Nate Smith~ “Q&A”!!!

1.    Hi Nate, can you tell me a little bit about yourself before you became a country musician?

Well, I started singing at 9 years old to Garth Brooks, and Elvis! I’ll never forget as a kid, watching Garth Brooks flying around stadiums. He’s still a huge inspiration to me, and I hope to meet him someday. Fast forward to 23, I signed a publishing deal with Centricity Music Publishing for a few years while living in Nashville and wrote songs for different artists (Royal Tailor, Phil Stacey, and Jasmine Murray). I got around writers who were way more talented them me and really helped me learn how to write at a professional level. I started writing country music during that time and when I moved back to California, I began diving in more. It really feels like I’ve found the best place home for my voice in country. 

2.    When did you start listening to country music and when did you know you wanted a career in it? I first started listening to country as a kid, because my mom blasted it non stop. She has since become a Zumba addict and trust me, it’s not my lane. I don’t have the same level of swag as Pitbull and Daddy Yankee haha. I wrote a song for Paradise, CA, when myself and so many others tragically lost our homes during the Camp Fire of November 2018. The song I wrote, with a co writer, really connected with people and kind of started this whole journey. Shortly after I did actually end up sharing a stage with Pitbull, and X Ambassadors at Golden 1 Center (home of the kings), in January of this year. 

3.    Who are some of your musical icons?

Gosh, where to start. Garth Brooks, Patsy Cline, One Republic, all the way to Blink 182. I have a very diverse music catalog and love anything with a good hook and a good story. As far as modern country, I enjoy Dustin Lynch, Luke Combs, and Brett Young. 

4.    Will you be putting out any new songs in 2019 and will it be available on iTunes and Spotify? I recently went to Nashville and recorded 4 songs with Producer, Joel Bruyere (Ryan Larkin’s, TFK). My first single will be “Wildfire,” and I don’t have a definite release date, but it’ll be out soon!!

5.    Where do you see your music career in the next 5 to 10 years?

I hope to be playing still, and making an impact on others. Music is more of a platform for greater change to me, and my goal is to positively effect every listener. 

6.    What are some of your favorite venues and events to play at?

Golden 1 Center was great, but one of my favorite performances was in the parking lot of a Jimmie Allen show for 5 random amazing people!!

7.    What is one of your favorite quotes?

Less is More. Song is King. 

8.    Is there anything else you would like to share? Come follow me on Instagram @natesmithcountrymusic to stay up to date, and follow my weird sense of humor.  

Nate Smith~ “Artist Spotlight”!!!

            Country musician Nate Smith is from Paradise, CA. Smith was one of the many people who lost their homes during the campfire in November of 2018. Through his loss, Smith wrote a song called “One Of These Days,” in only two weeks; he went to Nashville to record the song. “One Of These Days,” charted to the Top 50 of the iTunes Country Charts, and have over 70k streams on Spotify. All profits from the song are being donated to cap fire relief aid. Smith has been shown on ABC, FOX, CBS, Good Morning Sacramento, and 103.1 KCCY, 103.5 The Blaze and NPR. Since the release of Smith’s song “One Of These Days,” he was invited to play at California Governor Gavin Newsom’s Benefit Show at the Golden 1 Center with Common, Betty Who, X Ambassadors, and Pitbull, 

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Tyller Gummersall~ “Q&A”!!!

1.    Hello Tyller, can you tell me a little bit about yourself before you became a country musician? Hi Danaille, sure! Well, I grew up on a ranch in Southwest Colorado. So my formative years were spent doing chores, chasing cows in the mountains, being a 4-H member and all the awesome things that go along with growing up in a rural setting.I got my first horse and my first guitar at 8 years old, and growing up in a rural area influenced my music and personality a whole lot. My parents are both Artists (painter and photographer), so we traveled lot taking art around which was really neat, getting to see different states and cities. 
2.    Who are some of your musical icons?The first song I ever learned to play was Hey Good Lookin’ by Hank Williams sr. Hank was a bighero of mine musically. Also, Merle Haggard, Dwight Yokaum, Buck Owens, and growing up in the 90’s obviously George Strait was a big influence. 
3.    When did you start listening to country music and when did you know you wanted a career in it?I grew up listening to all kinds of music, from Miles Davis to Tom Petty. But Country music was a huge part of my life from about 7 years old on. If you turned on the radio in 97 you’d be hearing Alan Jackson and George Strait and Randy Travis, just really amazing singers and great songs. And that’s what we listened to all the time.I’m very lucky to have supportive parents, I’ve been singing all my life and playing guitar since I was 8 years old. I honestly don’t remember a time when music wasn’t what I wanted to do.
4.    What is the background story behind your latest single “When Do I Buy Whiskey?”A few years ago I was in Nashville and ended up helping my friend deliver some hay. They lady we stacked the hay for was named Devon O’Day who is a DJ on 650am WSM (Opry Radio). So we started talking and I gave her a cd. She ended up really liking my songs and had me on the radio the next week which was a huge honor. Then later on Devon and I started writing (she’s an amazing writer who’s had songs recorded by George Strait etc.).We had this idea of a drinking song that wasn’t really about drinking haha so we wrote “Why Do I Buy Whiskey”. 
5.    Is there anything else new coming up with your music in 2019?I’ll be playing live all over Texas and Colorado. And I’ll also be releasing some more new songs over the next few months. Some of the tunes I wrote with Jim Lauderdale who’s an amazing writer.
6.    What are some of your favorite venues or events to play at?That’s a great question! I feel very fortunate for the opportunities I’ve had opening for folks like Robert Earl Keen, John Anderson etc.Playing with REM at the Arvada center was a whole lot of fun, I really like the Olathe Corn Festival, The Mule Barn in Justin, TX. And there are some really special house concert series like It’s All About Z music in Franklin, TN. I just love playing for folks who want to hear my music…doesn’t really matter where! 7.   7. What do you like to do in your free time?Doesn’t seem like I get much free time these days, but I still love riding horses and fixing things on guitars and trucks.
8.    What is one of your favorite quotes?Daryl Scott one gave me the advice of “know what you don’t want to do, and be open to everything else”. I think that’s really good advice for the music business. 
9.    Is there anything else you would like to share? Yeah, if you like my music check out some of my friends like – Kin Faux, Kinsey Rose and Twin Kennedy! There’s a lot of really great country music out there right now!

Tyller Gummersall~ “Artist Spotlight”!!!

Nashville country artist and Colorado singer/songwriter Tyller Gummersall started his career at the young age of eight performing Hank William’s Hey Good Lookin’ at the County Fair Talent contest. 

            Also that year, Gummersall took the advice of a popular local performer and began taking lessons from his music mentor and two-time national flat pick champion Gary Cook. His eighth year was a huge one in terms of getting his first horse, his first guitar and winning his first talent contest. He persevered working at his future career and at fourteen years old he started voice lessons with well-known Los Angeles voice coach Raven Kane Campbell.

            His good luck continued when he was able to record “Beer and a Rose” (Gummersall’s second album) with his Nashville Dream Band, a part composed of members from Ryan Adams and John Prine’s bands (two of his hero’s) at the special Welcome to 1979 at Nashville studio.

            His third studio album was produced by Grammy award winner Lloyd Maines, “Long Ride Home,” was very well like, enjoying radio play around the country, tens of thousands of the streams and optimistic reviews.

            On March 4, 2019, Gummersall put out his latest single “Why Do I Buy Whiskey.” If you would like to find out more about Tyller Gummersall then check out his website at ( 

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