Old Smokeys Boots (OSB): (Bio) & (Q&A)!!!

logoShort Bio About OSB (from their website)

Old Smokeys Boots are reworked, one of a kind, badass boots whipped up by my two hands and released to you every month. I hunt for only the best vintage boots around and then I breathe new life into them. OSB blends the rock and roll world with the wild west in a fresh and funky way. New boots and goods landing every month. Check out the Gallery for a small taste of previously sold creations. Make sure to watch my Instagram “Oldsmokeysboots” to see when my newest releases will be!


 DD: 1. Hello Chrissy, can you give me a little bit of background about your line?

CB: Thanks for having me Dixiedee Blog! I am Christina Ballard owner and creative designer for Old Smokey’s Boots. I take top tier vintage cowgirl boots and rework them into one of a kind creations. 

DD: 2. How did you decide on the name Old Smokeys Boots for your company and was there any other names that you were thinking about?

CB: Great question. The name came way too naturally! I was born and raised in beautiful Austin Texas where the temperatures can get pretty steamy especially in the summer. I’ve always loved cowboy boots but I haven’t always worn socks with them. I know. That’s just weird. So my dad would always make the joke that my cowboy boots must have been “smokers” on the inside during the summer. Meaning your feet do heat up in leather when the temperature is above 100 degrees. So I took a family joke and added “old” in front since I use vintage boots. There were no other options, in my mind, for my company name 🙂 

DD: 3. Where do you see OSB in the next 5 to 10 years? 

CB: One of my favorite things about OSB is how each year something truly surprises me with the growth of my company. I’m honestly trying to just make the best designs possible and see where that takes me. But I would love to add a men’s and children’s line of one of a kind boots to the mix. AND I would love to design the actual boot and sell small batches of ever changing designs. 

DD: 4. Has any celebrities worn your boots? 

CB: They sure have! Old Smokeys have been seen on the very the sweet actress Lucy Hale, John Osborne of the Osborne Brothers, Janel Parrish (Pretty Little Liars), and I have been very blessed recentlywith creating 5 custom pairs for the one and only Miranda Lambert. With all that being mentioned, one of the most important core beliefs of Old Smokeys is making sure every customer feels like they are walking the red carpet in their daily life. I truly consider all my customers celebrities and VIPS justas much as high profile clients. 

DD: 5. What is one of your favorite event (s) to be part of? 

CB: I try to spread myself around to different causes throughout the year. 2017 was my toughest year as my family lost my amazing father unexpectedly. He absolutely loved giving to his local food pantry so I wanted to incorporate giving to that charity with OSB. My customers went above and beyond to donate by purchasing certain handmade goods throughout the year. And I look forward to making more opportunities to give back in 2018. 

DD: 6. Is there anything new coming up with your company? 2018? 

CB: I have very big dreams for OSB in 2018! I have no idea where this company is headed but I am dedicated to making each boot design the best I possibly can and just seeing where that path leads me. Jesus is the President of Old Smokeys so I’m following His lead 🙂

DD: 7. What is the first item you ever made or sold for OSB? 

CB: The first item I ever made was re-working a pair of boots I kept but hadn’t worn for 12 years! They came from my families retail store and they were great quality boots but a little plain for my taste. I took a bunch of random things out of my closet and bought some leather glue and created the very first OSB. The first boot I ever sold was a vintage Frye boot that I re-worked then posted on my Instagram to get a feel for what people thought and it sold within 2 minutes. I was hooked after that.

DD: 8. What advice would you give to an up and coming country clothing company? 

CB: I think to pursue anything head on you must be full of PASSION. I love my little company so much that it doesn’t feel like work. I think my second piece of advice would be to LISTEN to your inner voice that roots you on. I believe that is the Heavens above showing you where to go and what to do. Drown out the voice that pulls you down or fills you with any kind of fear. 

DD: 9. What is one of your favorite quotes? 

CB: “Impossibility is not in Gods vocabulary” Kevin Queen.

Founder of OSB: Christina “Chrissy” Ballard


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oldsmokeysboots/

Website: https://old-smokeys-boots.myshopify.com




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  1. Laurie Rodriques

    Hi Chrissy, just saw your beautiful story while here in ME on Circle..I’m sure your dad is looking down on you with much pride!..you are an inspiration! ..Love your boots & your sprit! Looking forward to getting a pair Soon! Sincerely,Laurie Rodriques of Tiverton RI


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