Conner Sweet~ Artist Spotlight!!!

23 years old Tennessee local Conner Sweet was raised with a guitar in his hand. Sweet was born and grew up on the borders of Nashville, he comes from a big line of singers and musicians, so it was only normal that music would be the main interest in Sweet’s life.

            The truth of Sweet’s classical country flair is that it exposes early impacts by country musicians such as George Jones, Johnny Cash and George Strait, as well as some of his new favorite artists like Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan and Thomas Rhett. Writing songs since he was 16 years old, Sweet signed his first publishing deal in 2019 with Given Entertainments. His days are now spent writing and performing for a strong fan base that has been built by live shows where he and his band are regulars on the Nashville circuit. 

            There was a plan in action for Sweet to put out music in 2020 but when “Times Like These,” was born and it changed the schedule. A writing session was on the records with hitmakers, Liz Hengber and Lance Carpenter in early March, it just took place to be around the shocking tornado hit in Nashville. That day the writers united to share about personal tensions they were each dealing with, from a family member that was sick to other unlucky problems in their lives. Deeply crushed by big accounts, the three set out to write an inspiring motto about the value of harmony and joining together when times are rough. Little did they know they would be making an anthem that would soon have a much larger effect in a different place. On May 1, 2020, Sweet’s single “Time Like These,” was available on many popular music platforms. 

            “Time Like These, the main message is about leaning on one another and finding assurance to get you through hard times. The single is currently #50 on Billboard Indicator and in the Top 30 on the MusicRow Chart. 

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