Queeva~ Q&A!!!

            Dreams can begin early in a musician’s life, but it takes talent and intense work to make them real. Queeva may only be a teenager, but she takes a drive and a devotion to her talent that far surpasses her years. Blessed with a wonderful gift that is showcase on her debut set.

            Queeva grew up in a creative Irish family and she was one of six kids. She was born in the U.S., but her mom and dad are from Ireland. The young artist splits time between both countries. She has a huge love of both cultures and a gratitude for the language and the music. Gaelic is usually spoken in her household. When Queeva was a small child that was the only language she knew. All of family members in Ireland are huge country music fans. She has been exposed to country music her whole life, especially the Celtic sounds that stimulated the original origins of Appalachian country.

            Also at an early age, she fell in love with country music’s most famous storytellers, singers that were able to clarify the person experience in a song. When Queeva was three years old, she knew complete lyrics of many songs. She knew many Dolly Parton’s songs because that was all she listened to. Her favorite song of Parton’s is the “Coat of Many Colors.”

            At the age of 7, she was competing in talent competitions and stunning judges with her distinguishing vocal skills. At a Los Angels competition, she cause the eye of an executive who linked her with a Nashville-based singer, songwriter and producer Jamie O’Neal, who is known for such great songs like “When I Think About Angels,” and “Somebody Hero.” Under O’Neal’s guidance Queeva found her voice as a songwriter.

            Queeva’s single “Live Like A Song,” is about some of the wonderful country music that she listened to as a child and how she feels about that music. Queeva dream is to be able to tour and play music and meet different types of people and also make new friends. 

            Queeva’s newest single “How Do You Know,” came out on February 15, 2019 and is available to listen and download on Spotify and iTunes. If you would like to know more about Queeva then check out her website at (https://www.queevamusic.com). 

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