Stephen Ray~ “Things I’ve Never Done!!”

New Single~ Stephen Ray QA


1. Hi Stephen, how have you grown as country singer/songwriter in the past year?

I am super excited to have just released my third single within the past year and I feel that my music is continuing to mature, along with my songwriting abilities. With every new cowriter or musician that I work with, I always feel that I am growing as an artist and songwriter myself through those experiences.

2. How did you come up with the name “Things I’ve Never Done” for your new single?

The name of the song comes from the main idea that my cowriter, Norv Turner, came to me with, which was an idea for a song that included somewhat of a “bucket list” like theme of doing things we’ve never done. The reality though, is that this song is not just about things that I specifically have never done… I mean, one of the lyrics is “learn to play guitar” and I definitely know how to do that (I think!)… This song is meant to be universal and is intended to send a message that encourages people to get out and those “things” they’ve never done.

3. What is the background story behind your new song?

In April of 2017, Norv Turner (yep, two-time Super Bowl winning former NFL Head Football Coach!) came to me with the original idea for writing “Things I’ve Never Done”. While he has spent his entire career coaching football, not many would be think he’d also been jotting down ideas for songs and poems in a notebook that he keeps with him! From there, we put our pens to paper and wrote the song together. Meanwhile, I came up with the music and melodies, Norv and I finished the lyrics together, and I later went to a friends studio in Northern California to professionally record the song.

4. How did Make A Wish Foundation become involve with your new song? 

It’s December. It’s a time for giving back, and with the Holidays approaching – we wanted to make this song greater than ourselves. We wanted to be able to share what it means to do things you’ve never done before not only through the song itself – but also by donating to no better charity than the Make A Wish Foundation. This foundation literally fulfills wishes and dreams of young children with chronic illnesses so they too can do things they’ve never done. We hope this song is able to make an impact not only in the Make A Wish community, but beyond.

5. Is there something you wish your fans would take away from this song?

Well, yep! I say it in the first verse of the song, “Ya don’t want to be saying any time down the road, you wish ya did this, or you wish ya did that”…

So my advice is to do your best to get out and do those things! Of course.. time, cost and consequence permitting! 🙂

6. Was there any other artists/producers that helped to create this tune?

Doug Allen, who also produced my song “I’m An American” produced “Things Ive Never Done” as well. Beyond being a great friend, the guy is extremely talented as a producer and a musician. He performed the piano and helped with backing vocals as well. James Kenneth (aka Skinny Jake) also tracked the drums and beats throughout the song and John McConaghy was also involved throughout the recording process.

7. Is there anything coming up with your music for 2018?

I plan on continuing to record in 2018 and am looking to produce a more thorough album of about 7 or 8 songs, rather than continuing to release singles.

8. Is there anything else you would like to share?

Thank you for putting this piece together! My official social channels and website are below. I always appreciate every like, follow and friend!

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**Photos by John McConaghy