Top 5 Favorite Songs of the Week: May 28, 2018!!!

  1. Dean Brody “Dose of Country”: Dean Brody’s new song “Dose of Country,” is the perfect road trip/vacation tune, it showcases the excitement that comes from leaving the city life for a few days, and going on a short but fun summer adventure.
  2. Jesse Dayton “Charlottesville”: Jesse Dayton new song “Charlottesville,” the track was created in the tragedy of the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, VA in August 2017 that sadly saw counter-protestors hurt and killed.
  3. Alex Stern “Think About You”: Alex Stern’s new song “Think About You,” tells a real life story about Stern developing feelings for a guy who was a close friends of her and how she was puzzled about how to tell him. She felt so nervous about sharing her thoughts and kept thinking if he felt the same way.
  4. Michael Ray “Summer Water”: Michael Ray’s new tune “Summer Water,” rejoice all the memories made in the summer months.
  5. Priscilla Renea “Family Tree”: Priscilla Renea’s new single “Family Tree,” tells the story about how she was forced and kicked out of her parents’ house at the young age of 17.


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