Top 5 Favorite Songs of the Week: (Feb 5, 2018)!!!

  1. Blake Shelton “I Lived It”: In Shelton’s tune “I Lived It,” it tells the story about a easy-going childhood on the countryside that is very vivid. Some details of this song is about a child memories of driving around his grandpa’s car and spending the summer moving lawns for money.
  2. Jimmie Allen “Best Shot”: In Allen’s new song “Best Shot” tells the story about the advice Allen got from his grandma on how to treat women and how they just want to be care about.
  3. Walker McGuire “18 Forever”: McGuire’s song “18 forever,” is a faster tune, which takes a look back at being a child.
  4. LANCO “So Long (I Do): In LANCO’s song “So Long (I Do),” tells the story of what happens when a first date does not go so good and you do not win the girl over.
  5. Kalie Shorr “Awake”: Shorr’s new song “Awake,” tells the true story of Shorr’s ex. In the song Shorr explains how she called her ex in the middle night to discuss his problems and why they broke up.

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