Cassie Rae Gaiter~ Artist Spotlight!!!


Cassidy Rae Gaiter grew up in Adelaide, South Australia. At the age of 5 she trained and performed as a vocal artist, both as single artist and as part of a group choir. Gaiter has a wide background in choral training and musical theatre background. She recently finished her Bachelor of Music (Music Theater) at the Australian Institute of Music in Sydney. While attending the Institute it has helped Gaiter to expand her vocal range and vocal genres.

Her wonderful voice has opened up many exciting opportunities, such as being able to perform in the U.S. and lead roles in many well-known Sydney musicals. In addition to singing Gaiter is also a talented actress, dancer and songwriter.

If you get a chance to please go take a listen to Gaiter debut EP “Shake It, Don’t Fake It” which is available on Spotify and iTunes. If you would like to find out more about Cassidy Rae Gaiter then go take a look at her website


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