparel line in early October.

6.    What is the first item you made for “Born Southern?”  The first item created was a white t-shirt with the initial BS logo.  Since then, we’ve offered both men’s and women’s tees, hoodies, sweatshirts, performance fishing shirts, tank tops, hats, and decals.

7.    What advice would you give to an up and coming apparel company?  Starting an apparel company is hard work; it’s not as easy as just making a shirt or hat and selling it.  You need to brand yourself and identify your target audience.  You need to identify, research, and trademark your name, review market trends, look at supply/demand, and a host of other factors to get started.  Social media is very important; it helps to get the word out about your brand.  And, lastly, have some patience…Rome wasn’t build overnight.

8.    What is one of your favorite quotes?  “It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get back up.”  ~Vince Lombardi





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