Whiskey Lee Design~ Q&A!!!

  1. Hi Brandi, can you me a little bit of background about your company “Whiskey Lee Desgin?”How did you decide on the name “Whiskey Lee Design“ and was there any other names were going to choose instead? 
    The name Whiskey Lee was my only choice – it’s actually my nickname since I was a baby-   Several relatives had names for me since my name is Brandi Lynn,   I was called Brandywine  and was called Whiskey Lee by all my uncles daily.  So I always thought it was cool and also the name is unique to me so never to be confused with anyone else,   
    I started making myself a few small pieces like a wallet and a few clutches,  which I still carry daily, people started requesting to buy them so I kind of kept that on the back burner for a few months..
    Then in 2013  when I was 42 I got diagnosed with Breast cancer- this wasn’t my first bout with cancer- I got cancer when I was 31. An extremely rare kind, I had surgeries and treatments and made it through –  then at 42 I was diagnosed with 2 cancers  skin and Breast,  
    So when I was home in 2013 dealing with major surgery one after the next, doctors visits treatments etc I decided I needed to do something to make money –  so I started making bags to sell – started off slow and fit it in to hospital stays etc…
    Once I started feeling better 7 major surgeries later it just started to take off, and since my passion is in designing it was an easy choice – 
    Whiskey Lee Designs was born into a full time full blown business
  2. Where do you see “Whiskey Lee Design” in the next 5 to 10 years? 
    As far as where I’d like to be in the future- honestly doing the same thing, I’m single so to be able to say I support myself (and my dogs) with the business is pretty cool, very blessed for the success I have…I’ve worked so many jobs over the years as well as owning my own boutique- and this is by far the best decision I have made 
    I love working from home. It allows  me to hang out with my 5 rescue dogs, So I’d love to be able to stay healthy enough to be doing this in 10 years– I couldn’t really ask for anything more .
  3. Has any celebrities worn any of your items?
    As far as celebrities,  well not officially, I did however make fringed jeans for Lady Gaga, although I never received any photos, it was pretty cool to be asked by Wrangler to make them for one of her videos. A couple of professional rodeo super stars have my bags 
    Professional world record holder  barrel racer Taylor Jacob has one of my back number bag. As well as pro steer wrestler Dakota Eldridge – asked me to make a back number bag for his mom 
  4. What has been some of your best selling items? 
    I make several different styles of bags and they all are very popular 
    But I would have to say my “big bags” seem to be the most popular  just because they are all so detailed and so unique – they tend to stand out  from the design to the major fringe on all my bags 
  5. In 2018 is there anything new coming up for your company? 
    There is always something new coming up but 2018. I will introduce a few more new styles  at least in the   immediate future- 2018 is the year I moved into my brand new barn renovation studio-   A much needed move out of my house and into the barn. 
  6. What is the first item you made or sold for your company?                                           The very first item was an alligator wallet I made my self.. that I still carry .
  7. What is one of your favorite quotes? 
    I have a ton of favorite quotes, depending on the mood I’m in or the  company I’m in,  nothing transformative or enlightening  just cool stuff I like,  I tend to go with …as the ancient Tibetan philosophy states-“Don’t Start None – won’t be none.”


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