Top 5 Favorite Songs of the Week: Feb 26,2018!!!

  1. Cole Swindell “Break Up in the End”: Swindell’s new ballad, tells the story about a girl he was dating and how she ended things. Swindell also shares how he would go through this moment all over again, even though they keep breaking up each time.
  2. Chase Rice “Amen”: “Amen” is a song about Rice’s father. His father passed away when the singer was only 22. This song shares about Rice’s beliefs and his way of his life.
  3. Swon Brothers “What Ever Happened”: “What Ever Happened,” was a conclusion of the Swon Brothers thoughts about the world and how much thing has changed since they were children.
  4. Kacey Musgraves “Butterflies”: Musgraves inspiring country-pop sound on her song “Butterflies,” her vocals speak about the freedom one gets when finding their life partner.
  5. Shawn Austin “Get Me There”: Austin sings this wonderful ballad “Get Me There”, as if he is telling his new love interest all the things he is going to do as her new boyfriend.

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