Andy Chipman~ “Artist Spotlight”!!!

Andy Chipman started his musical career at the young age of 8 when he talked his father into allowing him take piano lessons and not long after that he started to play the guitar. Songwriting would end up being his next purpose in life.

            After completing high school, he felt compelled to jump on a plane to Chicago to obtain his business degree and take the “Safe Path.” He thought he could check the box of college while remaining to write music, but after graduating college it did not take him long to be waist deep in the world of finance and on his way to creating a very thriving career. Over time, Chipman had kept his music alive by filling open mic nights and playing local shows, however once you are alive you just keep getting older and there no more time to waste before you are in your 20’s. Chipman could no longer fight off the piles of not heard songs that had been collecting dust at the bottom of his drawer. 

            In 2016, Chipman’s company made a surprise moves to reposition him from Massachusetts to Arizona to help increase setups out West. It was there he crossed trails with local producer Stephen Moyer and retired Nashville session/tour drummer Bobby Earl Hamilton. The three of them had immediate chemistry and teamed up to bring to life Chipman first debut single “Black On Out.” This song is an update anthem that recalls a rollercoaster ride of early adulthood and the errors, unlearned lessons, and complex relationships that come with it. 

            On November 23, 2018 Chipman put out his latest single “Black On Out,” and it is available both on Spotify and iTunes. If you would like to find out more Andy Chipman then check out his website at

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