Clay Barker (Artist Spotlight)!!!

            Clay Barker is a passionate and knowledgeable musician. Barker music journey took off in his hometown of Alexander City; Alabama in 2012 with the ascent of his Contemporary Christian band “Raised in Glory.” He was the lead singer and guitarist for six years until he decided to start pursuing his own music career as a country singer and songwriter. Barker received an exercise science degree from Auburn University. 

            Barker next took time to focus on developing his fan base across the southeast through his work with 65 South. Beside Riley Green, Muscadine Bloodline and Tyler Reeve, Barker is honored to be involved with 65 South and be able to play in local venues such as Birmingham’s Zydeco, Bourbon Street Bar in Auburn, Gallettes Bar in Tuscaloosa, and many other venues in Atlanta, Huntsville, Cullman, and Alexander City. Barker has played alongside Country’s Top 20 artist Mitchell Tenpenny, BBR Music Group’s Stoney Creek Records’ Walker McGuire, Thirty Tiger label’s The Steel Woods and Make Wake Artist’ Jobe Fortner.

             Barker’s first single “Hold My Beer,” is a tune written as the poster-child story of how a small amount of  “liquid courage” can go a long way. Written over a few drinks on the back porch of Losers Bar in Nashville. Barker co wrote this song with Tyler Reeve, and Cole Taylor. While writing this song they undid the events of a country boy’s night out on the town with his friends that needed some real down-home southern help to get things headed in the right direction. This song is also an anthem to anyone who has ever had just enough to drink to become the life of the party that they were never invited to. It’s the tune that you will be singing when you walk into your favorite bar or nightspot.

            As a singer and songwriter Barker’s goal is to tell a true story of everyday life through the eyes of the average human. Barker wants to share the experiences of his own life through his lyrics and songwriting with the chance that his fans can join and share their own life experiences to those stories being told in his songs. 

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