Katy Hurt~ “Q&A”!!!

  1. Hi Katy, can you tell me a little about yourself before you became a country musician?

I don’t really remember a time where I wasn’t doing music of some sort! I have been singing since I was 4 years old. I grew up in Northport, Long Island before moving to Surrey, England. I was in 3 choirs the whole way through school, singing in churches and musicals. I started going out and singing country at festivals and open mics when I was about 11 and then when I was 14 I released my first single. When I left school I wasn’t sure what to do because I had been so focused on my studies but I knew music was my passion, so I decided to have a gap year and I went and did a 6 month course at The Academy Of Contemporary Music and when I left I signed my publishing deal and music became full time.

  1. How did you become a fan of country music and when did you know you wanted a career in it?

I became a fan of country music when I was really little. My parents used to play me artists like Patsy Cline and Jim Reeves as lullabies when I born so it has always been a really big part of my life. I knew I wanted a career in music after two really distinct moments on a family road trip when I was 13, the first being a trip to Sun Studios where I was lucky enough to get to do some recording, and the second being after seeing my first real concert. I remember watching Rascal Flatts on stage and thinking that it was exactly what I wanted to do with my life, I wanted to be able to take a story I had to tell, record it and then share it with the world on stage.

  1. What is the background story behind your newest single “Revved Up”?

It’s kind of a two-part story, the song started as a little bit of a joke between myself and my co-writer/guitarist Gab Zsapka. We had been playing a festival called CarFest and though Revved Up would be a good title, and being a country singer figured it couldn’t hurt to have a song about trucks, but it was really clichéd and after messing with it for the day we put it on the backburner. Then the boys in my band found out that I had never seen “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” and we decided to have a Clint Eastwood movie night, and after seeing the movie I really wanted to write a song about it. Once we began writing it became clear that we could merge the two ideas together and Revved Up was officially a song!

  1. Who are some of your musical icons?

That’s a list that goes on and on so there are really too many to list but my top 5 would be: Patsy Cline, Rascal Flatts, John Mayer, Lee Ann Womack, The Eagles.

  1. Is there anything new coming up with your music career for the rest of 2018?

Absolutely, we still have a few gigs left and I’m going to be putting out another single before the end of the year, and then lots of planning for some exciting releases in 2019.

  1. Where do you see your career in the next 5 to 10 years?

I have lots of big plans for the next few years so god willing I’ll hopefully be touring and doing larger scale shows and continuing to grow my incredible fan base. At the end of the day I just want to be making a living making music! I also have plans to move back over to the US when I’m able, so building a home too…or maybe I’ll just buy a tour bus!

  1. If you could sing a duet with any singer or group who would it be and why?

Hmm… I’ve been asked that question so many times and I still find it hard to choose because there are so many artists that I admire and would absolutely love to duet with. I think if I had to choose at the moment it would be Tori Kelly, because her voice astounds me and I think singing harmonies with her would be incredible.

  1. What is one of your favourite quotes?

I actually keep a notepad next to my bed which I write quotes I love in, so that’s a tough question but I always come back to this one by Gemma Troy –

“Whatever makes you feel the sun from the inside out, chase that”


  1. Is there anything else you would like to share?

Yes, of course!! I just put out my first music video for my new single “Revved Up” and I’m so excited for people to see it. I wanted to create something really memorable for this one, so the band and I decided to go on a road trip to the same desert where they filmed all those old Clint Eastwood movies and essentially film our own! I’d love it if people would go check it out and let me know what they think. I’ll also be releasing my EP “Unfinished Business” in the new year so everyone should keep an eye out for that too!


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