Favorite New Songs of the Week~ April 9, 2018!!!

  1. American Aquarium “Tough Folks”: Lead singer BJ Barham of the country band American Aquarium, tells the story about his family’s agricultural upbringing in the band’s new song “Tough Folks.”
  2. Cassadee Pope “Take You Home”: Cassadee Pope’s new song “Take You Home,” tells the story about a new relationship that reaches the time of bringing that new person in your life to meet your family, showing them where you grew up and things that are important to you.
  3. Wild Feathers “Big Sky”: The country band Wild Feathers new song “Big Sky,” pays respect to many well known 1970s and early 1980s musicians/bands who music was a crossover of rock & roll and country music.
  4. Brothers Osborne “Pushing Up Daisies (Love Alive)”: In Brothers Osborne’s new song “Pushing Up Daisies (Love Alive), tells the story about a never-ending love and a continuing romance.
  5. Miranda Lambert “My Father’s Gun”: Miranda Lambert’s does a cover of Elton John’s song “My Father’s Gun.” This song tells the story of a son of a Confederate soldier during the Civil War, who buries his father and will take his gun and go off and join the cause in battle.