Paige King Johnson~ “Artist Spotlight”!!!

In a peaceful North Carolina 22 miles south of Raleigh, as a little 9 years old girl, Paige King Johnson spent her summers under the crepe myrtles copying the patterns of Loretta, Pasty, Waylon, and Merle. Johnson’s biggest fan was her grandpa and he gifted her first guitar. The guitar was a baby Taylor and after receiving it she was enrolled in guitar lessons. After her grandpa passed away, the full of life dreamer carried on his memory by bringing her brand-new discovery to local fairs, festivals, and any other stage she was permitted to play on. As she got older, Johnson added “opening act” to her resume, supporting country artists like Scott McCreery, Neal McCoy, Luke Pell and James. When she was about to graduate from high school she realizes that this was more than just a little hobby. The Angier local swapped in horse pastures and back roads for the colorful lights of Music City in 2015. Before starting college at Belmont University for Music Business, Johnson enhanced in on the magic that had deeply inspired her as a kid: the love of storytelling by writing songs. Johnson states that she “started finding my own voice thru writing, becoming more confident, and owning the fact that my personal feelings and experiences were worth talking about, singing about, and putting on paper.”

            The world-famous Bluebird Café was just one of the countless writers’ circuits around Nashville that offered a safe area for Johnson to meet and connect with other writers, try out new songs, and get feedback. In return, Johnson started charming audiences with her down-home stage attendance, cut right to the jaw stories and rare country voice, meaningful of the classic country period. In the last 4 years, Johnson has traveled back and forth between Nashville and the Carolinas, playing shows like the North Carolina State Fair and running her dinner theatre, Country on the Outskirts of Town, that she started in high school. Johnson’s quarterly performance offers an environment for locals to enjoy some yummy Southern cooking, fellowship with friends, and the sounds of old and new country music with some gospel combined with it. A three-time Carolina Music Awards Nominee for Best Country Female Artist, Johnson’s dedicated homegrown fan support continues to grow further than just her backyard.

            After expanding her wings with her debut single “Water Down The Whiskey,” rising to the #29 spot on Music Row charts, and with a debut music video following that wowed her fans. Paige’s second single “Just Like You,” came out on October 2, 2020. This genuine song does not start like most other love songs but has a surprising turn of calmness and sentimentality that will make anyone want to fall in love while listening to it. Unlike the sass and harshness of her first single, Johnson is happy to expose a more sensitive and loving side of her as both a singer and songwriter with the release of the second single. With an honest belief to write truthful songs, she can be proud for many years to come. Johnson is ready to go down any trail that calls her name, as long as she can it in her favorite boots. 

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