The Joy Reunion (Q&A)

Hello Robert, Gentry and Neil how did you come up with the name “The Joy Reunion,” for your country music group?

             Our band’s name gets back to the root of what music is for – joy, pleasure, connecting with emotion, connecting with people, creation, artistry and fulfilling our purpose! Being an artist can be kind of torturous sometimes – and in the past, we were all in different musical projects and although fulfilling, came with this sense of striving, trying to fit a mold, trying to be something, trying to “make it” – and when you have those kinds of influences in your creation, it can be toxic and it can rob you of the joy that comes with simply letting all of that go, and just writing-creating whatever the heck you want because it feels good, it’s fulfilling! The three of us found ourselves really enjoying our relationship as friends, really trusting each other as artists, musicians and songwriters, without the toxicity of striving to fit a certain mold. We were reunited with the joy of music – and that’s when we decided to call ourselves; The Joy Reunion. 

 How did you guys form your music group? Honestly, the 3 of us have been friends for years and have each dabbled in different musical projects separately. In 2017 we began writing songs together and hanging out every Sunday evening. We called it our “Sesh” We would hang, eat good food and just write songs. It was a total no pressure atmosphere. It was so freeing to be in that kind of atmosphere. It led to being able to write some very authentic and honest songs. During that time we fell in love with the songs we were writing together and the way our voices sounded together as we sang these songs. We started playing some local open mic nights just for the fun of it and the response we got was amazing. We quickly realized we had something special and decided to form The Joy Reunion. We have made The Joy Reunion our sole musical focus since that time and we are really beginning to see the fruits of our labor.

Is there anything new coming up with your music in 2020? We are very excited about 2020! We released our debut album in late 2019 and we are still riding that wave so to speak. We do have plans to release a summer single and then later towards fall 2020 we will be releasing a brand new EP! You heard it here first!  

How would you describe your music in 3 to 5 words? Honest, Authentic, Vulnerable

What are a few of your guys favorite venues or events to play at? We absolutely love playing at the Hotel Café in Hollywood. Marko has been nothing but great to us and is always very supportive. In fact we will be there with some of our friends (Rob Mayes, Melissa Farrior, Payton Howie)  on Feb 28th.  By far the best event we have ever been apart of was the 2019 “California Country Christmas” It was so much fun getting to hang with the “Cali Country” family and play for a sold out crowd at The House of Blues!

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