Sean Stemaly~ “Q&A”!!!


1.    DD: Hi Sean, can you tell me a little bit about yourself before you became a country artist/songwriter?

SS: Before music I worked for my dad and grandpa operating heavy equipment at our excavating company in Southern Indiana. I spent pretty much all my spare time hunting, fishing and working on my trucks.

2.    DD: How did you become a fan of country music and when did you know you wanted a career in it?

SS: I grew up listening to country so its always been a big part of my life. I didn’t discover i could sing until i was around 19. I started singing on social media just for fun and then later on joined a vocal team at my church. I didn’t decide to make a career out of country music until I was 22.

3.    DD: Who are some of your musical icons?

SS: I’d have to go with Ronnie Dunn, Alan Jackson, Waylon Jennings, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Tyler Childers

4.    DD: What is the story behind your newest single “Drunk Kissin’?

SS: Its just a song about something that almost all of us have been guilty of at some point. It’s relatable whether we want to admit it or not. I wanted to put it out for my fans to have a feel good song to listen to from me.

5.    DD: Where do you see your music career in the next 5 to 10 years?

SS: Im not sure where exactly I’ll end up with my music but as long as I end up making a comfortable living doing something I love to do then i’ll be happy with that.

6.    DD: Is there anything else coming up with your music for the rest of 2018?

SS: Im not sure about this year but i’m working on a new project right now. I want it to be exactly the way I invision it so it may take some time.

7.    DD: If you could sing a duet with any singer or group who would it be and why?

SS: Brooks & Dunn because I’ve been a huge fan my whole life and I taught myself how to sing listening to Ronnie Dunn

8.    DD: What is one of your favorite quotes?

SS: “Work hard and take pride in whatever work you do, boy” My grandpa said that to me when I did a metiocre job mowing one of his fields when i was younger. I’ve lived by those words ever since that day.

9.    DD: Is there anything else you would like to share?

SS: Thank ya’ll for sending me these questions and supporting up and coming artists.

Sean Stemaly~ “Artist Spotlight”!!


Country singer/songwriter Sean Stemaly is from Madisonville, Kentucky and he was raised in Southern Indiana. His liking for country music started in his late teens, when he used to work with his grandfather. Some of his musical icons are Ronnie Dunn, Jon Pardi, George Strait, Jason Aldean, Chris Stapleton and Alan Jackson.

Stemaly started his music career in church. He would sing in front of thousands of people every Sunday. His strong voice help show him that God gifted him with a talent to sing. Stemaly is an up and coming performer in the country music world and he brings new life to a traditional genre.

Since living in Nashville, TN Stemaly has been making a name for himself by playing across the Midwest and writing true and honest songs with some of the best Nashville’s songwriters.

If you would like to find out more about Sean Stemaly then check out his website


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Karen McCormick~ Q&A (New Single):


Country singer and songwriter Karen (Car-in) McCormick is going to be putting out her sophomore single “We Were on Fire,” on August 31, 2018. This single produced and mixed by Lucas Hathaway and was recorded at the famous Treasure Isle Studio in Nashville, TN. Mostly McCormick wrote the song and the song has a similar sound to country artists like Kelsea Ballerini and Danielle Bradbery.

McCormick shares, “She wanted to write a song that embodied a relationship that is so happy and so good and everyone wises they could have it. It is one of the happiest songs that she have written and that makes her so happy as a songwriter.”

The new single is a follow-up to McCormick’s first single, “Just a Song”, which has over 15,000 Spotify downloads. McCormick is excited to be sharing a new story with her fans. Lastly make sure to download  and listen to McCormick new song this Friday on all digital platforms.



1.    Hello Karen, how have you grown as country singer/songwriter in the past year?

That’s a great question. It’s always been hard for me to wake up and say, “okay, today I’m going to write a song, and I want it to be about this.” Ironically, that’s exactly what I did with this new single. I feel I’ve become more intentional with my songwriting, which is something I want to expand on and continue to do as a writer. 

2.    How did you come up with the name “We Were On Fire” for your upcoming single?

I wanted the title to reflect the overall theme of the song, which is having something so great that everyone around you wishes they could have it — We Were on Fire” was the line that stood out the most to me and best represented that theme.

3.    What is the background story behind your new song?

My first single, “Just a Song”, was reflective and nostalgic — but in more a sad way. I want the second single to be happier, to touch on happier memories — because I’m so happy in my life right now! It tells the story of having something so good it’s almost too good to be true. 

4.    Is there something you wish your fans would take away from this song?

I hope it’s one of those songs that people turn up in their car and single along to. I hope people feel a sense of happiness when they hear it — because I was so happy writing and recording it.

5.    Was there any other artists or producers that helped to create this new tune?

I wrote the song myself earlier this year back in March. Caleb Lovely — who is so talented — played the instruments, while Lucas Hathaway produced and mixed it. I’m so happy with the way they brought it all to life.

6.    Is there anything else coming up with your music for the rest of 2018?

I have one more single on my radar for 2018! Then I’m focusing on releasing an EP in 2019. 

7.    Is there anything else you would like to share?

I want to say thank you to you, Dixiedee! Because of people like you, songwriters like myself have their songs heard. I’m thankful for your dedication to helping new artists and your love of music.

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2018 CMA Awards Nominees!!!


The 2018 CMA Awards will be shown live from Nashville on November 14, 2014 (Wednesday). The award show will air on channel ABC AT 8PM ET. Country singers Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley are returning to host once again. This will their 11th year hosting the show together. Down below are the categories and nominees for each award that will be given out that night.


  • Luke Bryan
  • Jason Aldean
  • Kenny Chesney
  • Chris Stapleton


  • Miranda Lambert
  • Maren Morris
  • Carrie Underwood
  • Kelsea Ballerini
  • Kacey Musgraves


  • Dierks Bentley
  • Thomas Rhett
  • Luke Combs
  • Chris Stapleton
  • Keith Urban


  • Lady Antebellum
  • Little Big Town
  • LANCO​
  • Midland
  • Old Dominion


  • Florida Georgia Line
  • Brothers Osborne
  • Dan + Shay
  • Maddie & Tae
  • Sugarland


  • Luke Combs
  • Lauren Alaina
  • Chris Janson
  • Brett Young
  • Midland


  • “Broke Halos”-Chris Stapleton
  • “Drowns The Whiskey”- Jason Aldean feat. Miranda Lambert
  • “Drinkin’ Problem”- Midland
  • “Tequila”- Dan + Shay
  • “Meant to Be”- Bebe Rexha & Florida Georgia Line


  • “Body Like A Back Road”- Zach Crowell, Sam Hunt, Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne
  • “Drowns The Whiskey”- Brandon Kinney, Jeff Middleton, Josh Thompson
  • “Broken Halos”- Mike Henderson, Chris Stapleton
  • “Tequila”- Nicolle Galyon, Jordan Reynolds, Dan Smyers
  • “Drunk Girl”- Scooter Carusoe, Tom Douglas, Chris Janson


  • “Burning Man”- Dierks Bentley Feat. Brothers Osborne
  • “Drowns The Whiskey”- Jason Aldean Feat. Miranda Lambert
  • “Dear Hate”- Maren Morris Feat. Vince Gill
  • “Meant to Be”- Bebe Rexha & Florida Georgia Line
  • “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright”- David Lee Murphy & Kenny Chesney


  • Sugarland Feat. Taylor Swift- “Babe”
  • Chris Janson- “Drunk Girl”
  • Carrie Underwood- “Cry Pretty”
  • Dan + Shay- “Tequila”
  • Thomas Rhett- “Marry Me”



Leigh Madison~ “Q&A”!!!


1)  Hi Leigh, can you tell me a little bit about yourself before you became a country musician?

Hi Dixiedee.  Thank you for asking and for connecting with me.  I love what you are creating with your blog, and I share in your love and support of Country Music.  I was born in Georgia, but raised in Oklahoma, and my family roots go deep in both places.  I grew up a “dreamer” looking up at the clouds in our big Oklahoma sky.  The neighborly, friendly, generous and kind vibe of Oklahomans I grew up around, infused the same into me, gave me a strong foundation and strong roots for life.  My parents tell me they knew I was a singer and performer when I was 2.  I started writing music with my Mother when I was 3 and 4 years old, for her many Christian Children’s Records she wrote and recorded, that were published by Melody House publishing.  I was in a recording studio from ages 3-8 singing on her records.  I was always writing poems, lyrics, songs, and singing and performing my whole childhood.  I am a storyteller and always have been… and I think because of that, my soul sought out a lot of life experiences and “stories to share”.  I was a young student anchor for a year, opposite one of our Oklahoma stars, James Marsden, on Good Morning Oklahoma, I starred opposite the amazing Neil Patrick Harris in the Broadway show, RENT, playing the character of Maureen, I sang on an international commercial, toured, busked on Venice Beach singing for food money, played original music with friends in bands all over Sunset Blvd. and did “one woman” shows of my stories and songs for Art openings around L.A., I have lived in my car, lived like a queen, and lived every way in between, experienced immense heart break, loss, love, and I deeply know the joy of being a mother… and throughout it all, I was always writing songs, like someone would write in a journal or diary to document and process their life experiences.

2)  How did become a fan of country music and when did you know you wanted a career in it?

Growing up in Oklahoma, Garth Brooks is the king, and I think everyone I grew up with can belt out by heart, “Blame it all on my roots, I showed up in boots, and ruined your black tie affair…. Cause, I’ve got friends in low places… “.  My parents had an eclectic record collection, and we always had music playing in our house.  I remember loving their Dolly Parton and John Denver records the most.  As a very young girl, I would listen to their Simon and Garfunkel record and cry I was so moved by the lyrics and melodies (strange for kid, I know)… I remember feeling like I could relate to their lyrics, as if I had lived them, and I think that began my love of songwriting and storytelling.  There was a lot of country music played on the radio growing up in Oklahoma, and I listened to George Strait, Faith Hill, Trisha Yearwood, Garth Brooks, Reba, Bonnie Raitt, Shania, Dolly, Toby Keith, Willie Nelson and more.  Country music represents and expresses everything I value and cherish in life:  Family, faith, friends, speaking truth, being genuine and honest, staying grounded, and having fun!  I feel like I am home in my heart when I listen to Country Music.  I really think I had to live all of my stories before I could write them, and now just felt like the perfect time to dig deep into my roots, and branch my stories out to share with others through my music.  I also recently just teamed up with a song writing partner named Jeff Scott Wood (Country Music fans, Jeff wrote John Michael Montgomery’s hit, “Cowboy Love” and many more).  Jeff has become my mentor, songwriting partner and producer.  It just takes one person to believe in you to help get momentum started, and I am lucky Jeff Scott Wood is that person for me right now.
3)  Who are some of your musical icons?
         Starting at the beginning of Country Music, I have to start with The Carter Family.  A.P Carter (along with a man named Leslie Riddle) would travel all over and collected hundreds of British/Appalachian folk songs from mountain southern folk everywhere.  A.P would write down the lyrics when they would collect songs, and Leslie Riddle would be the “human melody recorder” in his mind (that was the only option in the 1920’s), and they would bring these songs back to Sara and Maybelle Carter to work on together, arrange, record and release, which then influenced Country Music and a lot of genres of music from then on.  Back then, people did not feel like they owned songs… they were history and stories set to music, shared and passed around.  Sara and Maybelle paved the way for female artists to be influential and envelope pushers (Sara’s first solo song she recorded in 1927 was called “Single Girl Married Girl”, and during that time, it was not customary for a woman to be publicly expressing the challenges of being a mother and wife, compared to the freedom of being a single girl, and Maybelle created very influential strumming techniques “The Maybelle Carter Scratch”).  Oklahoma has a lot of successful country artists that are my icons: Reba, Garth Brooks, Blake Shelton, Toby Keith, Vince Gill, Roy Clark, Carrie Underwood.  Dean Dillon is one of my favorite Country Music songwriters, as well as my song writing partner and mentor, Jeff Scott Wood.  I love the original Country Music stars from the past, and the current ones from today.  I have respect and admiration for any artist who has pursued a dream with perseverance, worked hard at their craft, and had any amount of success doing that.

4)  How did you come up with the name of your EP “Wedding Crasher?”

      Wedding Crasher is the name of the first song on my 6 song EP, and the song and title stands for how hard I have fought for love with perseverance, tenacity and bold, brave action.  There is a personal story tied into the song as well.

5)  What is your favorite song from your EP?

       Each song has personal meaning to me.  “Wedding Crasher” stands for how hard I fight for love with bold action.  “Keep On Lovin’ As You Go” represents the healing power of love, and how choosing a perspective of gratitude, positivity & love, has guided my life and gotten me through some really challenging times and days.  “Red” was written about how healing of a place Oklahoma always is for me, and is a song about coming home literally and in your heart, to heal a broken heart.  “Life Sentence Without Me” was written about my most recent break-up, which was a shocking, painful break-up when I uncovered evidence of such deceit, betrayal and lies, that caused me to sentence this man with a “Life Sentence Without Me”.  “Keep It Together” is a song about the biggest heart-break in my life, which was unexpectedly becoming a single mother.  I have a very difficult time singing this song without breaking down every time.  And, “My Roots Run Deep” is a very personal song to me about how my family, Oklahoma and Georgia roots have given me such a strong foundation in life, and roots so strong that I haven’t been knocked down yet without getting back up, even though I probably should have by now!

6)  Is there anything new coming up with your music for the rest of 2018?

I am always writing new music, and hoping to record more music with my song writing partner, mentor and producer, Jeff Scott Wood, and my studio engineer, producer, and the talented multi-intstrumentalist JT Murrell who both did “Wedding Crasher” with me.  I have plans for a music video for the song, “Wedding Crasher”.  I will be playing live shows everywhere I’m able, and trying to share my stories, connect with others and continue to share music, support music and support other songwriters and Country Artists.

7)  Where do you see your music career in the next 5 to 10 years?

I don’t know.  I’m just here in my little home today, working on my songs on guitar and enjoying this interview with you.  Of course, like any music artist who is asked this question, I have big dreams, specific goals, (I have my vision board hung up on my wall, I say positive affirmations and work hard on my music and take action forward daily) and I want to be able to share my music and connect with as many people as possible. I guess that is the most honest answer I can give to this question:  I hope to be connecting with a lot of people through my story telling, songwriting and performing, and I hope to be inspiring & uplifting others through my music who can relate to it.

8)  If you could sing a duet with a singer or group who would it be and why?

If I’m ever asked to do a duet with any established Country Music singers or groups… the answer will be yes. I would love to sing with any of my Country Music icons from Oklahoma, like Reba, Carrie, Blake.  I would be immensely honored to be able to have a songwriting session with the great Dean Dillon one day.  My studio engineer JT Murrell sings back up on my song, “Keep On Lovin’ As You Go”.  I would love to sing a duet with him one day, and continue singing with my songwriting partner, Jeff Scott Wood.

9)  What is one of your favorite quotes?

A few years ago, when I was going through a pretty tough time in life, my amazing Father text me this:  “It may seem like your life is falling apart, but it might just be falling into place”.  He reminded me to stay open to a different perspective and possibility than what I had planned, and to trust and surrender.  I am a collector of great quotes, and I share some of my favorites on my instagram page @LeighMadisonMusic

10)                Is there anything else you would like to share

 I just want to thank you, Dixiedee, for your support of new Country Music, and for taking action to support what you love and have passion for in life.  Thank you again, for adding me to your new Country Music playlist on Spotify and for taking the time to interview me for your blog.  I would love to hear from others if they relate to any of my music and stories  Thank you, and blessings to you’all!

Leigh Madison~ “Artist Spotlight”!!!


Country singer and songwriter Leigh Madison is from Oklahoma. As a child Madison remembers her house being filled with a lot of different kinds of music. Some music that was always playing was classic rock; jam bands that her brothers like and her parents’ great record collection, which included some wonderful folk and country singers and songwriters.

Also as a child Madison would help her mom write and record songs for her many Christian Children’s albums. Melody House Publishing Company produced the albums. She was recording songs for her mom’s albums in an actual studio from 3 to 8 years old. As an adult Madison starred in the Broadway musical, RENT. She also got the chance to work with actor Neil Patrick Harris and sing on an international commercial. Madison also sang at many different clubs and venues in L.A.

Madison has been motivated and passionate by country music for many years now. Country music stands for everything that Madison believes in and loves in her life. When Madison’s listened to country music, she feels like she is home. When she gets to sing a country tune she is happy to be able to share her stories through it.

After she performed at a showcase of her own original songs in Oklahoma, she was honored to meet Jeff Scott Wood. Wood is a songwriter of John Michael Montgomery’s #1 song, “Cowboy Love” and he has also had his own country-charted songs. After her showcase Wood sat down with Madison and gave her feedback about her singing. A few days later Madison, received a text from Wood, it was a new verison of her song that she wrote about Oklahoma called “Red.” Wood told her also in the text that he was inspired by the imagery Madison wrote about and wanted to share how the direction of the song should go.

Next Wood and Madison started a songwriting partnership. Together they wrote 6 songs for Madison’s newest EP “Wedding Crasher.” Wood also produced this EP with Madison and with a studio engineer and mulit-instrumentalist, JT Murrell in Oklahoma City. Working with Wood and Murrell felt like a dream come true for Madison and she was so excited and happy to have two talented Oklahoma musicians playing on her tracks.

If you would like to find out more about Leigh Madison then check out her website


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Dammit Boy~ Cold Oven Pound Cake (Momma Buckwell’s Classic)


3 cups plain flour

1 cup milk

3 cups sugar

1 cup Crisco

1 stick butter

5 eggs

1 tsp lemon

1 tsp vanilla (Momma uses Mexican vanilla)


Mix all above ingredients. Grease and flour pan. Bake at 350 for 1 hour to 1 hour 15 mins

Pour a glass of milk

And Enjoy

“Dammit Boy” Clothing Company!!! (Background/ Q&A)


“Dammit Boy” Products started when this saying was directed to owner of the company Nick Buckwell.  It all began when Buckwell was fishing with his friend, Kent. It was July 4, 2015  and they were fishing on a boat in Lake Tillery. Buckwell is no professional fisher, but Kent has fished in a few professional events. As the morning was fading out, Kent was puling in a Largemouth, like it was not big deal, Buckwell caught a few dinkers.

Eventually they reached Kent’s favorite spot to fish at. Buckwell’s first cast landed in some huge brush on the bank and Buckwell’s spool bird-nested. Kent yelled out “Dammit Boy!” Buckwell after that fishing trip started using the phrase in his every day language. The more he used it, the more his family and friends used it.

Kent’s daughter, Karley is good friend of Buckwell. She is artistic and has a great imagination. So Buckwell came to her in summer of 2017 with the idea of making Dammit Boy a real thing. They both had set early goals and ideas that they would only play around with. When Buckwell decided to move from North Carolina to Denver, he made a couple shirts for friends who came to a bonfire as a test run. The shirts were a winner, and this inspired Buckwell and Karley to go further with doing an apparel line.

If you would like to find out more “Dammit Boy” then check out the website at



1.    Hello can you me a little bit of background about your apparel line?

It all began… with a poor cast. I was fishing with a good friend of mine – Kent – an older gentleman well seasoned in art of bass fishing. Kent also happened to be the father of the girl I was dating at the time, so, naturally, I was out to impress. I’d fished from banks and ocean vessels but never on a professional bass boat with someone who actually seemed to know what he was doing. Kent lent me one of his best lures for my first cast. I was stoked to use some professional gear and wanted desperately to prove to both of us that I was a capable fisherman. I targeted a clear spot near the bank in the hopes of landing an impressive first cast. I unlocked the reel, drew back, and threw. My lure didn’t come close to hitting the water. Instead, that shiny new lure lodged itself in a pine tree rooted on the bank about 15 feet up. My heart sank. I kept my back turned and prayed Kent hadn’t seen me tangle his best lure in the branches. I quietly gave the line a few yanks, but that only made it worse; the line wrapped a few more times around the limb on which it dangled. Facing defeat, I slowly turned toward the front of the boat where Kent was fishing. To my incredible embarrassment, he had witnessed the whole ordeal. He stood quietly, reeled in his lure, and shook his head. Before turning the boat toward the shore to fetch my lure, Kent turned to me, a cheeky grin on his face, and said, “Dammit boy.”

2.    How did you decide on the name “Dammit Boy,” and was there any other names that you were thinking about instead?

The above story became one Kent would tell anyone who would listen or needed a laugh. “Dammit boy” became part of our everyday lingo. It spread to our families, our friends, and our co-workers. When Karley (Kent’s daughter) and I finally decided to pursue it as a company, we went through a few different variations. Being a high school English teacher, my original plan was for it to be grammatically correct. I wanted it spelled correctly and with a comma. Friends, family, and Karley helped me see the light and let go of my grammatical stronghold. After all, Dammit Boy isn’t about perfection, it’s for the ordinary mishaps, extraordinary screw-ups, and unexpected thrills.

3.    Where do you see Dammit Boy in the next 5 to 10 years?

In 5-10 years, we would like to have expanded into a multitude of Dammit Boy product options. For the majority of the things we do each day, Dammit Boy can be applied. We want it to become more common in our lingo and lexicon. We want to be able to walk through tailgates and see people hoisting our flags, wearing our shirts, drinking our beer with our koozies holding it.

4.    Have any famous people worn your items before?

The most famous person to wear our gear is Miss North Carolina United States Marcie Trivette. Nashville singers/songwriters Sarah Jones, Priscilla Block, and Dustin Herring have all worn our gear for shows. Darrell Harwood, a country artist in North Carolina, will be getting his gear this week and sporting it in his shows, as one of his favorite quotes just happens to be our brand name. One of our best friends who is a Cpt in the military and flying Black Hawk missions in Afghanistan has been sporting his Dammit Boy gear.He may not be famous, but he’s a damn good guy and we appreciate him.

5.    What was the first item you made for Dammit Boy?

Karley always laughs at this because I designed it with minimal artistic ability. I moved out to Colorado in July of 2017 to get a change of pace in life. Before I left, we had a little bonfire with some friends I wouldn’t be seeing for a while. My dad helped me make a few grey t-shirts that read DAMMIT BOY in that Comic Sans font and Royal Blue font color. I’d like to bring the font back one day, but most likely not soon.

6.    Is there anything new coming up with your company for the rest of 2018?

We’re pushing for a fall line. Baseball tees, sweatshirts, and hats. Our goal is to get some graphics on the shirts as well to depict certain common Dammit Boy moments.

7.    What advice would you give to an up and coming apparel company?

Don’t be quietly desperate. If you truly want to be successful, be loud about it. Attack it with enthusiasm and don’t let your wishful thinking satisfy you.

8.    What is one of your favorite quotes?

Live the life you love and you’ll love the life you love. It’s simple and accurate.



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Nick Buckwell:

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Karley Reed

  • Co-Owner
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Tori Jackson~ Meat Loaf Recipe!!!

  • Okay so I am OBSESSED with meatloaf. I know a lot of people think it’s gross, but I am not one of those people. It’s my fav. So here’s a super great recipe from a family member!


2 lbs ground beef

1 packet lipton onion soup mix

¾ cup plain dry bread crumbs

2 eggs

¾ cup water

1/3 cup Ketchup


Mix all ingredients together by hand in large bowl

Shape into loaf for 13×9 in pan

Bake uncovered for 1 hour @ 350 degrees


I like to add some Ketchup on top as well, but depends on your preference!