Hannah May Allison~ (New Single: “Right Now”!!!

Background “Right Now” (Brand New Single):

            Nashville singer and songwriter Hannah May Allison put out her brand new single, “Right Now,” today on May 17, 2019. This song is a country/pop song about not falling into trap of waiting for a person who does not want to commit. This song connects to what happens to many girls- falling for a guy who is not ready to be in a meaningful relationship. Many females in this type problem will stay around because they hope in vain that the guy will eventually be ready for a serious relationship. Most of the time they will get their heart broken. “Right Down,” is a powerful message for any girl waiting around to be love. Hannah shares, “She thinks many girls need to hear that if the guy they are with is not willing to go all in, then you are better off without him. Also Hannah shares it is a easy trap to fall into, especially in our generation, to wait around in hopes of being ready for a relationship.” Hannah May Allison, Casey Cattie and Lauren McLamb wrote this song. The song can also be found on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon. 

Bio about Hannah May Allison: 

            Nashville singer/songwriter Hannah May Allison grew up in Palo Alto, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley, and a half-hour drive to San Francisco. Like most California girls, Hannah May grew up listening to pop music. But she also developed a deep love of traditional country music through the influence of her mother, formerly a professional country singer who hails from the western plains of Kansas. Being a part of such a musical family, Hannah started singing and writing songs on the guitar in high school and moved to Nashville right after graduation. Hannah May’s laid back West Coast personality mixed with her southern roots makes her the definition of California country. 

            Hannah has written with some of Nashville’s best writers, played at top venues like the world-famous Bluebird Cafe, and has secured cuts with other artists. Hannah loves connecting with her fans online and has built a following through posting originals and covers on instagram. Her latest single, “Stand Corrected,” got 3000 spins on Spotify and 4000 views on the music video within the first week. The single helped her get noticed by CMT, and she is now a part of their selective CMT/Ram Trucks artist mentorship program this year. She is working on releasing her next single, “Right Now”, which will be out May 17th! Keep an eye out for her on tour and for anything new up coming next at (http://hannahmayallison.com). 

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