Sloan Woolly~ Q&A!!!

1.     Hello Jack, Henry & Ben, can you guys tell me a little bit about yourselves before you formed your band Sloan Woolly?

            We met in college out in California. We started gigging under the name “Mammoth”–mostly in frats and campus houses. We’d always have to scrape together equipment and lighting to get a show together, and the sound would be pretty crappy in these sweaty little rooms. But we learned quickly the way to get people excited was to bring big energy to the stage. And we learned to love playing together live. So we decided, once we graduated, that we’d get serious about it and make this project happen in Nashville.

2.     How did you come up with the name Sloan Woolly for your band name and were there any other names you were going to pick instead?

We put out our first single under the name Mammoth, but ran into trouble because there were about a thousand other bands going by that name. So we always knew we’d have to change it, and spent months trying to come up with one we could all get behind. We agreed on “[Something] Woolly,” a nod to Mammoth. Our drummer at the time had a great aunt named Sloan Sloan, which we’d joke about ‘cause it was so absurd. So one day, Henry had the idea that we call ourselves Sloan Woolly, and it stuck.

3.     What is the background story behind your latest music piece “Futures” (June 19th)?

Jack was drifting off at work and started thinking about his path to Nashville. A tiny wrinkle in the past could’ve put him just about anywhere else. His mom had been obsessed with the idea of string theory when he was a kid and was always talking about this idea of infinite realities all happening at once. So that became the main lyrical theme. All the futures each of us dream of, in spite of the path we’re stuck on–or blessed with. As we worked out the parts as a band, we found opportunities to shake up the rhythms a bit, and ended up with what we hoped was a new spin on a blues rock tune. It might be our favorite song to play live–it gets people up and dancing and gives us the opportunity to really lock in together as a band.

4.     What are a few of your first albums you guys have ever listened to you?

Ben: AC/DC’s Highway to Hell. One of those CDs that was in my dad’s car that I begged to hear every time I got in.

Jack: Al Green’s Greatest Hits. Like with Ben, the album just sat in my dad’s car for years. So I knew it back and forth by the time I was in high school.

Henry: Sugar Ray’s 14:59. My mom loved that record.

5.     How would you guys describe your music in 3 to 5 words?

Old jukebox up in flames.

6.     What is your recording process like when creating new music?

Meeting our producer, Mike Fahey, was a huge break for us. He gets the kinky classic rock sound we’re going for and understands how to capture the feel of a live show. Performing live is, individually and collectively, our favorite part of being in this band, and we wanted all the new tracks to reflect that.

            In the month leading up to our studio time, we rehearsed our booties off to lock down every arrangement and get them as tight as we possibly could. We considered the studio a chance to record our live show and ended up with basic tracks for eight songs on the first day. This was a crucial foundation. Then we got to experiment. We tacked on layers of synths, percussion–all sorts of little touches here and there–with the goal of sustaining the live feel of the tracks, but adding some flair with the tools available to us in the studio.

7.     What are a few of your guys’ favorite quotes?

“Love Anyway.”

            -Mother Teresa

8.     Is there anything else you would like to share?

            We’re just excited to get these tracks out into the world. Moving to Nashville has been a dream and we couldn’t have imagined this place would feel like home so quickly. It’s a remarkable community and we count ourselves lucky to be a part of it. We can’t wait to get back to performing live and see our friends again. In the meantime, be sure to connect with us on social media and stream our music anywhere you can find music digitally! 

Sloan Woolly~ Artist Spotlight!!!

In 1973, a Jukebox blasted at your mom and dad’s favorite store and Sloan Woolly is the final record recovered from the wreckage. With a smile and a yell, the band combines with clever arrangements and lyricism with timeless rock n’ roll drive.
With a big range of sounds and inspirations, Sloan Woolly shows have a huge file of original material to bring to each one of their shows. In their song “Rest of Their Lives,” you can hear the horn-backed party stomper and to the darkroom acid trip you take in the “The Phone,” and to the Nashville fired blues-rocker in the song “Futures,” it is hard to pinpoint one direction for this bunch of strollers.
At the beginning of 2020, Sloan Woolly traveled to Nashville’s Sputnik Sound (Vance Powell & Mitch Dane) to record some favorites from their collection with engineer Mike Fahey, who had worked with famous rock groups like the Raconteurs & Phish (along with few bad mf amps) helped him to bring the passion and energy of a Sloan Woolly performance to life on the record. The band will be putting out six songs from these sessions over the next year, with the plans to put out their debut album with Fahey before 2020 is over.
The band first single “Rest of Their Lives,” was praised by alt-rock blog Parapop as “a time machine where you can’t help but dance. Full of nostalgia, you briefly forget the weight in your shoulder.” It earned some airplay on Nashville’s Roots Radio and they were also a part of the CMT’S “Feed the Frontline Virtual Livestream alongside artists like Brad Paisley, Tim McGraw, and Kenny Chesney and it came out on May 20th.
Sloan Woolly was founded by Jack Seigenthaler (Guitar and Vocal), Henry Ingram (Keys) and while attending Standard University. Under the name of Mammoth, they were later joined by Ben Josie (Bass) and played many shows around the San Francisco Bay Area for two and a half years. After graduating, the band moved to Nashville Tennessee to play and learn from everyone in Music City. Their music is mixed between classic rock, modern country twang and punk style vocals. Their current song “Futures” showcases songwriting skills and awesome vocal emphasis that Sloan Woolly is becoming known for.
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Molly Lovette~ Q&A

1.     Hello Molly, can you tell me a little bit about yourself before you became a country musician?
I grew up in a sports family – I played basketball competitively most of my life. Growing up, I assumed I would play basketball in college and maybe be a coach one day. It wasn’t until I was 14 years old when the doctors found an eight-inch tumor in my femur bone, that I had the opportunity to step away from basketball for a little while, and dive into music. 

2.     What is the background story behind your latest single “Lovin’ You?”

My latest single “Lovin’ You” is a song that holds a lot of emotion for me. I’ve dated a few guys over the years, but this relationship was different. The high school boyfriends, although at the time seemed incredibly serious, just weren’t. Dating someone in college, someone who you see every single day and spend pretty much all of your time with, is just different. Spending so much time with one person and giving so much of yourself makes the end burn just a little more. After the breakup, I was in that bitter stage for a while, feeling like the whole relationship was a waste of time; especially since it was my first year I was attending college. I wished the whole thing had never happened. As the song says, “If I could hit rewind, I’d undo lovin’ you.” 

3.     What made you decide to create a lyric video for “Lovin’ You?”

Initially, a music video sounded ideal for this song, but considering the pandemic, it just wasn’t going to work out right now to have a production crew. The lyric video was a nice alternative. I write with a lot of unfiltered emotion; I want my fans to connect to my songs and to hear how I’m feeling and think “Ah someone else feels that way too.” When writing “Lovin’ You,” it was no different – these lyrics are raw and real and now everyone can see them in the lyric video!

4.     Is there anything else new coming up with your music in 2020?

YES! I have been talking with my team and we have some exciting news to share soon about a NEW single! It has been so much fun to share “Lovin’ You” and have such amazing feedback, but I am ready and excited to get some new music out there for my fans. 

5.     What was one of the first country album you ever bought?

I grew up in the Carrie Underwood/Taylor Swift era – I remember getting Carrie Underwood’s “Some Hearts” album in 2005 and Taylor Swift’s first album in 2006. Carrie and Taylor are still two of my favorites to this day!

6.     What is your recording process like when creating new music?

I am honestly still amazed at how talented studio musicians are. I write these songs alone in my bedroom, and I usually have somewhat of an idea how I want the instrumentals to sound, but each and every time that I’ve stepped into the studio to record, I am blown away by what the musicians and my producer create. It is a surreal feeling to watch your song come to life. I don’t think I will ever get tired of that feeling. 

7.     How would you describe your music?

One word I would use to describe my music is “real.” And I’m not saying that other music is fake – lol! But when someone is listening to my music, they know that it’s raw and personal, yet relatable.  Pairing a catchy tune with sincere lyrics makes for good music, which is exactly what I strive for. My songs have a country vibe with some rock n’ roll flair.   

8.     What is one of your favorite quotes?

“It ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.” – Rocky Balboa

I have been obsessed with Rocky since I was little – they are such inspiring movies!

9.     Is there anything else you would like to share?

I am so grateful for my team, family, friends, and the fans for supporting me and my music the way they do. Going for your dream can be scary, but the people in my life make it so worth it! 

Molly Lovette~ Artist Spotlight!!!

    With truthful lyrics that come from the heart and a drive for her creativity that goes matchless, Molly Lovette is already shown the world what she is made of. Many country fans know that the best country music comes out of real-life stories, and that is what this great country musician is doing. With her musical talent and a gift of creating new and fresh music, Lovette is a winner in the hearts of country listeners around the world.

    She was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Lovette and her two siblings grew in a very close and loving family. Her roots are deep engrained in tradition a faith, Lovette went to Catholic grade school and then an all-girls Catholic High School (the same one her grandmother, her mother, her cousins and her younger sister all attended). Although, music was another tradition that her family passed down to each child as well. Her mother was always playing music throughout the house she was little, and her grandmother was known to write music and also sing to Lovette. Lovette shares that her dad also has some country roots as well that swayed her to become a fan of country music, also her parents took her to her first concert (Tim McGraw) when she was only 5 years old. So, it was not long before her family’s love for music changed over and became Lovette’s love for music. 

    Lovette participated in every talent show from kindergarten on and remembers putting on little “concerts,” for her family and babysitters from a young age. She also shares that her parents have told her that as a toddler, she would sing in front of air vents and sing for many hours so she could hear herself through the vents. 

    Even though Lovette was devoted to her music, sports also played a big part in her upbringing. She started playing soccer, volleyball and softball, it was not until began playing basketball when she thought she had her future job planned. She remembers in 8th grade English class, she wrote that she was going to basketball all four years of high school and go onto to Mizzou to play in college and become a head women’s coach for Mizzou college. Her dreams of becoming a coach changed quickly during her 8th grade year. During a game she took a fall and after suffering weeks of pain and visiting different doctors, Lovette and her parents were told that she had a tumor inside her right femur bone. While Lovette was scared about not being able to play the sport that she loved so much, her parents were worried about her health. A biopsy was done when the doctors went in for surgery and relief was brought to the whole family when the results showed that tumor was non-threating, and the surgery to remove it was successful. It only took Lovette four months to recover from the surgery.

    While she out due to her injury, music was all she had to pass the time each day. Her dad knew how to play guitar and so she would ask him to teach how to play the guitar. After a lot of practice and hurt fingers, she finally learned how to play a very slow verison of “Every Rose Has Its Thorn.” This tiny win lit a flame inside Lovette and her love for music was rekindled from that moment on. Although the rest of her recovery time, she practiced and learned new cords and songs, and soon began writing her own songs on the guitar. At this point, she discovered that even with her love for basketball, she now loved music more and wanted a career in it. 

    The summer before her freshman year of college at Murray State, Lovette started working on her first album. By the time it was Winter break, she returned home and played her first full band show at her own album release party. This moment was turning point she needed for her music career to become her main emphasis. Over three hundred people came out to support her and the venue made a record-breaking total that Thursday night which enhanced Lovette’s faith in her music skills. But, three weeks later she was back at Murray State and as her second semester went on, she remembers sitting in class and all she wanted to do was play music. She would write songs in notebooks and sit in her room and play and write in between all of her classes. She also started booking her own gigs at school that all shown to be a positive outcome. Then after seeing a video clip of one of her favorite musical group, Bon Jovi, she knew could not hold back her dreams. “The one thing that caught her attention in the video was that he said you cannot have a Plan B. Backup plans are for if something does not work out.” This quote added more passion for her love of music. She knew she had to take a break from school if she wanted to make a music career. 

    Over time, Lovette got the courage to tell her Mom and Dad, and just like when she decided to stop playing basketball, her parents were supportive of her and her dream to become a musician. Her parents had her come up with a business plan and a list of her goals to keep her path. Her dad had helped her make a spreadsheet of venues that they would reach out to play at.

    With the support from her parents as a team behind her and the self-confidence to put all her into music, Lovette was ready to take the country music world for a spin. While her first album was a mix of songs she wrote through her high school days, she was ready to move forward with her own sound and an older approach to songwriting due to the predictable fact that is becoming adult and is experiencing new things in her life. In September 2019, she played a two hour long set at Duckfest, a day of live music and things hunting and outdoors in Saint Peters, Missouri. She also performs at many bars, wineries and intimate venues around her hometown, but one of her dreams is to one day headline her own tour.

    Following the great success of the release of her last single, “Lovin You,” Lovette had joined up with The Country Note ( to premiere the official lyric video for the song on June 1, 2020.

    Lovette has gained many press features and over 408k streams of her music mixed just on Spotify. She wanted to add another length to her music for her fans. This single means a lot to Lovette and she wanted to be able to give her fans more content. She shot this video in her hometown of St. Louis with producer Lauren Hayes of Lauren Hayes Media. She also mentions that she would have loved to do a music video for this song and had to work within the COVID-19 guidelines. Sometimes plans have to change, but Lovette enjoys how this great project turned out.

    Lovette is an open book about her music stem from real life experiences and how she pulls from different feelings to write the truth and honest lyrics she has known so far in her life. Her song “Lovin You,” tells the story about how Lovette was coming off a bad breakup at the time and was still in the unpleasant stage. She always writes on how she is feeling at that exact moment. There were some good times of course while dating he ex, but then there were moments that were bad, and it offset the good.

    Some of her musical heroes are Taylor Swift, Maren Morris and Carrie Underwood, Lovette desires to represent the beauty, power, grace and relatability to her heroes have so easily showcased to their fans. With her great attitude and love to make real and truthful music, nothing is holding Lovette back from making country music fans love her across the world. 

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Parker Barrow Project~ Q&A!!

1.     Hello Dylan and Megan, can you both tell me a little bit about yourself before you became a country duo?

– Hello! First off we wanna thank you guys so much for asking us to be apart of your blog. You guys are awesome. Now to the question, before becoming a country duo, Dylan was touring full-time in various projects, traveling a lot back and forth from Maryland (His home state) & also performing on Nashville’s Broadway. I had just moved to Nashville 6 months before meeting Dylan at Whiskey Jam. I was playing shows in my home state, Alabama and also playing shows on Music Row as a solo artist. After we met, we toured for a few weekends together and it didn’t take long to realize that we both had the same visions for the path that we wanted to take in music. 

2.     How did you guys form your group and come up with the name “Parker Barrow Project?”

– We had spent nearly a year on the road together playing shows under the name “The 81 Run” which was primarily a cover band. After spending a few months writing songs, we felt as if our sound had taken a new direction and ultimately decided to rebrand before releasing our original music. We wanted to find something that fit us and our story, Parker & Barrow being the last names of Bonnie & Clyde, we felt it made sense. After a long year of touring and many times feeling as if we are on the run, whether it was to a show or from our RV couch catching on fire (Lol True Story). There were many times where it felt as though it was us against the world as we all know Bonnie & Clyde felt most of their life. The main reason we chose the name was that no matter what they were doing Bonnie & Clyde always did it together, and that is how we spend the majority of our life. 

3.     What was one of the first album you ever bought?

-Megan: When I was 5 years old I attended my first ever concert to see Kelly Clarkson, she held a competition before her concert to sing and win front row seats..I fell in love with music watching her on idol and ending up competing and won front row seats. After that concert I saved up my allowance and was able to buy my first Album ever “Thankful” by Kelly Clarkson 

-Dylan: I don’t really know what the first album I bought was but I do remember when I switched over to an IPhone the first album I downloaded was “1989” by Taylor Swift lol. 

4.     How would you two describe your music in 3 to 5 words?

– It’s hard to really put a label on our music, but if we had to describe it in four words it would be Country, Grunge, Rock & Soul. So, a little bit of everything. 

5.     What is your recording process like when creating new music?

– When recording this EP we really had no intentions of leaving the studio with a full 5 song record. We travelled down to our friend Trevor Barnes studio in Jacksonville, FL and was looking to get a few rough mixes of the songs we were thinking about recording. After 5 days of spending the entire time in the studio we ended up walking out with what is now our “Don’t Tell Mama Debut EP”. So I would say our recording process is a lot like the way we approach life. Very spontaneous and open minded. We try not to get caught up in any formula and allow most of the creating process to happen in the moment.

6.     What are some of your guys favorite venues or events to play at?

– That’s a tough, one last year we played close to 200 shows in 13 states. Every venue has something unique to offer, but if we had to pick we both love playing in our homes towns Megan’s being Birmingham, AL & Dylan’s being La Plata, MD where we can each spend time with our friends and family back home. 

7.     What are a few of your guys favorite quotes?

– Dylan: “If you pray for patience, does God give you patience or the opportunity to be patient?” I feel like this quote is something every musician out on the road thinks about. 

-Megan: I think my favorite quote or in my case scripture comes from Pslams 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God” Every day in life on the road we are faced with so many obstacles and unknowns your constantly battling doubts and the highs and the lows. But every time I think of that passage I instantly feel peace. 

8.     Is there anything else you two would like to share?

We would like to thank you so much Dixiedeeblog for asking us to be apart of your page! What you guys do for the up and coming country music community is awesome and we are happy to be apart of it! Also, for anyone who we haven’t had the chance to meet yet, we would love for y’all to follow us on Instagram and Spotify and we hope we can meet you in person at show sometime soon. We are about to re-launch the start of our “Don’t Tell Mama Tour” So you can check out our website www.parkerbarrowproject.comfor future tour dates. And Lastly, Our Debut EP “Don’t Tell Mama” is available NOW on all streaming platforms. Thank you again so much for having us!  

Parker Barrow Project~ “Artist Spotlight”

            The Parker/Barrow Project is a Southern Rock & Soul group founded in the City of Music (Nashville, Tennessee). It is the most recent project to be produced by Drummer/Songwriter Dylan Turner and also features the strongly raw vocal skills of Lead Singer and Front Woman remarkable Megan Kane. This project is what Turner and Kane consider reflect to be an essential rebranding of their prior attempt of their time together known as The 81 Run. While the 81 Run enjoyed big success and increased major pull in cities up and down the east coast as a Modern Country and Classic Rock cover band the Parker Barrow Project showcasing more on their original music. The group background in Rock, Blues, Soul and Funk make a combination of an eclectic mix of fresh and new feeling they make music that is truly their own.

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