Sloan Woolly~ Artist Spotlight!!!

In 1973, a Jukebox blasted at your mom and dad’s favorite store and Sloan Woolly is the final record recovered from the wreckage. With a smile and a yell, the band combines with clever arrangements and lyricism with timeless rock n’ roll drive.
With a big range of sounds and inspirations, Sloan Woolly shows have a huge file of original material to bring to each one of their shows. In their song “Rest of Their Lives,” you can hear the horn-backed party stomper and to the darkroom acid trip you take in the “The Phone,” and to the Nashville fired blues-rocker in the song “Futures,” it is hard to pinpoint one direction for this bunch of strollers.
At the beginning of 2020, Sloan Woolly traveled to Nashville’s Sputnik Sound (Vance Powell & Mitch Dane) to record some favorites from their collection with engineer Mike Fahey, who had worked with famous rock groups like the Raconteurs & Phish (along with few bad mf amps) helped him to bring the passion and energy of a Sloan Woolly performance to life on the record. The band will be putting out six songs from these sessions over the next year, with the plans to put out their debut album with Fahey before 2020 is over.
The band first single “Rest of Their Lives,” was praised by alt-rock blog Parapop as “a time machine where you can’t help but dance. Full of nostalgia, you briefly forget the weight in your shoulder.” It earned some airplay on Nashville’s Roots Radio and they were also a part of the CMT’S “Feed the Frontline Virtual Livestream alongside artists like Brad Paisley, Tim McGraw, and Kenny Chesney and it came out on May 20th.
Sloan Woolly was founded by Jack Seigenthaler (Guitar and Vocal), Henry Ingram (Keys) and while attending Standard University. Under the name of Mammoth, they were later joined by Ben Josie (Bass) and played many shows around the San Francisco Bay Area for two and a half years. After graduating, the band moved to Nashville Tennessee to play and learn from everyone in Music City. Their music is mixed between classic rock, modern country twang and punk style vocals. Their current song “Futures” showcases songwriting skills and awesome vocal emphasis that Sloan Woolly is becoming known for.
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