Jenna Paulette “Artist Spotlight”!!!


According to Jenna Paulette’s website she “has always been somewhat of a walking juxtaposition- a mix of laid-back country causal adopted from her time on the family ranch along the Texas/Oklahoma border, and the big city glam she’s picked up in the her travels along the way.”

Paulette spent a lot of her life drawing from both worlds and also continues to create herself as an artist and her own sound. The result is an ironically harmonious blend that Paulette calls the New West. Paulette ‘s sound is a combination of old and new, that sticks with a tradition sound but it is also apart of the modern world and it’s also a representation of the two worlds she grew up in. My mom’s side is ranching; my dad’s side is the big city sales-type. In everything she does, the way she dresses, write, perform, even cooks – her entire self is in the New West.

Paulette moved away from home to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design on a singing scholarship. While going to college she realized she wanted to be a country singer. She got a degree in visual communications (advertising and graphic design.)

After college, Paulette moved to Nashville and last year she recruited the help of producers Brad Hill (Maren, Brothers Osborne) and Lee Holland. The result of this collaboration is the sound of Paulette’s New West. She shares how it has a “traditional feel with a clean modern twist and she went into the project wanting pop rhythms, mandolin for texture, but instead used the pedal steel to be the leading lady.”

Paulette’s debut single, “Coolest Girl in the World,” was written by Paulette, Jordan Reynolds (Keith Urban’s Getting in the Way” and Lauren Alaina “Three”.) Her vocals in this song are up-tempo and it delivers a message that many people can relate to.

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