Dixiedee’s Top 5 Fave Songs of Oct 9, 2017!!!

  1. Eli Young Band “Skin & Bones”: “Skin & Bones” is a personal story from the band’s lead singer Mike Eli. Eli, Lori McKenna and Phil Barton wrote the song. Eli and his relationship inspired this song with his wife Kacey.
  2. Tim McGraw & Faith Hill “The Rest Of Our Life”: “The Rest of Our Life,” tells the story about being forever in love as a couple and how this couple who has yet to visit the altar. McGraw finally asks his girl for hand in marriage and happily she tells him she tells him yes.
  3. Spencer Crandall “I Thought We Broke Up”: This song comes from being in and of a relationship and matter how hard we try, we still find ourselves drawn to certain people that we know are not good for us.
  4. Walker Hayes “Halloween”: This track is about Hayes’ wife Laney, and the idea of falling in love with someone you can truly be yourself around and mask free. Hayes co-wrote this song with Nicolle Galyon, who is featured in this song.
  5. Midland “Nothin New Under The Neon”: This laid-back single praises the venerable dive bar and as well as the stories housed with in these walls.

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