Logan Mize~ Q&A


1.   What goes into naming your albums and what is your favorite song on your new album “Come Back Road?”

Naming them is always a difficult thing.  Come Back Road seemed fitting for this one and it kind of had a double meaning for me so I ran with it.  I think my favorite has consistently been “Somebody To Thank” but I love them all.

2.   What has been your favorite venue to play at so far in your music career?

My favorite has probably been Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow Scotland.  Either That or The Midland Theater in KC

3.   When you are not working or playing music, what do you like to do in your free time?

I have two kids so I’m usually playing with them.  I also have a business called Mize Art Works where I sell stuff that I build in my garage.

4.   Have you learned anything from any musicians or groups that you have opened up for?

Yes.  I’ve learned that everyone is always watching.  When you’re the center of attention everyone notices everything even if you aren’t wanting to be the center of attention at that particular time.  Did you pick up your trash and leave a thank you note for the venue staff? Impressive.  Did you call your tour manager a dildo in front of everyone and throw a plate of lasagna at the catering staff because it “tastes like shit”? Not impressive.

5.   How did you decide you wanted to have a career in country music?

I dropped out of three different colleges and floated through a long series of blue collar laboring jobs.  Country music was the only thing that made me feel something.  It gave me a purpose.  It’s all I could think about for years.  So finally I worked up the courage to do what I loved.

6.   Logan, thanks so much again for wanting to be apart of the Dixiedee Blog, is there anything else you would like to share?

Thank you for taking time to ask me questions!  Folks can stay up to date with me on all the socials.  Just type Logan Mize into google and I’m the goofy looking guy with a guitar.  My new album Come Back Road is out now.




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