Dixedeetop5 Favorite Songs of the Week: Nov 20, 2017!!!

  1. Lindsay Ell “Criminal”: “Criminal” is a song that shares about the early phases of a relationship. Each thing the boy does in this song makes his girl feel like it should be illegal or feeling like you are “Criminal.”
  2. Cale Dodds “People Watching”: The song “People Watching” takes us on a trip with a couple who is went out on the town for a night of fun. We find out that the girl is the reason why people are watching-the way she dances, the way she moves and the way she makes her guy look even better.
  3. Miss Me More “Kelsea Ballerini: In “Miss Me More” Ballerini tells the story about a break up and how she does not miss her ex but instead misses the person she was before dating her ex.
  4. Farewell Angelina “House of the Rising Sun”: In Farewell Angelina’s cover of “House of the Rising Sun,” each of the girl gets a chance to showcase their vocal skills and it also sounds like there is only one person singing with four voices.
  5. Logan Mize “Somebody to Thank”: In “Somebody to Thank,” the lyrics pay respect to all the people and circumstances that helped Mize become the person he is today.


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