Cody Clayton Eagle~ Artist Spotlight

Cody Clayton Eagle is 18 years old gifted country musician who was born and raised in West Virginia. Eagle’s musical talent is only paired by his kind character and loyalty to his skill, which are two qualities that are very hard to uphold. While his career in the country music is still new, his achievements match that of an expert in the business. Eagle has been on stage with an excess of talented people, such as Jason Michael Carroll, Slaughter, George Shingleton, Charles W. Godwin, Rick K and the Allnighters & John Moreland. But all of his achievements his most known one came in the method of a golden ticket to Hollywood given to him by the judges of ABC’s hit TV show “American Idol.”

            Many musicians would use proof of three yes votes in one of the country’s most famous talent shows to be lazy and take a back seat, but not Eagle. This break put a fire in him to commit most of his time to work on his music and begin his journey as a known singer/songwriter. A while after his trip to Hollywood, Eagle started to work with a group of highly brilliant musicians and producers to create and produce his debut single “I Wil Sing,” which came out on May 24, 2019. He used his time with these people and improved in on his songwriting traits which then led him to his next huge achievement, being a part of the semifinal round of Nashville Rising Song.

            Eagle’s love for country music is enhanced by the artists that he looks up to the talented Chris Stapleton, Cody Jinks and Luke Combs. Also, Eagle is not just a one kind trickster as he enjoys performing just about any type of music and does so skillfully. You can find Eagle playing all over the wonderful state of West Virginia and beyond by tracking all of his social media accounts and keeping up to date with his concert calendar.

            As a West Virginia local, Eagle works carefully to make his home state proud and thrives in his efforts with each of his performances, each song and each note. On May 16, 2020 his latest single “This One’s on Me,” and it is available on Spotify and iTunes. This single is an honor to all the servicemen and women, veterans as well as those fighting on the frontlines during these crazy times. The song was co-written by Eagle and also Troy Richard Castellano and Nancy Deckant, it is a song that was written about sacrifices these solders hade made in honoring our country. Eagle shares about how he was on his way down to Nashville earlier in the year and how he was thinking of different ideas to write a song about and how he remembers about his uncle “was being deployed for his last tour and he wanted to write a song to let him know how much we appreciate the sacrifices he was making when he dedicated himself to the military.” This song also has a second meaning to it and Eagle wanted to show his gratitude for all the healthcare workers and all the other important essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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