Madison Paige “Q&A”!!!


  1. {Hi Madison, Can you tell me a little about yourself before you became a country musician?}Well honestly, I sang my whole life. I did plays, musicals, and talent shows. I truly sang my whole life its all I knew. 
  2. {How did you become a fan of country music and when did you know you wanted a career in it?} Well I grew up in Houston, TX.  I started singing when I was 2 years old. I first went public with my singing at my Kindergarten talent show. I was 4 or 5 t the time. I sang, “Tomorrow” by Annie (The Movie). The lights went out in the gymnasium and I didn’t do what a regular  4/5 year old would do. I didn’t run off the stage frightened or crying, instead I managed to carry on singing. I was still holding the microphone thinking it was on and I walked into the audience and continued sining my little heart out. From there my music teacher at the time told my parents, “I can tach someone to sing but, I can not teach someone stage presence. Don’t force her to sing but guide her in that direction.” From there on I have been making it a career. 
  3. {Who are some of your musical icons?} I have quite few musical icons. For starters Carrie Underwood has been my longest one. I looked up to her since she was on American Idol. She has always been very true and such a good christian woman. Then I would say Kaitlin Butts, She has such a incredible songwriting ability. I idolized her for her formatting of how her songs are built. She always has a punch somewhere whether it is settle or strong. Her sound is another reason I really love her. She has a unique sound to each and every song. New music is the same but even better. As an artist we strive to make each single, album, etc. different but alike. You have to find your sound in order to build your wardrobe of music and as artist we release stuff that has to have a similar sound but make sure every time we release some type of music it punches and is strong all the way through. My last person I look up to is Ashley McBryde. She is rather blunt to her songs but, is another fabulous songwriter I follow and cover many songs of. Her songwriting is so unique and strong. 
  4. {What is the background to your latest single, “Tell Me Why”?} Well it’s a rather funny story. I was cat-fished. Last year about October, I spent 6 months following someone who I thought I was talking to and ended up being someone who just took a guy’s pictures. I manage to keep thinking just once this man would show up but, never did. I spent Thanksgiving all dressed up and was suppose to be with his family for that and instead spent it with my family, Which isn’t an issue. Next I was left on Christmas alone and then New Years Eve and New Years day. I then was left alone on Valentines. The guy who they took pictures from committed suicide the day before Valentines day. I was left in my room wouldn’t touch my guitar, sing, or even talk to people. I spent a good couple of day’s depressed. I just couldn’t grasp being left on my tailgate In my clothes and full face of makeup and hair done waiting for a man who never showed. I watched every car come by and never understood why me? God why choose me to have this happen to? I later found out why. I realized he did it to me because I was strong enough to go through it. I used that experience to write a song that was so relatable o the female population as well as the males. I had the hardest time releasing this and honestly singing it for the longest. It is one of my top favorites now and will always be. 
  5. {Is there anything new coming up with your music career for the rest of 2018?} As of right now, no there is not. I honestly am trying to focus on getting into more venues and growing into this music family. The industry is so aggressive in the aspect of “Getting to the top”. I don’t see it as there is a “top” to get to. I see it as when you can pay your bills and store some extra cash, enjoy your shows and continue love what you are doing while watching your fans still love your music then you have made it. I use to want the big stage and tv like Carrie but, I just don’t want that. I love Texas Country music because it is raw, we bust are backs to do what we do all to see the fans of country music loving what we put out, while traveling one of the best states around. That alone is absolutely amazing! I just want to travel for the rest of the year and learn more about this awesome business I get to be part of. 
  6. {Where do you see you music career in the net 5-10 years?} Hopefully I pray to have made it to the point that I call the end point where it still continues on. I want to have a band within the next year and I hope to have made it on the radio stations, any of them, and let people know why I do what I do and why. I also hope to have a loving family that supports me and hopefully a kiddo that gets my vocals. 
  7. {If you could sing a duet with any singer or group who would it be and why?} HMMMM that’s honestly really hard. I think I honestly would love to sing with Reba. Out of everyone that is the one I’d say. She is an icon and her songs are so good.
  8. {What’s one fo your favorite quotes?} My all time favorite quote and was my first tattoo is, “Don’t give up and just Stand Tall”. This is my single that I wrote a couple of years ago and was the first song I ever wrote. I was 14 when I wrote this song. 

Madison Paige “Artist Spotlight”!!!


Madison Paige was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Paige’s first single, “Stand Tall,” tells the story behind why she is a country musician. This song is more than just a message; it is about her personal experiences. She always wears a smile on her face no matter what is happening in her own life. Paige was bullied for 6 years and she experienced being choked many times, rumors that were hurtful, many threats and continually being told she would never be worth anything. Most of the bullying happened while she was attending middle school and high school. Paige finally decided to attend online school. She graduated in 2017 from a Huston online school. She sees herself as a picture for those who are bullied and wants them to know that they not alone.

After the release of her first single Paige put out her debuted EP “Laces and Pearls.” This EP has 4 songs on it, including “Stand Tall.” The songs on this EP shared stories about heartbreak, alcohol and anger. Paige wrote each song. Stormy Cooper Media helped her in recording but she used her own money to create this beautiful piece of art.

Paige has also auditioned and accomplished many different things. At the age of 13 she audition for America’s Got Talent and at the age of 17 she audition for the Voice Season 12. She went all the way to the blind auditions on The Voice Season 12 and spent over a month in Los Angles. She was happy of the outcome from The Voice because she walked away with many new friends that also have the same dreams and the first time in a long time she felt she fit in.

Also in 2017, Paige entered the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Rock Star Competition. She auditioned in 2014 but did not make it, but went back again in 2017. When she return in 2017, she managed to win the Senior Division which rewarded her with $500 dollars, a day in the studio with Stormy Cooper and spot in the 2018 HLSR Parade in February, 2018. In the parade she rode on a float and performed.

Paige begun performing in Junior High at her local fire station, Westlake Volunteer Fire Station, this is where she performed for many different fundraisers. She also played many times at the Good Ole Boys in Katy, Texas and this is where she was able to sing on the same stage and use the same microphone as country singer Hunter Hayes. She also books all her own gigs and was an opener for her friend the Justin Taylor Band. That gig was a CD release party for Justin and musician Micah Cheatham also performed. Small shows were slowly turning into bigger shows and Paige has now opened for Mark McKinney, Flatland Cavalry, Read Southall and Sam Riggs. One of all time favorite venues to play at is Mainstreet Crossing in Tomball, Texas. Also in 2018 Paige has also been a part of Hurricane Harry’s in College Station, Texas. At the Hurricane Harry event she got the chance to sing with fellow country singers Casey Donahew and Josh Abbott.

In May 2018 Paige put out her latest song “Tell Me Why.” The song is available both on Spotify and iTunes. If you would like to find out more about Madison Paige then check out her website


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