Tera Lynne Fister~ Meatball Sandwich Recipe


1 Pound Ground beef

1 pound Mild Italian sausage

One yellow onion, chopped

Loads of garlic

Generous amount course sea salt/ black pepper

Basil (you cannot over due herbs)

Italian parsley

Two eggs

½ cup milk

Breads crumbs till it “feels right” – you’ll know. Not too sticky, not too dry


Hand mix, then roll into balls.

Sear sides in hot pan of oil

Finish cooking in marinara on medium heat (8 minutes-ish) 

Toast whatever bread you choose. Insert meatballs. Splash some marinara in there. Add some shredded parmesan and let melt. Devour. 

Tera Lynne Fister~ Q&A!!!

1. Hello Tera Lynne, can you tell me a little bit about yourself before you became a country musician? Heck ya! I’ve always made music but before I was a full time musician. I worked at Dave Sinclair Ford in St. Louis, Missouri. I worked in the aftermarket department. I really enjoyed my time there with my Dave Sinclair family. I also worked at my local music store, Tower Music, all throughout high-school in Fenton MO where I am from. I actually had to get a work permit because I wanted to work there so badly, but I was too young! I took all my lessons growing up there as well…piano, guitar, drums, vocal, etc. Outside of work I always loved the outdoors. I was always on four wheelers going down to the river banks with friends or on horses with my mom. Lots of soccer was played. I loved going to concerts. I was a wild child in the best sense. I had a wonderful time growing up in MO. I moved to Nashville right after I turned 21, so I’ve been doing music full time basically my entire adult life.
2. What made you want a career in country music? It is not really a “want,” it’s who I am. If nobody ever heard my music it would still be my peace of mind. My therapist. My Friday night track. My solace. Music is truly ingrained in me to my very core. I never really had a drive for anything else. I’ve just always known that this is what I am here to do. No questions asked. The fact that it pays my bills is just a blessing.  3. What is the background story behind your latest single “Hell Raiser?” “Hell Raiser” was written at a time in my life where I was single and happy to be! Then, as they do, along came this guy, trying to get all up in my business, and I was not sure I was ready for it. So my immediate reaction was to tell him flaws thinking it would deter him. I think it only gave him more fuel to the fire. He pursued and pursued and pursued with every curve ball I threw at him. I am happy to state I am actually still with that gentleman. His name is Tommy and we are going on three years.  4. Is there anything else new coming up with your music in 2020? I know you have more music scheduled to be released. Yes! More music to come, more shows to play, more videos to release, more fans to shake hands and sing to! This train is rolling with hot coal! 
5. What are some of your favorite venues or events to play at?I am absolutely stoked to play in Switzerland this coming August. I will be playing at a ten day festival called BadenfHart. Festivals are my absolute favorite.  
6. How would you describe your music in 3 to 5 words? Sassy. Honest. Raw.
7. What is your recording process like when creating new tunes? It usually starts with a poem if I am writing by myself, which usually sprouts from a single phrase or line that I have been mulling over in my brain for a couple days. After the poem is written, I pick up the guitar and see where my hands take me. I close my eyes and just fumble around until I find something in stride that seems to speak to the words and service what they are trying to convey.  Once that is sorted, the words rearranged to match the melody and vice versa. Then it’s onto the studio to make the magic if the songs a keeper (which not all are, some are just therapy on a page that needed to come out).  8. What is one of your favorite quotes? The definition of hell: On your last day on earth, the person you became will meet the person you could have become.  9. Is there anything else you would like to share? Fall in love with everything and be grateful for it all. I’d be especially grateful if you joined my journey on social media! Follow me @iamfister

Tera Lynne Fister~ Artist Spotlight

         If you have visit Nashville, you know music is in any area. And chances are you possibly heard about lively, brave, strong singer Tera Lynne Fister at some point performing either an acoustic show or full band performance around town. If you’ve been blessed to have seen vivid bright hot pink hair jumping around on stage with her playful banter and edgy guitar skills, it is an event you’ll keep with you long after you see Fister’s show.

         St. Louis, Missouri resident has lived the last 8 years in Music City working on her music, even starting her own band called the Lady and the Gents. Sponsered by Cole Clark Guitars, this passion independent musician leaks every performance with what her mom used to call “psychedelic honkytonk rock.”

         Fister mom’s whom she terribly lost of pancreatic cancer at the age of 54, used to tell Fister that she came out of the womb singing. And with a family line of talent musicians, it is no wonder she was shown to a huge variety of genres and instruments. Piano, drum, and guitar lessons as a kid led to school recitals, where Fister grasped that she could not do anything else but music for a living. Also, she still owns the little black three-quarter size guitar that she received on her 11th birthday. She would play with that guitar on the floor for hours at a time in her room, looking up chords, charts and finger skills to practice. The finding of CMT extend her career path when she knew that one day, she too would make a music videos like one she saw on TV. Artists like Willie Nelson, Aerosmith, Fall Out Boy, Dave Grohl and musicals like Moulin Rouge offered her with own private soundtrack throughout her teenage years.

         She released her first single “Hell Raiser,” which will be followed by two more single all leading up to whole self-titled album, in what she named “28 years of Tera in a 7-song diary.” The album was produced by Thom Donovan and Christopher Griffins of the Will Hoge Band and mastered by five-time Grammy award winner Ray Kennedy (Willie Nelson, Sheryl Crow)/

         Donovan & Griffiths also co-wrote with Fister in addition to producing it. Fister uses her along time to write new music. She has also got chance to play for singers and groups such as Alabama, Neal McCoy and Jo Dee Messina as rhythm guitarist and background vocalist for country music rising artist Kelsey Hickman. A person of many hats, she also landed a job with BGV in 2018 for the USA network’s singing competition reality show, “Real Country,” with judges Travis Tritt, Shania Twain and Jake Owen. That same year, she did a whole week gig in Switzerland performing the Loschwasserbecken Baden (LWB) and will be going back in August 2020 for a ten-day festival, BadenfHart.

         If you would like to find out more about Tera Lynne Fister then check out her website at (https://iamfister.com). 

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iamfister/

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