Top 5 Fave Songs of the Week: Jan 22, 2018!!!

  1. Song Suffragettes “Time Up”: Over 20 of country music’s up and coming female artists joined together to make a strong statement in their new song “Time’s Up.” This song is a collaborative message that adds to the conversation about exploitation of females in society.
  2. Walker Hayes “Beautiful”: In Hayes’ song “Beautiful” tells the story of how he is missing an ex and he explains how she is really beautiful.
  3. Sandra Lynn “Fight”: In Lynn’s new song Fight, it tells the story about a couple who are struggling to protect their relationship, so it will not end.
  4. Emma White “Hotline Bling”: In White’s new song she does a cover of the rapper Drake’s song “Hotline Bling.” She makes it her own and add a little country to it.
  5. Haley & Michaels “All Out”: Haley & Michaels new single “All Out” tells the story about that moment when you commit to something all the way and will not give up on it.

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