Katy Hurt~ “Artist Spotlight”:

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Country musician Katy Hurt was born in London and her family moved to Long Island, New York when she was two years old. While living in Long Island, that is where she became a fan of country music. When Hurt was around 13, her father surprised her mother with an Elvis trip. She remembers how they followed Elvis’ life story through the south. This trip was three weeks long and they visited six states in total. When they got to Sun Studios in Memphis, TN, they took part in the museum tour. While on the tour Elvis’ hit song “Hound Dog” came on and Hurt was singing along to the song very quietly. The tour guide employee heard her singing it and came up and told Hurt to stay behind. After the tour was over the tutor guide let Hurt sing a song in the recording booth and the tutor guide employee recorded her. After recording the song Hurt knew she wanted to become a country musician.

In 2013, Hurt participated in the finals of the Live and Unsigned competition at London’s O2, the following year, she was a winner at the Rockfield Country Festival’s Battle of the Bands. Also in 2014 she put out her first EP, “Blue Snake.” This EP helped her to be a nominated at the British Country Music Awards for the Horizon Act Award.

Hurt’s single “Part Time Girlfriend,” was #2 on the UK Country Chart and also was part of the top 20 of iTunes worldwide country listening charts. She got signed as a Yamaha Artist and she also graduated from ACM’s Song-writing & Artist Development programmed and she became their first student to obtain a publishing deal, with the leading impendent company Metropolis Music.

On October 12, 2018 Hurt put out her brand new single “Revved Up.” The song is available to listened to on Spotify and iTunes. If you would like to find out more about Katy Hurt then check out her website at https://www.katyhurt.com.


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