J Phive’s Smoothie Recipe!!!

1 cup Frozen Mango (or Strawberry)
1 Banana
A healthy portion of Honey
Super Food Alkalizing Green Powder
Chia/ Hemp Seeds
Coconut Milk
Everything Organic if possible

J Phive~ Country Music Producer!!!


Artist Spotlight:

J Phive is a platinum-selling music producer in Nashville, TN. Phive grew up in Atlanta and went to the University of Georgia. He did well in college, but he was also interested in having a good time and making his own music. He bought a Roland MC-307 beat machine and started a new journey for himself. In the beginning it was just something fun to do when he was not busy attending school. After graduating, he joined up with childhood pal DJKO, and they created a production duo called Phivestarr Productions. For the first couple years, they had an open-door policy and worked almost nonstop. They also got to produce records for YoungbloodZ, Nappy Roots, Bubba Sparxxx, Jill Scott and Goodie Mob.

While going to school in Athens, Phive met producer/CEO Shannon Houchins, and they rekindled when he moved back to Atlanta. Houchins believed in Phivestarr since the first day and was a wonderful mentor to him. They continued working hard, and in 2006, he pitched to Phive with a wacky idea to take a super country guy who likes to rap and do a combination of rap and country music. And that was the beginning of mulit-talented musician Colt Ford. With Ford and Houchins they took something that nobody thought could be done. They also started their own genre of music and now have mainstream Nashville musicians wanting to do the same thing. One of their songs, “Dirt Road Anthem, was cut by Jason Aldean.

In 2011, they were nominated for a ACM award for co-producing the song “Cold Beer” by Colt Ford and Jamey Johnson. They also helped discover other groups such as The Lacs, Charlie Farley and Demun Jones. In 2013, Phive moved to Nashville and produced more than a 100 released songs in his first year living in a new state. He received his first platinum record for the work he did on country artist Brantley Gilbert’s album “Halfway to Heaven.” Also he received two Billboard number 1 records, 10 top 5’s and countless top 10’s and 20’s.

Numerous years ago, Phive was introduced to country singers Taylor Ray Holbrook and Ryan Upchurch. Together the three of them wrote the song “Southern Land,” which has more than 20 million impressions on YouTube. A little while after that Phive co-wrote/produced an EP for both of them… “Backroads” and “Summer Love.”

Phive enjoys making all types of music. Recently, Phive have been focusing much of his time creating more Urban Sounds and Pop music. He recently co-wrote and co-produced “All I Need” by Jordyn Jones and “Little Things” by Annie LeBlanc.

If you would like to find out more about J Phive then check out his website https://www.jphive.com.



1.    Hello J, how did you get started in music and how did you start your career in country music?

I  learned to play the guitar at about 10 years old and played off and on through my childhood. Growing up my parents never listened to country music  so I was first turned on to Tim Mcgraw by a girl I was dating in high school. While in college I was interested in making Beats and really just enjoyed doing it.  Being from Atlanta I generally listened to music such as Outkast and Goodie Mob so hip hop heavily influenced the music I made.  One day my friend Shannon Houchins came to me with the idea of Colt Ford and I thought it would be a fun project.  Over the next year we made songs such as “Dirt Road Anthem”, “Ride Through The Country”, and “Cold Beer” which basically started a new Genre.
2.    Who has been some of your favorite country musicians to work with and who would be your dream artist/group to work with?
The problem with Nashville is there are so many talented people to work with at all times. You really have to use your time wisely or you can fall in the rabbit hole of a Nashville Songwriter. I always joke that the guy selling tools at Home Depot, or the girl serving me my dinner are 10 times a better musician than i’ll ever be.  I have just been able to build long term relationships and out work other people.  I now try to work directly with Artists. That way you have much increased chances of the song coming out. The more it is played the more residual income I will earn. This is how I pay bills so at this point it is more of a business than a hobby. I have gotten to work with some really great people since living in Nashville. I have worked with Rob Hajacos who plays fiddle for Garth Brooks. He has played on over 100 number one records and is extremely talented. I have also recently been working with Pedal Steel Player named Smith Curry who has played on countless records.  I have also been doing a few things with Shay Mooney from Dan + Shay. He is by far the most talented male vocalist in Nashville. He is on another level.  I produce and Co write with with a singer from Virginia named Taylor Ray Holbrook. His fan base is huge and his music is very unique. He is a genuine good person and he would do anything to help a friend.

3.    How did you feel when you heard you were nominated for a ACM Award in 2011?

I have no idea how we got that but I was super excited for a reason to go Vegas. We met some really good people that trip who are still very close friends.   ie  DeeJay Silver who has been Jason Aldeans DJ for Years. Pat Mcgrew who is a financial consultant for some of the biggest stars, and Kevin Neal who is one of the biggest booking agents in Country Music.

4.    What is your advice to a individual that wants to work in the country music world?

Go to Belmont. I think music is amazing and the laws are being modernized to help musicians and artists claim earnings which is amazing.  I would always recommend having a back up plan. For Instance take classes for Music Business or anything that interests you and do music too. That gives you 4 or 5 years to build relationships and move in 2 directions at once.

5.    Is there anything new coming up with your career for the rest of 2018?

I have been writing with a friend from Los Angeles named Curt Chambers. He can play anything you put in his hands and sing anything. His artistry is country but we have actually been writing a lot of pop stuff for some LA people.  I always keep a lot of irons in the fire. I just finished a song called “I need a Woman” by Taylor Ray Holbrook which is really fun and clever. That should be coming out in a few weeks.

6.    What is one of your favorite quotes?

       If its not a “Hell yes” than its a F#ck No .
This goes back to time management. If I am not excited about something or I don’t see a positive relationship coming out of it i’ll turn it down 9.9 out of 10 times. The other .1 is if they have a proper budget. Everyone Expects Producers to do all this work but nobody wants to pay what its worth.  In most cases a producer is a coach, a mentor and babysitter all at the same time. Then once the artists and writers leave I have to edit, comp, tune, mix, arrange, reference and master so a lot of time and effort goes into everything I put my stamp on. There are many fun parts of the song creation process but it sometimes feels like work to get it finalized.

7.    Is there anything else you would like share?

I would say just stay positive and love how you spend your days. If you’re not happy then Change your Situation. Inner Peace is priceless. Some of the richest people may be extremely unhappy. Always love the present and count you blessings.