Ashley Scire~ “Artist Spotlight”!!!


Ashley Scire was born in Clinton, New Jersey. Scire grew up in a small town that is not exceptionally known for liking country music. As a kid, Scire wore cowboy boots with sundresses, much to the surprise of her teachers and classmates. Throughout the years she spent many hours singing songs and working on her acting skills, as she took different roles in many school play productions. Through Scire liked acting, music would be her first love.

Scire also learned to play the guitar. Her first guitar was bought by her dad Robert from a yard sale around the corner from their house. She first picked up the guitar at the age of 15 and has not put it down since. She does not use the guitar to just play her favorite singers and groups songs, but also enjoys writing her own songs as well.

As she was finishing high school and becoming an adult, her desire for music only grew. After graduating from high school, Scire decided to attend Lipscomb University, which is located in Nashville, TN. Once in Nashville, she felt right at home. Not only did she embrace her new college life, but she was also was able to discover her musical skills in an area where country music is king. Her talent for playing the guitar, singing and writing her own songs, has unlocked many different doors for Scire as a musician.

She had got the chance to perform for her classmates at Lipscomb and also at Tootsies Orchard Lounge, Rippy’s BBQ, The Puckett’s Grocery, Hotel Indigo, The Listening Room and The Tin Roof. It is at these different venues that she learned how to feel conformable and have fun with an audience. Scire enjoys her hometown and still visits New Jersey to spend time with her family and friends. She likes bringing her music home and playing at the Riverside Café. The Riverside Café was the first place where she performed in Clinton. She also takes part in the “Come Together” Music Festival during the summer in New Jersey.

Scire is determined and devoted to sharing her music with the world. Music will always be a part of her and sharing it with people makes her very happy. Scire’s debut single “Drunk Again” will be out on September 21, 2018 this Friday. She has also been signed to a publishing deal with Dan Hodges Music and is a part of the SMASH: 30 label. If you would like to find out more about this wonderful up and coming country musician then check out Ashley Scire website



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