Chelsea Berman~ “Artist Spotlight”!!!

            Chelsea Berman began performing at the young age of 8, getting her start on the stage in musical theatre. From these modest beginnings on the Central Coast of New South Wales, her willpower to become a professional recording artist, touring constantly throughout Australia has seen her development into a talented young performer. 

            Now as a teenager, her warmth and friendliness as a person, combined with her durable sense of personal style, Berman has all the developing chunks for a bright and thriving music career.

            In early 2018, “Better Than Ever,” the debut publication from this great new talent hit the airwaves. This independently release, is a 5-track EP, that surpassed expectations, attaining the Apple iTunes Country Album #4 Chart Position. Incredibly, Berman was both the top placed Australian artist and highest placed female artist on release. 

            Already a graceful songwriter, Berman has made many great opportunities on just this short journey, having already co-written with top talent including Chelsea Basham (Golden Guitar and CMC Award Winner), Rachel Fahim (Toyota Star Maker Winner), Dean Ray (X-Factor Finalist) and Melanie Dyer (The Voice). With solid plans to expand her skillset as a singer/songwriter, believe to see many more exciting writing partnerships in the future.

            The rest of 2018 showcases a wonderful timeline for Berman, with her focus turning to rising her profile on the festival route and taking her own music to brand new audiences. In December 2018, her next single will done with a plan that the song will come in the early part of 2019.

            On January 29, 2019, Berman brand new single “Kiss Me Like You Miss Me” came out and it is available both on Spotify and iTunes. If you would like to find out more about Chelsea Berman then check out her website at

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