Lauren Jaimes: Artist Spotlight

Lauren Jaimes is not your average country music singer. A writer at the core, Jaimes has always been quiet, kind and reserved, capturing many melodies and lyrics during her training at Berklee College of Music. Over time, however Jaimes discovered that underneath this reserved outer layer was a bold, different need to be heard. This need is what lead her to New York City and overcome the stage.
Jaimes’ first EP, “Here To Stay,” is a six-song collection of napkins writing and melodies that started for her as far back as elementary school. These divided works in steps remained inactive in journals and notebooks until she felt bold to fix them up and release them into the world.
“Here To Stay,” is a genre combining EP that showcases elements of Country, Folk and, Americana. It includes great lyrics that find purpose in the context of a narrative and a love for storytelling that finds life in catchy hooks and notable melodies. Jaimes’ style includes a dreamy old-timer western sound that is similar to some of her favorite musicians such as Kacey Musgraves, Roy Orbison and, Johnny Cash.
Quickly after the release, “Here To Stay,” won the category of Best Female EP from LA Music Critics Award for Indie Artist. Next Women of Country Music described Jaimes’ as, “a natural fit country music” and admired her “authentic sound and heartfelt stories.” Indie Voice Blog” shares that “Country radio has a new sweetheart in Lauren Jaimes.”
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