Ches Anthony~ “Q&A”!!!

1.    Hi Ches, can you tell me a little bit about yourself before becoming a country musician? Before Pursuing a career in country music, I spent most my time racing motocross and working as a session musician in various studios playing anything from blues to hard rock as a guitar player. 

2.    When did you start listening to country music? As far back as I can remember I grew up always hearing artists like Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Jimmie Rodgers playing in the house. As a family we would spend our time practicing harmonies and soulful blues songs at the dinner table

3.    When did you know you wanted a career in country music? I knew I wanted a career in country music when I had the opportunity to share the stage with the Hunter Brothers at Frenchman Valley Jamboree at the age of 7. We spent most of our time as a family on the road with my fathers blues band The Good News Blues. After experiencing the excitement of a festival crowd I needed more. 

4.    What is your musical process when recording a new song?  Writing is where is starts for me. Telling a storey through my music is what I love to do the most, from there once I hit the studio I usually start with a scratch track guitar, then add in drums, Rhythms, bass, vocals and see where the song wants to go, what kind of feeling and emotion is behind the lyrics will usually determine what production will go behind the song in the studio. 

5.    Who are some of your musical icons? Joe Bonamassa, Hank Williams, Howlin Wolf, Stevie Ray Vaughn, The Steel Drivers, Breaking Benjamin, Travis Tritt. A lot of music out there anything from old Blues to new country to heavy rock will inspire me. A good song is a good song. 

6.    Is there anything new coming up with your music in 2019? Yes! I have been working in the studio everyday writing for the past year. I am very excited to get my storey out there through my music! There will be an Album release coming very soon! 

7.    What is the background story behind your latest single “Written in Stone?”  Sometimes we tend to feel like we have to change because of someone or what social media is saying, or we don’t feel like we’re good enough. Written In Stone is about sticking to your roots, standing your ground, not letting anyone change who you are. It’s about being you and loving yourself.

8.    What are few of your favorite music venues to play at? Anything from festivals like Boots and Hearts, Country Thunder, Dauphins Country Fest, Stars and Thunder to bars like The Capitol, Winners and Losers are a some of my best memories! The thrill of playing a big festival can be breath taking, also playing a bar with 200 people that know your songs and support and love the music is also an amazing feeling! 

9.    What is one of your favorite quotes? . “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.” And “life’s a garden, dig it.” Because who doesn’t like David Spade hah. 

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