Cheyenne Parmley~ Artist Spotlight!!!

Country musician Cheyenne Parmley brand-new single “I Can’t Stay Away From You,” came out today on March 10th, 2021. Parmley was chosen to be in a breakout artist program at Off The Road Studio in Franklin, Tennessee. She had the chance to work with some famous names and very talented individuals for her first single. The writers of this song are Stephony Smith and Melba Montgomery. She have been a Stephony Smith fan for many years. Smith has written some famous number one hits such as “Big Star” and “It Your Love.” Melba is most known for her famous duet with George Jones. They showcased their classic gift into lyrics for this song and it sparkles through as classic country. 

The band that Parmley was lucky enough to work with has also performed with some top acts in country music. Grammy winner Mark Prentice, who played bass and keyboard on her song, has worked with Johnny Cash, Lady A and many others. The drummer, Matt Bubel is a former drummer for Kip Moore. The guitarist is Danny Parks who has worked with Blake Shelton and Brooks and Dunn. Parmley’s producer is P.T. Houston, who was the engineer on one of her favorite songs, “If Your Going Through Hell,” by Rodney Adkins. Houston has also produced other songs. 

Being a small town girl and working with individuals who have mastered so much has been the most marvelous for Parmley. Parmley is a mother of two little boys, from Kentucky and she have been singing country music for as long as she can remember. For many years, she have recorded her own songs in her bedroom and now she wants to share it with the rest of the world. She have worked her whole life doing open mics, talent shows, contests and much more. She has always dreamt of opportunity like this. If you would like to find out more about up and coming country artist Cheyenne Parmley then check out her Instagram page at ( 

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  1. Hi, thank you for sharing your blogs. I, too am I blog writer & I am writing an entry most days in 2022 as a series “22 artists to watch out for in 2022”. Today I featured Cheyenne Parmley. I feature independent artists across all genres, although country is one of my favorite genres. Writing a blog entry requires my reseraching on the internet as well as personal experiences, including gigs. You may like to read about my favorite artists like Cambree Lovesey, Laine Lonero, Wild Fire…
    I have also created an independent music appreciation page on Facebook.
    Jonathan Barker
    Barking about Music


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