Ciara Rae~ (Q&A)!!!

1.   Hello Ciara, how have you grown as a country artist in 2019?

The new EP is definitely a reflection of the growth I’ve done. 2018 was a really hard year for me… So I took all that energy and turned it into a project I’m really proud to give to everyone. For the first time in a long time, I called the shots on this one. Of course, I had everyone on my team who I could not have done it without. I just mean, this time I was the creative director. I wasn’t taking orders from anyone else except my intuition.

2.   How did you come up with the name of your latest EP “Country Enough?”

The title kind of has a double meaning. First — It’s no secret that (most) people are sick of the lack of female representation on country radio. For me, I was making the statement that “Yes, I am a woman. Yes, I deserve to be here… And yes, women are “country enough” to be on the Country Radio Charts. Second — I’m also addressing that the sound of country music is changing. I will always be a country music lyricist and songwriter… That’s where my heart is. However, I grew up in a household that listened to Garth Brooks and Motown music so you’re always going to hear a sound you wouldn’t hear from a lot of other artists…. But I believe in Country Music Songwriting. Therefore it will always be “Country Enough”.

3.   What is the background story behind your single “In Love Lonely or Just Drunk?”

If you’ve ever had a few too many drinks out and have ended up back at home thinking about someone from your past… This is a song you can relate to. Joybeth Taylor and I wrote this song about the kind of mind game we have in our head when we’ve had one too many of like “Damn… Do I love him? Am I just lonely and that’s why I miss him?” — And of course the usual culprit… “Am I just drunk?”

4.   Your music video for “In Love Lonely or Just Drunk,” is coming out this Friday, what is your process when creating a new music video?

Usually I have a director I give the song to and they give me back a treatment to begin tweaking THEIR vision of that the video could be. Of course I had Lauren Barocas who did an amazing job producing and editing this video… However for me this time, I got to direct what was all in my head. Who CAN’T relate to not hearing from a guy you thought it was going great with ALL DAY — So you decide to go out and make it look like you’re having a hell of a night… And sometimes that’s exactly what you end up doing!

5.   Is there something you wish your fans would take from your music video and latest EP?

I just hope everyone who listens gets to escape the drama of what happens when someone ghosts you…. and enjoy the good parts about being single through this video.

6.   Was there any other artists or producers who worked on your last EP?

Yes! *squeels* I’m really in love with everyone who was a part of this project. Heartbreak Mistake was featured, cowritten, produced and mixed by Nolan Neal. Meet My Ex I got to co-write with Leah Sykes and it was produced by Austin Bianco. In Love Lonely or Just Drunk was cowritten as I said above with Joybeth Taylor and produced by Austin Bianco as well.

7.   Is there anything else coming up with your music in 2019?

I’m already working on the next chapter of music to be released. There’s a lot of other things in the works along with that but I can’t announce it just yet.

8.   Is there anything else you would like to share?

Just thank you for featuring and supporting me! Creating something like music out of thin air and having people willing to put themselves out there to support you is the fuel that keeps me running. Without you I don’t know I could’ve held out this long. So to anyone who cares enough and loves the music enough to keep pushing with me… Thank you.

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