Campbell Station: (EP “South Review”)

About Campbell Station:

       With their different strengths and unbending friendships, the members of the country group Campbell Station have a special bond that moves them and raises their music. Showcasing powerful female vocals and guitar, the three of them never stop to deliver wonderful and entertaining live shows. 

    Their new album will come out on May 31. The 4 EP’s will come out in the course of a year (South, West, North, and East), and this Q&A is about “South.” The main reason behind the EP is finding a location to belong and a place that feels like home, and the story will keep going through the other albums once they are released on a later date. 


1.    Hi Campbell Station,  how have you guys’ grown as a country music group in 2019?

We have had some major opportunities in 2019 that we haven’t had in the past – one is a HUGE festival that we will be able to announce soon (stay tuned!) and another is that we get to play the famous Bluebird Café this year. We have also grown musically – we are releasing our second EP in a couple of weeks, and we are writing for some movie soundtracks as well. Our creativity has developed as our opportunities have grown.

2.    What is the background story behind you guys’  “South EP” and what is your favorite song off this EP?

C: We have 4 EP’s being released in the next couple of years: South, West, North, and East.  Seth came to us with this idea, and we immediately loved it. I am fully obsessed with the title track, “South”. We wrote it together with our friend Emily Reeves, and it is based off an experience I had while I was living in Boston. The imagery and the feelings are so raw and real in this track. It is my favorite song we have ever written.

E: I also love “South”. It’s one of the songs we have that really brings out the emotion in me when we sing. It’s just something about the story, music, melody, and harmony together. I love “Last Cigarette” for the same reasons. It starts out softer and by the last chorus I’m giving it all I have vocally and emotionally! I think you can tell on stage when we sing them. I’ve always loved songs that have some sadness in them. Also for me personally, all the songs kind of represent milestones and memories – all our hard work we’ve put in, what we’ve gone through, how we’ve grown, fun we’ve had, spur of the moment ideas, chances we’ve taken… I’m proud!

3.    What are you looking forward about your new EP coming out on May 31, 2019?

We are mainly just hoping that the fans love it as much as we do, and that they understand the story we are trying to convey. We’re also really looking forward to performing these songs in some new places and getting to meet new people everywhere we go. And we obviously are hoping to get on the charts and perhaps be added to some really cool playlists!

4.    Is there something you wish your fans would take away from your guys’ new music?

C: The principle message I’d like to convey is the importance of the journey, and being able to enjoy the process of finding one’s self. 

E: Yes! Our experiences and what we decide to take from those experiences help us to become stronger people. I also hope they can hear us growing and exploring different sounds. I want them to know there’s even more to come. I hope they can hear the attention to detail and ear candy too. 🙂

5.    If you had to describe in your music in 3 to 5 words what would they be?

C: unique, genuine, lovely 🙂

E: soulful, collaborative, fun, OUR ART haha! 🙂 (the haha doesn’t count)

6.    Was there any other artists or producers that helped to create this great song? **EP

S: There were so many amazing people who helped on this project. Robbie Artress is like our “fourth member” of the group and our main producer. Whenever we begin on a recording project, Seth and Robbie do most of the foundation of building the songs. Robbie has done a great job at networking with lots of talented musicians regularly, so we get to use them as well when we really need that certain sound or instrument. It usually takes us 3-4 months to record an EP because we’re lucky enough to be able to explore all the creative routes possible within that time. 

7.    Is there anything else coming up with your music in 2019?

S: We plan on having the second part in our series of EPs out called “West”. It’ll have more of that western vibe and a little darker in tone and subject matter, but it still falls in line with the theme of finding home and a place to belong. And we’ve always discussed doing a Christmas album, so maybe this will be the year for that!

E: I’m so excited for West!

Group Members:

  1. Campbell Steger
  2. Seth Ferguson
  3. Elaina Campbell Conner

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