Cat Stone~ Artist Spotlight!!

Nashville established singer/songwriter Cat Stone has put out her wistful debut single, “Take It In,” written with country artist Janelle Arthur (“Hand Me Downs” ft. Dolly Parton). The single was recorded at Lyra Productions in White House, TN with Luke Nagel. Stone takes her listeners through a melodic post-break-up adventure of improvement while supporting the listeners to make peace with what does not belong to them anymore. 

Before working as achieving a solo career in Nashville, Stone performed in over 80 countries as a singer on the world’s most lavish cruise ship, the Regent Explorer. During her international travels, Stone started a loyal following which expanded even past her own southern roots. Friends and fans would join at the Sheraton Grand Nashville Style Lounge for a celebratory night on January 6 at the first performance of “Take It In,” with no thought of what was going to come after. 

Stone’s debut single has collected the attention of Spotify, having three editorial playlists, a milestone for a fully independent artist. Having the support from Spotify, Stone shares, “Independent female artists in country music haven’t necessarily had the best luck off the bat- especially when it comes to radio play. To see my first single land on not one but three Spotify playlists feels so rewarding. The platform plays such a pivotal role in the development of independent artists and I’m so grateful for the support they’ve to shown me this week.”

There is currently no set date on Stone’s debut album but there is more to come from Stone in 2022. For first access to updates and releases please visit her website at ( 

About Cat Stone:
Independent country singer Stone is no overnight success fairytale. She was born in the summer of ’92, Stone was transplanted across the southeast along with her father’s military job. She went off a bit of independence in her late teens to attend a boarding school for the arts. With a straight view of Nashville, Stone attended school at Belmont University on a talent scholarship. In 2019, Stone focus on her solo career. She released her debut “Take It In,” on January 7, 2022, which earned the attention of Spotify, landing three spots on different editorial playlists, a huge achievement for a new independent artist. This is the start for Cat Stone, with more success to come this year and for many years to come. 

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