Chris Ruediger~ “Artist Spotlight”!!!

With a confident and rare voice mixed with an involving stage attendance, singer and songwriter and artist Chris Ruediger is from Boston, MA, is now making his mark on the country music scene. Ruediger has varied musical interests and a robust love for country music, as showed by his latest songs, “Drunk Cigarette,” “Country at Heart,” and “One More Night,” which have been played on radio stations such as 101.7 The Bull, The Iceman Top 40, and 95.9 WATD FM.

            Ruediger started training on the piano then discovered and picked up the acoustic guitar in 2012. As a teen, he started going to local open mic nights to share his talent. Over the past couple years, Ruediger has converted in a popular up and coming star with performances at New England events, festivals, and venues, such as The Hard Rock Café Boston, Loretta’s Last Call, Faneuil Hall  MIXX360, The Burren, Bleacher Bar and the Slyvan Street Grille with 101.7 The Bull. He plays also in Nashville on Broadway and other venues.

            Ruediger is following his music career across many states, traveling among his home state of Massachusetts and Nashville, where his attending Vanderbilt University. He is continually writing, performing and working on a larger project that should be out in 2019. 

            Ruediger put out his latest single “Country at Heart,” on November 16, 2018 and it is available to download and listen to on Spotify and iTunes. If you would like to find out more about Chris Ruediger then check out his website at ( 

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  • 2018 New England Music Male Performer of the Year Nomination
  • 2018 New England Music Country Act of the Year Nomination
  • 2018 Boston Music Awards Country Artist of the Year Nomination