Top 5 Favorite Songs of the Week~ June 18, 2018!!

  1. Scott Kipfer “Falling Like the Rain”: In country singer/songwriter Scott Kipfer’s new single “Falling Like the Rain,” it tells the story about coming out of your own shell and learning to love while dancing in the rain.
  2. Steve Moalker “Born Ready”: Country singer/songwriter Steve Moakler praises the population’s of long-haul truckers in his new song “Born Ready,” which serves as the title track of his newest album “Born Ready.”
  3. Shari Rowe “Beach Town”: in Shari Rowe’s new song “Beach Town,” it tells the story about a wonderful vacation lifestyle and just having a fun relaxing day.
  4. Lena Stone “Hey There Hollywood”: Lena Stone’s new song “Hey There Hollywood” tells the story about being changed by a big city like Los Angeles, but still staying true yourself.
  5. Catherine McGrath “Lost In The Middle”: Catherine McGrath’s new song “Lost In The Middle,” tells the story about exploring the love of music in your own life.