Top 5 Favorite Songs~ April 2, 2018!!!

  1. Cassadee Pope “Take You Home”: In Pope’s new single “Take You Home,” it tells a story about a new relationship between a girl and the guy she is seeing. The girl wants to bring her new lover back to the city where she grew up at and introduce him to all her family and friends.
  2. Ashley McBryde “El Dorado”: McBryde’s song “El Dorado,” tells the story about driving to the next show you are going perform at. Each show is in a new town or city.
  3. Ross Cooper “I Rode The Wild Horses”: Cooper’s tune “I Rode The Wild Horses,” gives us an insight of living the rodeo life. This song also shares about packing up the trailer the night before and to hanging on a fast bucking horse.
  4. Rob Pennington “Brooks & Dunn”: In Pennington’s new song “Brooks & Dunn,” it is a clever idea on well-known Brooks & Dunn tunes, and using them to define about a girl who left your life.
  5. Austin Jenckes “Ride Away”: In Jenckes new song “Ride Away,” it tells the story about a small city dreamer who is longing to be somewhere else, preferably with the local heartbreaker.

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