Shae Dupuy~ “Q&A”

1.     Hello Shae, what made you want a career in country music?I’ve always gravitated towards country music because of the storytelling aspect of it that Country music has always had. I love being able to write my story into to a song and be able to share it that way.

2.     What is the story behind your latest song “Black and White?”“Black and White” is about a breakup where nothing specific or particular went wrong or caused the breakup, it was just two people who weren’t meant to be. I desperately wanted someone in the relationship to be the bad guy to make it easier to get over and give some sense of closure but that just wasn’t the case. Everyone was innocent and there was nowhere to point the blame, it just wasn’t working.

3.     What was the inspiration behind the new lyric video for your song “Black and White?”I wanted to give people an inside look at what recording “Black and White” was like. There was so much emotion that went into that and I wanted to show that side of the process.

4.  What is the process when creating a lyric video?I always like to figure out what I want people to take away from my songs and I try to make sure the lyric video visually gets that message across while still letting the lyrics be the main focus. 

5.   Your lyric video is “The Making Of.” Tell us more about the making of the song. 

Were there any co-writers? Who are the producers? What was your experience like with both?I had two co-writers on this song: Kyle Rife and Jeremy Bussey. They were so great and completely understood my vision when I brought them the concept for “Black and White.” Derek Wells produced all 3 of my new singles and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to help me bring these songs to life. 

7.     What is one of your favorite quotes?“Trust in time, especially when time says no.” – SEEKER

8.     Is there anything else you would like to share? Make sure to stream “Black and White” on Spotify of Apple : in touch! I love connecting with everyone via social media so be sure to follow me and be the first to know about new music! 🙂

Shae Dupuy~ “Artist Spotlight”

Shae Dupuy, dedicated and growing as a musician, keeps pushing limits as a singer/songwriter, by taking her abilities to higher peaks. Having showcased a sympathy for music as a little girl, taking vocal and guitar lessons at the age of 8 and attending a private arts high school, it appeared likely that on the day her high school graduation, Dupuy’s would start her career. 

            In 2014, Dupuy debut her first single “Grandpa’s Truck,” to radio, that interested the attention of CMT Canada and naming her one of the “Fresh Face Artist.” Later in the fall of 2016, she put out her second studio EP, “Brave,” and collected several nominations from the CMAO Awards for her songs, “Tin Man” and “Drink About It.” A little bit after, Dupuy went on to get in 2017, the CCMA nomination for “Interactive Artist of the Year.”

            Dupuy has played at various festivals, including some of Canada’s famous festivals at Cavendish Beach and Lucknow’s Music in the Fields. In 2018, she went on her first tour where she performed in many cities from coast to coast across Canada. After the achievements of her first two studio RP’s, she moved south to Nashville, plunging herself in the city’s songwriting section Dupuy share time between both her hometown Toronto, Canada and Nashville. It is here that Dupuy has written a list of songs for her next recording job, as well as songs for other artists. Her music showcases refined vocal expression, sharing her own stories, and a tough sense of classifying and belief, both as an artist and as a person. 

            On July 10, 2020 Dupuy newest single “Black and White,” came out. The song is available to listen on both Spotify and iTunes. In Dupuy’s new single she is searching for purpose in a breakup. She co-wrote the song with Kyle Rife and Jeremy Bussey (Jason Aldean, Brantley Gilbert, Ashley McBryde) and was produced by Derek Wells (Dolly Parton, Kenny Chesney, Blake Shelton, Maren Morris). In the contemplative new song, “Black and White, the singer/songwriter expresses for motive in an unsuccessful relationship that has no cause other than just not working out. Dupuy also explores the struggle in breakups that makes a logic of missing parts or the lack of closure after the relationship is over, as she shares throughout the lyrics in the song. The musician brings a painful yet still positive light on sharing a song for individuals to know a breakup can be tough, but you will come out of it stronger. 

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Cody Clayton Eagle- Q&A!!

Hello Cody, can you tell me a little bit about yourself before you dive into country music as your career?  

I’m 18 and just graduated highschool this year.  I’m an avid outdoorsman.  I like to spend my time fishing, hunting and riding trails on my side by side.

What was one of the first country concerts you ever attended?  

The first country concert I attended was Kenny Chesney at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, PA. 

What is the background story behind your latest single “This One’s on Me?”  

“This One’s On Me” was written for my uncle who is in the Military.  I was headed to Nashville for one of my co-writes and I was brain storming ideas to write about.  I had just learned my uncle was being deployed for his last assignment before he retired and I wanted to write a song just to say thank you for everything you have done over the last 25 years.  Really, the song has turned into a thank you to all of our Military no matter what branch they are in.

How would you describe your music in 3 to 5 words?  

I think I can just describe my music in one word – relatable.  I want to write songs that everyone can relate to.

What is your recording process like when creating new music?  

When I go in to the studio, I imagine how my song is going to turn out.  Having the right producer working with me on the final recording is so important.  I need someone that I can really be honest with if something isn’t turning out how I imagined as well as someone who is as excited as I am when we get it right.  It’s always a laid back and awesome time.

Is there anything else new coming up with your music?  

The pandemic has really put a damper on the fairs, festivals and shows I had booked this year, but like everyone else, I’m trying to make the best of what’s going on.  I have several songs recorded and/or ready to go to the studio, so I am really looking forward to pushing forward with those songs and continuing to write new songs.

What a few of your favorite venues or events to play at?  I love playing at music festivals.  When you perform at a music festival, everyone is there to have a great time and listen to music.  The crowd is always full of energy and that energy plays into the show.

What is one of your favorite quotes?  

One of my favorite quotes is “I have not failed.  I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”  –  Thomas A. Edison

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?  

I just want to say thank you for letting me be part of the DixieDee Blog and featuring my new single “This One’s On Me.” Also, be sure to follow me on social media and check out my #CoversWithCody series online.

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Cody Clayton Eagle~ Artist Spotlight

Cody Clayton Eagle is 18 years old gifted country musician who was born and raised in West Virginia. Eagle’s musical talent is only paired by his kind character and loyalty to his skill, which are two qualities that are very hard to uphold. While his career in the country music is still new, his achievements match that of an expert in the business. Eagle has been on stage with an excess of talented people, such as Jason Michael Carroll, Slaughter, George Shingleton, Charles W. Godwin, Rick K and the Allnighters & John Moreland. But all of his achievements his most known one came in the method of a golden ticket to Hollywood given to him by the judges of ABC’s hit TV show “American Idol.”

            Many musicians would use proof of three yes votes in one of the country’s most famous talent shows to be lazy and take a back seat, but not Eagle. This break put a fire in him to commit most of his time to work on his music and begin his journey as a known singer/songwriter. A while after his trip to Hollywood, Eagle started to work with a group of highly brilliant musicians and producers to create and produce his debut single “I Wil Sing,” which came out on May 24, 2019. He used his time with these people and improved in on his songwriting traits which then led him to his next huge achievement, being a part of the semifinal round of Nashville Rising Song.

            Eagle’s love for country music is enhanced by the artists that he looks up to the talented Chris Stapleton, Cody Jinks and Luke Combs. Also, Eagle is not just a one kind trickster as he enjoys performing just about any type of music and does so skillfully. You can find Eagle playing all over the wonderful state of West Virginia and beyond by tracking all of his social media accounts and keeping up to date with his concert calendar.

            As a West Virginia local, Eagle works carefully to make his home state proud and thrives in his efforts with each of his performances, each song and each note. On May 16, 2020 his latest single “This One’s on Me,” and it is available on Spotify and iTunes. This single is an honor to all the servicemen and women, veterans as well as those fighting on the frontlines during these crazy times. The song was co-written by Eagle and also Troy Richard Castellano and Nancy Deckant, it is a song that was written about sacrifices these solders hade made in honoring our country. Eagle shares about how he was on his way down to Nashville earlier in the year and how he was thinking of different ideas to write a song about and how he remembers about his uncle “was being deployed for his last tour and he wanted to write a song to let him know how much we appreciate the sacrifices he was making when he dedicated himself to the military.” This song also has a second meaning to it and Eagle wanted to show his gratitude for all the healthcare workers and all the other important essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Mandy McMillan’s Recipe: (Vegan Black Bean Brownie)

1 can black beans (drained and rinsed)
1 cup peanut butter
1/4 cup maple syrup
1/4 cup vegan choc chips
2 tbs cocoa 
2 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp cinnamon
pinch sea salt
(love to put a little dash of cayenne in there as well to spice it up!)

* preheat oven to 350F
– put black beans in food processor and blend until smooth (I like to do this first to make sure all beans are blended)
– add in peanut butter, maple syrup and vanilla – blend again
– put in dry ingredients – cocoa, cinnamon, sea salt (cayenne if you’d like) and blend
– add choc chips and give the processor a little swirl to blend them in (make sure not to over blend the chips)
– put batter in a lightly oiled up brownie pan (I use coconut oil) 
– cook for 20-25 mins
* just as a warning – the batter usually does not make it to the oven and I end up eating it raw *whoops 😉


Mandy McMillan~ Q&A!!!

1.     Hello Mandy, can you tell me a little bit about yourself before you became a country artist?

Hello! Yes I am Mandy McMillan, originally from just west of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I have always been a lover of music and have pursued my passion to play music since I was a little girl. Before I moved to Nashville to pursue music full-time, I worked a few jobs during the week such as waitress, nanny and hair stylist! I even owned a hair salon for a little while before I made the big jump to Music City!

2.     What made you want a career in country music?

It’s crazy because before Nashville, music was a deep passion that I didn’t realize could be a full-time career. Once I engrained myself into the Nashville scene, I was blessed to find out that this passion of mine could be my career. 

I have always loved music and all things creative, so being able to do that now is so amazing and I don’t take it for granted at all. Of course, there are a lot of ups and downs and you have to learn to ebb and flow, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. My music has a sprinkle of the country genre to go along with pop and classic rock influences!

3.     What is the background story behind your latest single “Dream Catcher?”

I had a big “aha” moment that came as a download to write “Dream Catcher”. I have made dream catchers for years and about two years ago, I was hanging them up as merch at a festival I was playing at. In that moment, I knew that I had to write a song about my journey going out and catching my dreams. Before I moved to Nashville, I worked a few jobs as a waitress to save up money for my big move. The first line of the song “her heart is full of wishes, cleaning up the dishes at some part time job ’til she’s at the top” captures my hustle of waiting tables during the week while being out on the road with my band on the weekends.  I wanted to use the opportunity to inspire those around me to work hard, believe in themselves and to go out and catch their dreams as well. I wrote it with one of my best friends Andrew Beason and recorded it with my producer Simon Gugala, with whom I got to co-produce the track as well.

4.     What is your favorite part of creating a new music video for “Dream Catcher?”

My favorite part was the fact that I got to travel to Tucson, Arizona with three of my best friends and create the most incredible memories in one of my favorite places. I have been pulled to the Arizona desert all my life and have been able to travel there a few times for a vacation, a photoshoot and now the video shoot! It was a dream to film out there and what you see in my smile is the genuine bliss of me catching my dream in that moment! 🙂

5.     How would you describe your music in 3 to 5 words?

Uplifting. Groovy. Genuine 

6.     What has been some of your favorite venues or events to play at?

In 2014, I was chosen to be part of the stage show with Kenny Chesney on the CMA Awards and that was a top venue/ event for sure! It was such a magical moment to be on the same stage as an artist whose music has influenced me from the beginning and he was so kind. It was an unreal feeling when the curtain lifted and I could see all of my idols sitting out front watching the show and knowing that millions of people were watching on television around the world in that moment.

7.     What is something that most people do not know about you?

I am plant-based/vegan. Although I’m not too sure if people are surprised by that haha! I like to think of myself as being a super kind and compassionate person and also into all things spiritual, so when most people find out about the veganism part, they’re like “you would be!” 

8.     What is one of your favorite quotes?

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there” Theodore Roosevelt – I have the word “Believe” tattooed on my ribs right by my heart and I fully know that you have to believe it to achieve it 

I also stand by “Don’t be a lady, be a legend” Stevie Nicks 

9.     Is there anything else you would like to share?

Thank you so much for taking time out of your schedule to have me on your blog! I so appreciate all the support and look forward to seeing you catch your dreams 🙂

Mandy McMillan~ Artist Spotlight!!!

Mandy McMillan was born in Edmonton, Alberta and grew up in Stony Plain. McMillan has never remembered a time when she was not performing or playing music. With a varied musical background that naturally combines a country sound with a little bit of pop too. McMillan’s truthfulness and love for people showcase in her lyrics and live performances, which also allows her to easily form long-term connections with her fans on stage or off.

            McMillan was only 5 years old when she started her journey into music and played at Christmas concerts with her younger siblings. Her love for singing found its inspiration when she was asked to sing the Canadian national anthem at a local rodeo in her hometown. While attending high school, she started her own rock band, which help her chops as a musician, and guided to singing competitions across Canada. 

            The galaxy united for McMillan when she moved toward country music as a solo singer. In 2008, she won a Country Music Television Canada singing competition by performing “When You Say Nothing At All” by Alison Krauss. This accomplishment encouraged her to chase her number one dream by moving to Nashville. In Music City, her singing career as a musician has driven her into many new adventures that have included a self-titled album in 2014, a chance to open up for Trisha Yearwood and appeared alongside Kenny Chesney during his performance at the 2014 CMA Awards.

            In 2018, McMillan played showcases at the Calgary Stampede and Canadian Country Music Week and she also co-wrote “Chasin’ The Ace” with Lynn Tessari, which made the Top 10 in the “Play for Publisher” event in Nashville. She also released the fast-pacing track as a single in the fall of that year. 

            On June 23, 2020, McMillan’s official music video for her newest single “Dream Catcher came out. After about 10 years of dreaming, chasing, loving and growing as a musician, “Dream Catch” explains her sound and her life. The song was co-written by McMillan in Nashville and Andrew Beason was also a co-writer and Simon Gugala produced the song. The song is about McMillan’s of dream catchers that started when she first made them at a festival. This is both a true expression of her own ideas in the development and display of goals and a gripping image of her musical journey towards success as a singer. Her music video was directed by Jenny Marvin.  

            She a carefree, vegan, lovely spirit with a gift for sharing life ‘s most honest moments through her music. Her new digital summer single and Canadian radio debut, “Dream Catcher,” will be out and also serve as her first track of the first full-length album and it will come this fall. 

            If you would like to find out more about this talented lady then check out her website at (

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Henley~ Q&A

1.     Hello, you two, can you both tell us all a little bit about yourselves before you became a country music duo? Sayre:  We grew up in a musical family.  Momma sings… she cut her first record at Muscle Shoals Sound with the Swampers in the 70s, and dad is an incredible multi-instrumentalist who paid the bills behind a drumset. We had different tastes growing up, but after Shea graduated college I ended up moving in with him in Denton, Tx while I attended the University of North Texas (where he had just graduated).  He played in a red dirt band and I grew up a huge country music fan, so we tried writing some songs together and it seemed to work immediately.

2.     How did you come up with the name Henley for your group name? Shea:  Henley is our last name… we were blessed with A LOT of grandparents haha.  Funny enough, the man who raised our dad and gave us all the last name Henley is the only grandpa we never met!  AND he wasn’t a musician.  But dad’s biological father and our Grandmama were both brilliant musicians.  Most of the musicians in our family all carry the name Henley, so it’s an homage to our roots and family history.

3.     What is the background story behind your latest single “Alone Tonight?”

Shea: There definitely was a situation that inspired this song.  I came in with the idea for the opening two lines of the chorus “I don’t wanna be alone tonight, I don’t wanna spend the night alone”, and it triggered a memory for Sayre of a past relationship.  Sayre had been in a relationship with a country singer who at the time was an up and comer, but now has definitely seen his fair share of success.  Sayre: He started out to be the perfect gentleman, but with time the perfect date nights and sweet memories slowed down and it turned into the late night texts when he was in town asking me to meet him at the bar for drinks, or asking me to come over after he had dipped into too many shots of whiskey.  Even though I knew his intentions weren’t good anymore I still put myself in the position to meet him after he was drunk, or answer the late night text because being with him in any form was better than being alone. 

4.     What is your recording process like when creating new music? Shea: we do everything ourselves with our partner in crime Cody Smith (  For this one, I opened my computer one night and made the synth patch and loop you hear.  I sent it to Sayre to sing along with and she loved it.  She came over and we recorded the vocals ourselves in my detached garage/studio workspace… it’s just a blazing hot 24×24 cinderblock shed with big wooden supports and a tin roof, but it sounds great… Cody played acoustic and steel guitar, the big Moog bass you hear, AND he mixed it.  We decided to leave my original loop in as a change of pace to our normal live drums (which I usually play).

5.     How would you guys describe your music in 3 to 5 words? Sayre: Real Shea:  Gooder than good!

6.     What are a few of your favorite venues or events to play at? Shea: of all the fun shows we’ve done, honestly it always comes back to Winner’s Bar and Whiskey Jam… WJ will always feel like home to Nashville-based artists. 

7.     When not working or creating music what do you two like do in your free time?

Sayre:  I love going to the gym (shoutout to my Redline fam!)… that’s actually where we met our amazing booking agent Jess Mosby.  Such a Nashville story.  Everyone you meet is in the business! 
    Shea:  If I’m not working on music for Henley I’m probably working on one of the many side projects I have with my friends.  It’s a fun way to navigate the distance as our various careers take us all over the US.  Especially with the lockdown… it’s been fun catching up via music. 

8.     What are a few of your guysfavorite quotes? Sayre:  “Don’t suck” – my brother with a big grin on his face just before we hit the stage, or “Center, Breathe, Pray” which is mom’s advice for everything life throws your way.

9.     Is there anything else you would like to share? hank you so much for having us, and shoutout to our cowriter Kenneth Duncan (who also wrote Centerline and I Forgot About You with us).  Be sure to follow us @wearehenley on social media!   We’ve got cover videos, acoustic sessions, and BTS (behind the song) content coming at ya.

Henley~ Artist Spotlight!!!

Shea & Sayre Henley are brother and sister and together they formed their country music group “Henley.” They grew up in Newnan, Georgia and started to write music together, while attending college in Denton, Texas. They both love to laugh and performance with one another. 

The Henley siblings now are living in Nashville. On June 26th their latest single “Alone tonight,” came out and it debuted on Apple Country Hot Tracks. The song is about an ex-lover that you cannot leave in the past. Even though the relationship is over. You are trying to restore an old lover that burned fast and forcefully but has since left for good. Sayre shares the song is about how she would wait for her ex to come “in town and knew what bar he would be drinking at and she would anxiously await the “come meet me for a drink” on a Monday night even though she knew it would end in her getting hurt.”

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