Anthony Pana~ Artist Spotlight!!!

Anthony Pana just put out his first single and music video for “Nowhere TN,” and plans to make a stand-out report of who he is as a  Country artist and an individual. 

“Nowhere TN,” was released on March 25, 2022 and was penned by Aaron Pax Taylor and Papa in 2021. The single first started as a couple in love liking the childish, small-town lifestyle in Tennessee, but it transformed into much more. Pana’s thoughts about this song are “When someone listens to Nowhere TN, and he can feel it will connect to everyone in some aspect. He didn’t grow up in Tennessee, but he has been here for five years and he can tell you, this song truly embodies something that can be hard to put into words. The people here have certain values that he admires greatly and am working towards every day to instill in me. It seems that there is a great sense of connection between the southern states that is hard to find anywhere else. They are all about helping their neighbors out in times of need and they love their Faith, Family, and are proud to be American!” 

Pana also had the chance to work with his good friend Tim Rushlow, formally the lead singer of Little Texas, who came into the studio the cut Background Vocals. Papa felt so lucky and happy that Rushlow took his time and talent to work with him on this song. He grew up loving little Texans so this just took the song to the next level!” 

Pana was born and grew up in Chicago and is now pursuing his dream career as a Country Music Singer/Songwriter in Nashville,TN. As a child he listened to a lot of traditional Country Music from the 1980’s and 1990’s. Artists like Garth Brooks, George Strait, Randy Travis, Keith Whitley and Alan Jackson, who are some of all time favorites. He praises them to his creativity and wants to being out that traditional sound in his own music. Country music holds a important place in his heart and he can’t envision life without it. He connects with his fans through his honest and relatable lyrics and wants people to fall in love with traditional country music the same way that he has. He wants new fans and old ones to join him on his adventure and keep a lookout for more new music in 2022. Also come be a part of the Pana Family on social media, he would love to talk and connect. 

If you would like to find out more about the talented Anthony Pana please go check out some of his social media accounts for all updates about his music. Down below are links to his social media outlets. Thanks again Anthony for being a part of my site! 

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