Leigh Madison~ “Artist Spotlight”!!!


Country singer and songwriter Leigh Madison is from Oklahoma. As a child Madison remembers her house being filled with a lot of different kinds of music. Some music that was always playing was classic rock; jam bands that her brothers like and her parents’ great record collection, which included some wonderful folk and country singers and songwriters.

Also as a child Madison would help her mom write and record songs for her many Christian Children’s albums. Melody House Publishing Company produced the albums. She was recording songs for her mom’s albums in an actual studio from 3 to 8 years old. As an adult Madison starred in the Broadway musical, RENT. She also got the chance to work with actor Neil Patrick Harris and sing on an international commercial. Madison also sang at many different clubs and venues in L.A.

Madison has been motivated and passionate by country music for many years now. Country music stands for everything that Madison believes in and loves in her life. When Madison’s listened to country music, she feels like she is home. When she gets to sing a country tune she is happy to be able to share her stories through it.

After she performed at a showcase of her own original songs in Oklahoma, she was honored to meet Jeff Scott Wood. Wood is a songwriter of John Michael Montgomery’s #1 song, “Cowboy Love” and he has also had his own country-charted songs. After her showcase Wood sat down with Madison and gave her feedback about her singing. A few days later Madison, received a text from Wood, it was a new verison of her song that she wrote about Oklahoma called “Red.” Wood told her also in the text that he was inspired by the imagery Madison wrote about and wanted to share how the direction of the song should go.

Next Wood and Madison started a songwriting partnership. Together they wrote 6 songs for Madison’s newest EP “Wedding Crasher.” Wood also produced this EP with Madison and with a studio engineer and mulit-instrumentalist, JT Murrell in Oklahoma City. Working with Wood and Murrell felt like a dream come true for Madison and she was so excited and happy to have two talented Oklahoma musicians playing on her tracks.

If you would like to find out more about Leigh Madison then check out her website http://leighmadison.com.


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